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  1. Through tears I finished the article. I know he said he wants us to be happy but I could not control the tears. I never knew him but I too have regrets. I wish I had not become upset with JFJ and left the site and I wish he could know that I returned to it My gift for Moishe is to no longer support IFCJ or any other Jewish organizations that does not acknowledge Jesus as messiah. My gift for JFJ is to take time to pray and not react to comments that are hurtful or what I deem as insensitive, having on occ. been brash in words also, but to allow the Holy Spirit to do the work and bask in the goodness of God through Jesus our Saviour, our righteousness. Im sorry Moishe for not listening to the Holy Spirit more, I will do my best to be still and quiet and listen. Thank you for your stillness, your quietness, your prayers, we are all better for it.

  2. In the 1980s I was honored to meet dear Mr. Rosen and members of Js for J who visited Atlanta – we sang together, prayed together, ate together, laughed and cried together – we enjoyed true fellowship in Him together. I am a gentile and devout Christian (Catholic); I deeply ponder spiritual truths. Recently I read (on line) of a Jew who became a Christian because Christianity was (and is) the next step in Judaism. It is the right step to take. Never have I had a greater truer friend than Jesus and I thank G-d for all those who worship Him in spirit and in truth – and all the saints in heaven. Dear friends, we will meet M.R. again, and again we will sing together, we will praise Him together and exult His holy name. With Him all things are possible. Blessings to you – and shalom, y’all.

  3. My brother in Christ, whom I pray to join our Guiding Light and you sooner than later, may the LORD bless you real good. While my husband’s dad denied his heiratage (sp) by changing his name, I found a book in New York City that revealed to me he is of the tribe of Levi! I live in the hopes that sometime somewhere, he secretly asked our Lord into his life, and that he’s waitin’ by the Pearly Gates of the Tribe of Levi, waitin’ on his boy, me, Adam, and hopefully all three of our children. Brother? My mama intro’d me to you, and I thank you, I am praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. In Jesus’ Name, Amen and Amen. <

  4. Susan Grossman Swift

    It is August 5, 2010, and I just learned yesterday of Moishe Rosen’s death. I live in the Bronx with my husband, Paul and our three children. I have been a Jewish Believer since 1975. When I moved to NY, I became a volunteer with Jews For Jesus, and over a period of 17 years I did what I could when I could. In 1990, my husband and I sang for two years with the New York City Jews For Jesus singers; with Mitch and Zahava Glazer, Robin Wilk and Annette Morenstern Sofar.
    I want to say that Moishe Rosen was a man of such conviction and determenation. I first met him at Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz’s wedding in Queens, so many years ago. He was dynamic and full of life. May we all be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, the way that Moishe was, and pray for our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world. I am strengthened by one of my favorite scriptures, (thanks to Moishe). “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16) Mr. Rosen – we look forward to rejoicing with you in Heaven. “Come, Yeshua, Yeshua, come..” Very sincerely, Susan Grossman Swift, Bronx, NY

  5. Moishe was such a wonderful man.. I met him in Paltalk many years ago and we carried on many conversations.. I praise the Lord for such dedication to His ministry. I know he touched many lives for Jesus and will continue to bless people for generations to come.. It was a blessing having known him.. My heart goes out to his family and friends and may God comfort you at this time.. ..

  6. My wife Karen and I have been supporters of Jews for Jesus for over 25 years now, and it’s hard for us – even with Moishe in a less prominent posture in J4J in recent years – to imagine not having his incisive wit and penetrating truth-telling to lean on. I’ve preached a lot of lines from his newsletter musings through the years; I plan on keeping a file of those snippets close by. But we join in praising God for Moishe’s great, tireless witness to His saving love for us in Yeshua, and we thank God, too, for the gratitude in our hearts (as goyim) at being grafted in which Moishe did so much to cultivate. Keep on, dear friends. Indeed: “he being dead, still speaks!”

  7. Moishe Rosen , of course we miss u , but we rejoice that soon we shall visit u and have a natter ( talk or chat). through reading your articles , I came to love you , and was introduced to the jews for jesus .

