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  1. When I was at UCLA in the mid-70’s, I remembered getting the broadsides from people of the Jews for Jesus. My friends and I enjoyed the witty and entertaining way that Moishe Rosen communicated the gospel. In fact, we always looked forward to the next broadside to be passed out on campus. Some of us weren’t Christians at the time and the broadsides created opportunities to discuss the topics.

  2. Rest in peace – bless you for your lifetime of service to God.

  3. In 1974 I became a Christian (having been raised in the church no less!!). I was quickly introduced to Jews for Jesus in its infant stage and through a Messianic Jewish couple in Atlanta attended a Jewish evangelism seminar. Years later, Moishe came and spoke at my church (Clemson Presbyterian, SC), and I was so excited to see him and to get to speak to him. He by the work God gave him to do helped to mentor and shape me into who I am today. It is always a privilege to interact with God’s chosen people, and be a witness for Messiah, knowing that God is doing a spiritual work in each one I meet and with whom I become friend.
    I thank God for Moishe. Bless you all who follow him, both family and the Jews for Jesus family!
    Shalom in Yeshua!!

  4. I was so saddened by this news. However, I do know that Moishe Rosen is in Heaven with Jesus right now. So I should rejoice for him. I didn’t have the honor to meet Moishe and his family in person, but I love them. I learned a lot from Moishe Rosen and the Jews for Jesus and I thank God for that. My prayers and thoughts are with Ceil, Lynn, Ruth and Jews for Jesus. Lots of kisses and hugs.

    Rev. 21:4
    “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    I Co 2:9
    “However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”


    Telma (Brazil)

  5. Steven E Daskal

    The Washington Post’s obituary for Moishe quotes him: “You can take from me everything but my Jewishness and my belief in God,” he once said. “You can say I’m a nuisance, a Christian, out of step with the Jewish community, but you can’t say I’m not a Jew.” To which I would say, AMEN, MOISHE! I only met Moishe on a couple of brief occasions, but I was blessed by his warmth and his wisdom, both in hearing him speaking in person and from his “fruitful pen.” I am thankful that the Lord raised Moishe to serve His Kingdom, and pray for Moishe’s family that they have peace, comfort, and confidence in Yeshua and His ample provision for all who place their faith in Him! –Steve Daskal

  6. Dear Friends at Jews for Jesus:

    I know you will miss your dear friend and mentor and my heart aches for you. I know that you rejoice knowing that when Moishe crossed over onto the shores of heaven, Yeshua received him with “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    I will miss his articles in the Jews for Jesus Newsletter each month.

    May the Lord comfort you who mourn and fill you with His joy.

    In Yeshua, Cindy Sumner
    Centreville, Virginia

  7. Abraham Santiago

    I will never forget Moishe Rosen and his love for Jesus. I first met him when he was working with ABMJ. Before Jews for Jesus became an organization as we know it today, we asked him and JFJ to visit our campus at UC Davis. What a thrill it was to see students presented with the Gospel. The early 70s was a great time to be on campus and students automatically knew that Jews for Jesus was special.He will be missed, but praise God his work continues on.

  8. Anyone who are deaf or knows America Sign Language can watch my vlog, In Memory of Moishe Rosen.

  9. Thank you Moishe! I will miss you! See you soon! Thank you for being such a great example! May the rest of us pick up the torch. May God bless your family and those who knew you.


  10. As a teenager who had just become a Christian through the Jesus Movement in Marin County I was quite familiar with Moishe and the folks at Jews for Jesus. I used to ride my bicycle over to their office in Corte Madera to pick up their funky little tracks to pass out at San Rafael High School. Moishe made me feel that I was more than welcome, that I was a friend.

    The greatest effect that Moishe had for me was that he completely erased any possibility of Antisemitism for my goyish mind. Later in life I would encounter Antisemitism in various forms and all I had to do was to remember Moishe to realize how crazy those arguments were.

    He is missed. But we will meet again.

  11. Moishe selected perhaps the most difficult assignment in the world for his life work. As great as the burdens and
    heartaches were that he suffered down here, his reward in Heaven will be that much greater. He who hates this world is loved in the next. May God bless and hold his family
    and friends at this sad time, and give them the courage to continue their difficult and divine work.

  12. Moishe spent his time here in the temporal well…I am greatful to his obedience to Yeshua…because of his obedience and faithfulness my life and the lives of my children and many others are forvever changed. Although you have left us for a moment your legacy in Jesus the Christ will continue.

    You rock moishe…you are a sweet heart…you will be missed… and Thank you…thank you…thank you!!

  13. So many are now in Heaven or on their way there because of this great man of God’s life work. Thank YOU Jesus for Moishe Rosen…thank YOU for the privilege of being able to meet him, learn from his wisdom and work with some of his friends for a time.

  14. Elias Rodriguez

    Brother Moishe’s organization has been seen, heard and known in my old stomping grounds of Manhattan’s Lower East Side my entire life. Their audacity and public passion for Christ inspired a life time of sharing the Good News with ALL people, nations and tribes. Until I read his obituary in the New York Times, I never knew his name, yet his legacy will span generations. He did for street evangelism what Michael Jordan did for basketball — take it to another awe inspiring level, often imitated, but thus far, unmatched. All Glory be to Yeshua!

  15. I first saw Moishe back in the 70’s, and that’s when I first saw the need to share my faith with the Jewish people. I thank God for Moishe, for having the vision to start Jews for Jesus, and for a job well done!

    Enjoy the rest, Moishe! Go ahead and dance on those streets of gold!

  16. My prayers are with your family. I thank God for Moishe and Jews for Jesus. When I was a new Christian I really did not understand why Jesus had to die for our sins. I learned from Jews for Jesus about substitution atonement and then all of the pieces of the puzzle came together.
    Blessings to all of you.

  17. Annette Cooper (Canada)

    Sweet Jews for Jesus family, friends and of course my dear friend Ceil, Warwick and I will miss Moishe very much. He always challenged us to think out of the box. Conversations were peppered with thought provoking questions. He was always interested in how our children were doing. I will never forget his urgent passion to see his world find Yeshua.

    Ceil, thank you for being such a faithful partner to Moishe. I pray that you, Lynn and Ruth (and family) find the reality of Psalm 23 when it says we “walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death”. Death is something we will never get used to, but the reality we live with is that it has been swallowed up in victory because of Yeshua. I wish I could be there to just HOLD YOU TIGHT, my dear friend. I love you very much. Lovingly, Annette (an old time friend)

  18. I loved Moishe Rosen. I always enjoyed Moishe’s musings as they came each month in my Jews for Jesus newsletter. I first became acquainted with J4J in the early 1980’s and I have been blessed many times with this ministry. I will continue to stand with J4J as you (we) seek to reach the Jewish people. I have a great passion for this myself and I have been greatly influenced by the ministry of J4J. Shalom!

  19. Blanche Heidengren

    I heard Moishe speak at Winnetka Bible Church back in the late 70’s. I was very inspired, and because of his testimony and witness, I shared the gospel with every Jewish person I knew–pointing them to Jews for Jesus for more info. Because of his one life, I’m sure thousands of Jewish people will be in heaven because they put their trust in Yeshua. Praying for Moishe’s family–for comfort and peace as they miss their beloved husband, father, and grandfather.