  8. I met Moishe in Berkeley in 1970. I was a drug weary hippie who was looking for a liferaft and found one in Jesus via CWLF. I only knew him as Marty, what’s with the Moishe anyways!! He was always good for a humorous outlook and a sly insight into what we just did not get yet. Found good friends in Susan A. and Stefi G………he stole the later from us. Good memories, for sure, life changed daily. Last ran into Marty at the Velvet Turtle in San Rafael…he said “look how far we came.” I was not sure that the best had not passed us by.

  9. (from my facebook page)Moishe rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, passed on from prostate cancer, on May 19, in San Francisco, was a stunning example of what a Christian Pioneer should be.Compelling many jews to seek Christ, he alone spearheaded the Christian Messianic movement into national spotlight. He is to be commended for his tireless efforts & how he changed the face of witnessing to jews, making conversion a reality. Bless you in jesus name.And all the trees of the field will clap their hands,while you go out with joy.May you rest in Jesus bosom Moishe.Our good faithful saint.

  10. Deborah T Salazar

    We first hear Bro Moishe speak at Church at EL PASO in
    El Paso, TX back in 1977. We have see the vision of this “mighty man of God” grow and now go all over the world.
    We have been a part of this ministry since then….and will
    keep on with much joy. Even got to meet up w/ Josh over at the Paris Branch…..faithfulness that is what it takes.
    Love you and Shalom!

  11. Ever since I became a born again Christian, I’ve become acquianted with the Jewish people thru the pages of the Holy Bible. I developed a genuine love for them for giving the gentiles a chance to know God; and for the Christian Jews who originally shared Jesus Gospel to the gentiles. God opened my eyes, renewed and transformed my mind and has given me wisdom to see His Truth thru His Words. God loves all of us and He has a special fondness and love for the Jewish people. I am married to a Jewish man and He came to believe and accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. I am learning more of Jews for Jesus and thru their website and tweeter, I found this site. Moishe Rosen was truly used by God thru Yeshua and because of Him, many Jewish people have come to believe in Him. I know that Mr. Rosen is celebrating and having a feast with Yeshua as He promised and; that Yeshua is so pleased with Mr. Rosen because He is His faithful servant until the end of his life here; though He passed on though absent in the body but he is now present and enjoying God’s love. How fortunate are those who have known Yeshua, for their eternal life will be spent in God’s Kingdom. I know Mr. Rosen finally reached God’s home.

  12. Mark R. Peterson

    I was saddened by the news of Moishe passing but rejoicing that he has met his maker and will finally have all his questions answered. I wonder how long of a process that will be, good thing God is patient!

    I Peter 4:7 The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.

  13. I just learned of Moishe’s death by visiting the J for J website. I was an active volunteer with J for J in the late 70’s and the 80’s, and was a participant in the NYC summer campaign of 1981. I worked in the San Francisco office in “DOME” in 1985-1986. Moishe was always very good to me, and very fatherly. After I’d graduated from college in Pittsburgh and had been unemployed for a year, I wrote to him, and he offered me a job at the San Francisco headquarters. He always had a warm smile and words of encouragement. (And yes, he gave me one of his coveted pocket knifes as a token of his friendship.) I last corresponded with him by email a few years ago, because I sometimes think about him and remember him fondly. I want to extend my condolences to his family and the staff at J for J.

    Kathy Phillips

  14. Hello,

    I met Moishe Rosen on Paltalk, actually. We talked many many times over a few years on it where he taught me many things. He was a Godly man, you could tell of His fruits. Never once did he lash out against anyone or lie even when others might of done the same thing to him.

    He helped me out, though, during my senior year of High School (2005). He sent me his Kippah that says “Jesus is Lord” when I invited the Rabbi to speak to my class. I will never forget that… Maybe Cecil will read my post and remember a time when Moishe mailed his Kippah to me.

    Eric Glover

  15. I appreciate for the burden for lost Jewish souls who do not know Jesus. I appreciate the fact he did not bring up moral issues or political issues. His main focus was Jews coming to know Y^shua as their Lord and Messiah. He did not endorse the two covenant theory the fact the Jews did not have to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour which is a false doctrine.
    oishe said that Jews as well as gentiles had to know Y6shua as their lord and saviour.

  16. Bruce Clatterbuck

    Moishe was a great influence in my ministry as Director of Next Generation Churches(CBA) I met with him in San Francisco early after I had taken the position as director.
    He helped in strategy ,fund raising,evangelism ,working with Churches and many more insights.
    I am forever grateful for all he did for me , and our association of Churches
    Bruce Clatterbuck

  17. We had the blessing of meeting and talking to Moishe twice in the 1980’s. What a man of vision, vitality, and victory.
    His work was his life. He had such passion for his brothers. He was a dynamo! May his name be remembered and God be pleased! Our love and sympathy.

  18. I just want to thank Mr Rosen’s family and the Jews for Jesus for showing me what Messianic Judaism was all about. Just prior to going to college, in 1978, to study for the Ministry, I was given (by a Baptist Sunday School Teacher, no less) one of the newsletters from Jews for Jesus.

    This answered many questions and helped me to understand more about Jews who believed in Y’shua the Messiah. Thanks for all of you who have contributed to this, and now I worship as a Messianic in a home with other Messianics.

    blessings in the name of Yeshua
    billy k (Romans 8:28)

    [email protected]

  19. Benyomin Ellegant

    I didn’t have an opportunity to speak at the dinner honoring Moishe, but I did want to get some thoughts across so if you could post this message in the appropriate place, I’d appreciate it. I talk to my 90 year old mother, still, once a week every Sunday. Prior to the Memorial Service, in the course of our conversation, I conveyed that Judi and I were heading out to California. “Why are you going to California”, asked my mother. “Judi and I will be attending Moishe Rosen’s memorial service”, I replied. “Were you still corresponding with that man?” came her reply. Moishe and I hadn’t corresponded for a long time since I’d left the ministry but I was able to tell him before he’d gone to be with the Lord, that God had used him to make an indelible and positive impact on my life.

    He’d come into my life at a time when I, most certainly, had need needed him. When I’d first met Moishe, I’d already asked Jesus into my life, but after 50+ LSD trips, alienation from my family (not because of the drugs but because of Jesus) and preconceived notions about Christianity, I was one screwed up young man. For one thing, I thought that “being conformed to the image of Jesus meant being conformed to the image of a Gentile. Moishe was quick to attack that perception.

    At Moishe’s suggestion, I went to Bible College, where, between the past drug use, the culture shock of the school and rejection I was experiencing from the people I loved (my family), I had an intense nervous breakdown which ultimately required hospitalization. During that time, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and I went for four days and nights utterly unable to sleep. When Moishe got wind of what was going on with me, he drove into San Francisco on several occasions from San Rafael, (where he and Ceil were living) to spend quality time with me. Finally, he drove in and got me to a hospital.

    God has been good to me and, by His grace, I’ve flourished ever since, and ‘though I’ve not been IN the ministry, my heart has always been in perfect sync with the goals of the ministry. Were it not for Moishe Rosen, I’d probably be dead today, but, instead, Judi and I have been serving the Lord(with varying levels of commitment :-)) for over 38 years since that time.

    I’m impressed by two passages of scripture which tell something about God’s attitude towards us. In Judges, the Angel of the Lord saw Gideon timidly trying to thresh wheat behind the walls of a wine press, trying not to be seen by the Midianites. The Angel greeted the fearful Gideon with “Hi there, O mighty and valiant warrior”. The Angel saw Gideon, not for what He was but for what he was to become. Jesus saw Nathaniel sitting under a fig tree and addressed him as “An Israelite in whom there is no guile”. Jesus saw Nathaniel for, not only whom he was but whom he was to become.

    I believe that Jesus takes regular sinful shlubs, (who, ‘though they will always retain some level of shlubiness until glory) and turns them into super-heros. I believe that those rooms where Moishe’s memorial service and the banquet following were held, were filled with super-heros. Moishe Rosen was a super-hero par-excellance, whom God used to recruit and make others into super-heros. When I told Judi this analogy, she said “Yeah… and you got to be Robin”.