  20. howard silverman on behalf of UMJC

    Dear David and Friends at Jews For Jesus,
    On behalf of the UMJC, it is with deep felt sympathy that we send our condolences to you all. Moishe Rosen was a historic figure and a true pioneer in the modern Messianic Jewish Movement. He effected the lives and the direction of both individuals and organizations. I know that he was instrumental in the early days of the UMJC. May the legacy that Moishe leaves be his enduring faithfulness to the cause of Yeshua. “Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Yeshua, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Heb. 12:1-2)
    May the God of all comfort bring peace and comfort to you and to everyone at Jews For Jesus.
    Howard Silverman, President
    Union of Messianic Jewish congregations
    Executive Committee: Kirk Gliebe, Jeff Feinberg, Jason Forbes and Russ Resnik
    Memeber Congregations

  21. I have too much to say to write in one comment box, so I’ve put my thoughts on my personal blog:

    My Memories of Moishe Rosen

    (I hope it is okay that I used the portrait of Moishe there, but it needed to be part of my blog post.)

    Hugs to Ceil, Lyn, Ruth, Alan, Asher, and Bethany, and also to Susan and David, and others…


    JO ANN

  22. I Knew Yeshua Before you did, but now you know him face to face as He is, and soon you will return in the clouds with Him.
    You will certainly be missed , those of us who knew you will miss you, but soon we will be together in the New Jerusalem.
    Peace be to your family and friends and those who know Yeshua can live knowing paradise is yours this day.


  23. He was strong, determined, bold and fearless in his service to God. We praise the Lord for the gift of Moishe Rosen to the world.

  24. I never had the honor of knowing Moshe personally but his ministry had a huge impact on my life. I have been very blessed to know some of the missionaries that ministered for JFJ and they are some of the best people that I know. Thank you Moshe for allowing God to use you to raise up an organization that has touched so many lives. I look forward to seeing you on the other side and rejoicing with you in all that God has done.

    In the Lamb,
    Mary Chase

  25. Warren & Linda Graham

    We had our first interview with Moishe in the 1970’s, and found him to be a man of vision, a man of innovation, all of which came from a heart that was in love with his God, and a passion for sharing the Messiah with all — especially with his own people. He, with other faithful ones, raised up a movement which is truly an example to all of us. To Ceil, Rutie, and all of you who have worked side-by-side with him in JFJ, our hearts go out at this bitter-sweet time. May you be conscious of God’s everlasting arms holding you close,
    Warren and Linda Graham

  26. My husband and I have given to Jews for Jesus since the early 1980s. I would read the newsletter from cover to cover every month. Most of the articles were by Moishe, and they reflected a wise and dynamic voice. We never met him, but we marveled at his faith, determination, and energy. May God bless him in perpetuity and raise him up as a faithful servant of Jesus Christ! Thanks be to God for his life and ministry. (Mrs.) Pym Mumford from Syracuse

  27. Shlomy and Miriam Abramov

    Because you beleived in us we served the Lord over ten years in Israel. Because you gave us a chance we have a ministry today of our own. What a great man you were in our lives. You saw through the veil for our lives. We are sorry you are gone but we will see you again, with the King.
    Shlomy and Miriam Abramov

  28. Agnita Oyawale (nee Sternheim)

    ‘Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints’ Psalm 116 verse 15

    Since the early 80s Moishe had a profound influence on my life. Every time we spoke it was significant. Moishe had a way of making people feel totally accepted and loved, for me as a black Jewish believer in Jesus this was very important. He encouraged me to do the work of an evangelist.
    I was privillaged to be able to serve on a number of Jews for Jesus summer campaigns. I became a full time evangelist with the Church’s Ministry Among the Jews (in England) yet even though I worked for another evangelistic organisation Moishe arranged for me to spend a year training at the L.A.branch of Jews for Jesus. Moishe insisted I spend a year (my Yiddische mother and I wanted 6 months ) I trusted Moishe and agreed to the year. Moishe was so right the year was hard but life transforming and amazingly my father who I did not grow up with, moved to the L.A. area from the caribbean and I got to really know him, more than I had ever done in my life. I was so grateful for Moishe’s wise decision.

    My late husband never forgot the encouragement and advice Moishe gave him before our marriage, he often refered to it.

    It has been a blessing and a privilage to have known Moishe. I shall continue to be inspired.