    Blessings to Ceil, Lin, Ruth, Lyn, Alan, Bethany, Asher and the rest of the Mishpocha Benyomin Ellegant

  20. My sincere condolences on your loss, and ours. Moishe is in a better place now, face-to-face with the Lord he loved and served, Yshua’ hamMshiach. but that doesn’t make it easy for those who loved him who remain. My love and warm regards to you all. Even so, come soon, Adonai Yshua’!

  21. I loved his walk with the Lord and his holy boldness with such honesty and love. I loved his writings. I was always inspired to examine my ways, ny priorities and challenged to reach out to others with the love of Jesus. I’m so happy that he lived an example of not just becoming born again but living to spread the gospel fearlessly to reach out to other Jews and all others and to encourage us fellow believers to do the same. What a beautiful ambassador for Christ he was!! Thanks Moishe, you inspire me and many others.

  22. My heart cannot express the words I feel in gratitude for the life of my dear brother, Moishe. God receives the Glory for his hard work, dedication and faithfulness over these many years. May God continue this work in our hearts to reach the lost, to speak boldly the Gospel of His love, first to the Jew and then the Gentile. Although it has been a number of years now, that Moishe, although absent in body but present in spirit, was present with David Brickner when David came to Faith Baptist Church in Kent, WA. It was at this time that my heart was deeply touched, and I began praying earnestly for Jews to receive salvation.
    Thank you for your faithfulness Moishe. May the comfort of our dear Lord and Savior bring peace to the hearts of the Rosen family – In Y’shua love, Jackie Cochran

  23. Even though I never actually met Moishe, I felt like I knew him because of my connection with JfJ. I admire his boldness, his enduring zeal, his trail-blazing. I pray for the comfort that only God can give to his family.

  24. God bless you brother for all your hard work, I hope Jesus will come soon so we can all be together. Maranatha!

  25. Melba Stankiwicz

    Sadden because Moishe Rosen is no longer among us but am rejoicing in that he is now present with the Lord. I would like to comment on something that concerned Moishe. That is bringing the culture of Judaism back into new Jewish believers discipleship. I agree with our brother in Christ that there’s no faith in Jesus Christ in Judaism. I personally believe that it is a separator between the Jew and the gentile. All who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour are one in the Church of Christ. Culture can be a comfortable,cozy way of living but it can also be a destructor of relationships. In Heaven there is no division of culture, color or social status. I am a supportor for Jews for Jesus and will continue to give toward their work that has eternal results.

  26. Christian Stoltzfus

    We were attracted to the ministry of Jews for Jesus first when somehow we got to read some of Moishe’s writings and started supporting the work, probably 20 or more years ago We love the work they are doing and equally love David’s writings which are always just the ‘down to earth’ truth. Earth has lost a great servant, but may God raise up many more to follow in his footsteps. God bless you all. CPS

  27. I really appreciated the video of the funeral. A Christian funeral was one of celebration and we celebrated a man who has really got Jews thinking about Jesus being their Messiah. Many have come because of his forwardness. I became a Christian through Isaiah 53. I was so astounded that in the Old Testament the idea of someone dying for our sins is there! I had been taught the disciples made up the Gospel. So I accepted Jesus. And I think it is important that the Jews for Jesus gets invovled in evangelism instead of kosher laws. Jesus took the laws even the 10 commandments are not for us. We are motivated by being all wrapped up in the Lord so His life in us predominates. I am still praying for all the Jews who have married into my husband’s family. One got up and asked how she could combine Judaism and Christianity because her husband had been a strong Christian. I told her that I had been converted through Isaiah 53. Jesus was her Messiah and if she accepted Him she would become truly God’s people. So far their kids are going to a regular Jewish synagogue not a Messianic one. But I am still praying for them. And another cousin married a Jewish man and she is going to Church and he and the kids go to the synagogue. The rabbi warned them about Jews for Jesus and not to go near them so they all did anyway. I hope they too accept Jesus as their Messiah. My daughter-in-law’s best friend is Jewish. They were over at our son and daughter -in – law’s house when we were there recently. This friend’s husband’s relatives were once Christian and turned back to Judaism so they are dead set against the Gospel. I had the opportunity of telling them I became a Christian through Isaiah 53 because it talks of a Messiah dying for our sins. The man said “That’s our books.” “Yes, Christianity came out of Judaism and Jesus is your Messiah!” I haven’t see them since but I am praying for them also. Another friend from high school wrote about how strong my faith was. She had just had a bar mitzvah for her son. I told her I had been converted by Isaiah 53 and I never heard from her again. Again I still pray she will turn to her Messiah. Praise the Lord for Moishe for making it very clear who Jesus is.

  28. I just finished watching the Moishe’s memorial service…for the second time….watched it live on June 1st. What a great blessing Moishe was, and is to the Church, to the Jewish people, to the world – one of God’s unique gifts to us all. Being with the Liberated Wailing Wall for 3 years I had a few dinners with Moishe and one drive in the car with him…one too many. I love Moishe’s humor. It came out of who he was – a man of vision, conviction and courage and love. The Lord has and is using Moishe in my life to give me that little “kick” of courage to share the Good News, to focus on love as the main thing, and, while taking all this seriously, to not take myself so seriously. Love ya Moishe. P.S. That service was beautifully done – thank you all for your part in it. – Michael Ledner

  29. Bettyann(Unger)Hurley

    Moishe,Ceil and their daughters
    were my wonderful neighbors
    when I moved to North Hollywood,CA.
    At that time, Moishe went by his English name Martin.
    The Rosen family were involved in Beth Sar Shalom Ministry.
    Moishe had a terrific sense of humor.

    I accepted Yeshua Jesus at a Beth Sar Shalom meeting
    in 1968 in Hollywood,CA

    I have kept in contact with the family.
    The Rosen family are wonderful loving people
    that present love to the Jewish people,
    people that are not Jewish and to the church -One New Man.
    The Rosen family are faithful,loving people.

  30. He was faithful. No greater tribute can I give. He was faithful. I shall see you again.

  31. It was 23 years ago I accepted Y’shua. I was studying and searching for Messiah with great passion. Scripture had shown me that Jesus is for me and that by accepting Him into my heart I would be born-again and reconciled to G-d. If it hadn’t been for Jews for Jesus I don’t know where I would have gone or what direction I would have gone in, but thank G-d that I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew of Jews for Jesus and the first thing I did after I was saved was call the local branch to declare my great joy.

    I knew I was home when I walked in the door of my first Jews for Jesus Bible study. I thank G-d for Moishe’s faith, servanthood and love, for without it, as a new Jewish believer, I would have not known where to turn.

    I also thank G-d for the many churches and individuals who have supported Jews for Jesus over the years, because without that support, I would, I wouldn’t have had a place to go as a fragile new Jewish believer. Thank you for fathfullness!!!

    In Y’shua Love,
    Stuart Lee

  32. Thanks be to God for our brother in Christ Moishe Rosen.
    Well done Moishe!

    See you soon with Him.
    Brother Mike

  33. Moishe Rosen was an awesome person with a beautiful soul. I will truly miss him.

  34. My Swedish paternal Grandma Signe was Jewish. I have long been encouraged by Moishe and the Liberated Wailing Wall music as well. I didn’t find out about my Jewish roots until 25 and had already been to Bible College. For some reason I was always attracted to Jewish things that were also Christian! Moishe’s writings were a strong source of encouragement to me! He was a guest on my Evangelical radio show Perspective Underground more than once and I loved him! As he says we will meet again! Shalom!

  35. The Rev. William H. Scarle, Jr.

    I met Moishe in the 70’s at a Crusade for Christ rally in Dallas. We did not get much time together. Latter that same day he had organized a picket brigade in from of some strip joint affirming the sacredness of human sexuality. I never forgot our brief encounter or his zeal for the things of the Lord. God grant you all the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. WHS

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