    Agnita Oyawale

  29. Rolf & Sherri Ronstadt

    Dear Precious Friends

    Our hearts, love and prayers go out to you with the home going of Moishe. We rejoice with you knowing the hope we have in Jesus that we all will see Moishe again. In times of sorrow we hear the voice of the Good Shepherd calling us closer to Himself. For only He can provide for our every need.

    We are praying that you’ll be comforted by the many thoughts of love sent your way and by the countless prayers of those who care. Above you is the Lord’s covering, beneath you is His strength and security and around you are His arms of love.

    May His presence bring you every comfort and tender compassion at this present moment. May you be comforted with the assurance that God has prepared a bright and glorious tomorrow for Moishe.

    We share in your loss and send to you our deepest sympathy and prayers.

    In His love and ours.

  30. Although I never met you, what an impact you have made in my life. Even though I was already a believer in Yeshua when I read “Y’shua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesus” – the Truth hit me right between the eyes from your book.

    What a blessing you have been – how God used you in such mighty ways! Prayers of comfort, peace, and love for your family.

    I will meet you one day, and tell you of your wonderful influence in my life!

  31. I have known about Moishe Rosen most of my adult life. He became real in my life and a close friend when he began replying to my emails. He conversed with me by email for several years, encouraging me and editing some of my writings. I am saddened by his earthly absence, however, we will see him again in the arms of Yeshua. I have always admired his zeal for Romans 10:1 and Romans 1:16. I pray Numbers 6:24-26 over Moishe’s family.

  32. I have known of this glorious organization and I am deeply saddened by this loss. He is in a better place- G-d Bless

  33. I am sad to hear of the physical passing away of a true 20th Century Elder of the House of Israel. Blessed be his memory. He has joined the Heavenly Yerushalayim.
    Am Y’Shua Chai. Am Israel Chai. Baruch Ha Shem.
    My prayers & christian love to his family and to
    Jews For Jesus (a blessed chosen vessel of Adonai Elohim).
    Jack Anserlian

  34. Jeffrey m. Kipp

    Our hearts,thoughts, and prayers are with all of our mishpocah at jfj. Moishe was one of a kind, a great pioneer and spiritual father and mentor to many. May our messiah yeshua comfort you all. Rabbi jeff and Kathy Kipp

  35. Moishe was a great man. That greatness inspired awe in many, fear in some. But I suspect many visitors here found their way in to the very sweet and giving person that Moishe was.

    Moishe related to me more as a kind grandfather than as a boss. He always appreciated my gift as an artist. He told me that just about anybody could be trained to do missionary work, but not everybody could be trained to have a gift. He would certainly recommend me for serving with Jews for Jesus, he said, but if I wanted his advice I should pursue my art. Well, the pull was too strong – the desire to reach my Jewish people with the message of Y’shua – and here I am leading the Chicago branch of Jews for Jesus.

    Here’s a link to a sketch I did of Moishe. Needs work, but I wanted to post it sooner than later.

    It is inspiring to look back at Moishe’s life and realize what a legacy he left. Some people might leave carbon footprints, but Moishe left a big Gospel Footprint (Isaiah 52:7). I hope I will as well.


  36. “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

    I look forward to meeting you in Heaven, my brother. Thank-you for your work.

  37. Thank you, brother. You are safe in the arms of Yeshua, just where you belong. My hope is to follow your example, as you followed Yeshua. Great is your reward.

  38. randal mcclanahan

    i met moish on the internet chat on the j4j site and
    paltalk he was so loving and kind and had such a wonderful since of humor that i will never forget i will see you in heaven my brother I pray for the conforting of your family at this time my God bless and shalom

  39. I was blessed to have known Moishe for the last 10 years. He was a very sweet man who loved people. His compassion for others (and sometimes sternness) are the two qualities I remember most about him. It breaks my heart that I will not see him again on this side of Heaven, but I’m overjoyed that he finally is with Yeshua. I never saw Moishe smile but for a few times, and I can only imagine how big his smile of joy is now. You will be missed until we meet again Moishe.

  40. I just heard about Moishe graduating to heaven. I have known Moishe since the mid-sixties and have regarded him as one of my mentors. My thoughts are with the whole JFJ family as they remember how God mightily used Moishe to change the landscape Jewish missions. I am proud to say that I got to know Moishe the Man, the Mentor, the Mover of Mountains and one who has always stood by me as a friend.

    L’Chaim B’Yeshua, Leslie Jacobs, a friend of the Jews for Jesus family.

  41. I once corresponded with Mr. Rosen by email. I found him to be a caring, sensitive man.

    My condolensces to his family and many friends.

  42. Moishe was a special man. I remember my early years on staff at Jews for Jesus. He would walk through DOME and rub my head. I thought, what’s up with that? Then I soon realized it was his way of saying he loved me. Moishe had a quiet way about him, a gentle spirit.

    It has been my joy and pleasure to serve with Moshe. I’ll be looking you up one day Moishe and rubbing your head.

    Is that the sound of Angels singing?

  43. Bronwen Woolcock

    Moishe sir, I only knew you through your ministry however my friend Annie Hitchcock knew your daughter Ruth Thank you for Jews for Jesus thank you Sir, for being a willing carrierof truth May you enjoy your Mansion in theSky

  44. I wrote this blog to unpack some of my thoughts about Moishe, about our lives together. I’m a better man for knowing him. I will sorely miss our times together and trust that all he did for me will not be lost due to my encumbrances or the sins which so easily beset us.

    May God bless the Rosen family at this time with grief mixed with true hope.

    Farewell my friend.

  45. Dear David and all our mishpochah at Jews for Jesus,

    On behalf of the MJAA, we are all deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Moishe Rosen, a man who was truly a pioneer who blazed such a unique and courageous trail.

    Without question, Moishe burst open the doors to Jewish outreach, gave it an authentic and visible face, and made it a relevant matter of extreme importance. His bold venture directly challenged the long standing premise that God would take care of His people at a time future.

    All of us are deeply indebted to the great work of this faithful and visionary servant. We consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be the beneficiaries of his many labors of love.

    Please extend our sincerest condolences to Ceil and the family. The MJAA will be planting 25 trees in Israel, at the Messianic Jewish forest to honor his memory.

    May G-d continue to bless, prosper, and increase the great work Moishe founded.

    Frank Lowinger, President
    Messianic Jewish Alliance of America

  46. May the angels lead you into paradise,
    may the martyrs receive you in your coming,
    and may they guide you into the holy city, Jerusalem.
    May the chorus of angels receive you
    and with Lazarus once poor may you have eternal rest.

    My prayers to all the family…

  47. Chrissie Pollock

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all family and friends on this bittersweet occasion. We were honored and blessed to have this wonderful man in our lives. My favorite fun memories are of the joy we felt dining and going to the theatre. My most important, and poignant memory, was of the love and blessing we felt when Moishe called us after our full-term stillborn son died, and prayed with us over the phone. I felt his love and God’s love through the phone line and will never forget the power and healing in that phone call.

  48. Many thanks go to Moishe for his friendly acquaintance and encouragement over the years. My heart goes out to his family at this time. He was a giant of a man.

  49. The fact that he died on Shavuot, his spiritual birthday…(tears) moves my heart greatly. Though it is so sad he is gone, there is joy too in knowing he is with Yeshua! G-d is so good!

  50. Donna Hull Neal

    I was saddened to hear that this dear brother in Christ had passed, but excited for him, too. He has reached his goal, the very goal that all Christians are looking forward to. To see our Savior face to face, oh what a glorious day! My prayers go out to the Rosen family.
    His organization, Jews for Jesus is wonderful! God bless you all!!

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