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  1. Great hero of the faith he was. Visionary, pioneer, leader, teacher, all of that. But that is not how I will remember Moishe.

    He used to pop his head in my office and ask if I wanted to take a walk. We (mostly he) would walk and chat about a million things. One day he asked me, “What’s your dream?” I was shocked (he was not) and embarrassed to realize that I had none. I was in ministry, fairly happy and satisfied with my life. He said, “Always have a dream.”

    Years later, he encouraged me to audition for a prestigious chorus here in San Francisco. I loved to sing, but had never had the audacity to audition, figuring I could never be good enough for a group with that requirement. But he encouraged me, and I remembered (not for the first time) the importance of dreaming. Yes, I passed the audition.

    Moishe made you more than you were. That’s who he was.

    See you at at the banquet, Moishe!

  2. Again I can say ‘Blessed in the sight of the LORD are the death of HIS Saints” !!!

    My deep prayers for the family and I know G-D will continue in Blessing the JFJ Ministry!

  3. Echoing others sentiments, I am praying for Mrs. Rosen and all the JFJ family as we all will miss Moishe and I personally will also miss “Moishes Musings”. As I think Moishe said of another Jewish believer in Yeshua being applicable here-“Another general in God’s army has been called home and precious is the death of His saints” in Yeshua.Moishe said this about another man whom Moishe influenced greatly, Zola Levitt. What a reunion they must be having together with the multitude of people they influenced for Yeshua! May God continue to bless the work He gave to Moishe and JFJ.

  4. I thank God for the remebrance of Moishe. Truly, he was a man called by God and he knew he was a debtor to the Jew first. His life was used to proclaim the good news to all who would hear, and this ministry he started shall go on to even greater works. (How beautiful heaven must be!)

  5. I have been supporting Jews for Jesus since 1973 when the original Wailing Wall came to my church. There is no better thing he will hear than “well done, thou good and faithful servant”.
    God bless his family and the Jews for Jesus family as they stay true to the original purpose of their founder…To make clear that Jesus is Messiah!

  6. John B. Bordelon

    I am saddened to read of Brother Moise’s passing. I will miss his ‘Musings’. He seemed like a very fine and wise gentleman. I look forward to meeting him in Heaven. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless your ministry.

  7. Mark & Miriam Linnes

    Because of my Dad’s faithfulness years ago to the Board of Missions to the Jews I became interested in the J/J ministry. We love the witnessing testimony of J/J that Moishe so competently established. We will miss his articles in the newsletter. God bless his memory and family.

    Your friends in Jesus Christ our Lord,
    Mark and Miriam Linnes

  8. Francois Wessels

    Soon after I was called to the Dutch Reformed Church’s ministry to Jewish people in Cape Town South Africa, JEWS FOR JESUS’ Liberating Wall with David Brickner visited Cape Town and greatly encouraged us. A year or two after that Moishe and Cecil Rosen visited South Africa. I was privileged to receive him on the pulpit of my home congregation, Cape Peninsula Reformed Church. I was really impressed by him. After his retirement, I always read his pieces in J/J newsletters. A visionary who did not disregard practical matters.
    We here in Cape Town, myself and Cecilia Burger of the Simcha Ministry to Jewish people and also other Messianic Jews in Cape Town will keep on praying for you, David Brickner, and others in leadership of JEWS FOR JESUS. At Beit Ariel Congregation, Herschel Raysman led the prayers on Friday.
    May you all experience the comfort of the Comforter in this time of Shavuot.
    Francois Wessels

  9. Lydia Stephenson

    Moishe Rosen has been to Carlsbad Community Church in CA several times while I was attending there. What a pleasure to meet him. I had not heard of his passing until now. He is in the arms of Jesus – what a wonderful thought. I am a Gentile that has a special love for the Jewish people and the Lord brings many across my path. Until we meet again Moishe, may your wonerful ministry continue on in others who share your love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My Condolences to the Rosen family. John 14:2-4

  10. Geoffrey Taylor

    I met the staff at Jews for Jesus in September, 1977. Moshe gave a tour of the facilities and welcomed me graciously. He is a child of God and a brother that will be truly missed by these still living.

    Geoffrey Taylor, OD, PCC

  11. I cherish the memory of Moishe, and thank God for using him so mightily. He was wounded in his heart on a daily basis by those who should have been thanking him, but he took it all with grace and good humour. I was truly blessed to know him. Just think how many of the redeemed, Jews and Gentiles, are lined up in Heaven to welcome and thank him.

  12. While driving home from work a few days ago, I heard on Christian radio Moishe Rosen’s death. I had never heard of him, but had heard of Jews for Jesus. And I pictured the wonderful reunion between Jesus and His brother Moishe. I thought of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea and how Jesus came to seek and save all, but He came first to the Jewish nation. I do not want to minimize the pain of the loss on this side of Heaven to those who personally knew him. I love God’s Word. I am not Jewish. However, Christianity is modeled in God’s desire to show his love for Israel. He extends that to all the “islands” (Is.45:22-25), but His convenant with Israel is forever.

  13. This man was clearly either loved or hated.
    Jesus said “Better ye love or hate…but the lukewarm He shall spew from His mouth”! Obviously he was following the example of Jesus!
    Moishe Rosen, may the Holy Spirit send someone to keep your important mission going! How dearly you loved the wonderful Jewish people! How dearly you loved Jesus too!
    In the mean time, May you rest in the peace of Jesus, and keep us all in your memory and prayers!
    God bless the Jews for Jesus ministry!

  14. I was privileged to meet Moishe many years ago in Denver at the home of Eleizer Urbach and his wife. It was late 1972 or early 1973. It was a joy to fellowship as a Gentile Christian with fellow Jewish Believers. I have thought many times of that precious time together and know that it had a great impact on my life as a follower of the Messiah. My prayers are with you all that the Holy Spirit will sustain and uplift you as you say good bye until we meet again.

  15. You will be missed, it was great fun meeting you, and sharing thoughts, (on line, but just as real),
    may the Lord bless your family in this time!

    Wim and Sonja, and Merel, (Netherlands)

  16. I was fortunate enough to have worked for Jews for Jesus for a short time and appreciate the efforts that the organization under Mr Rosen has done to further the work of the Kingdom. He is now in a beter place with the Lord. I feel a close relation with the group and am just 1 year older than him.

  17. Moishe was a light of encouragement. Ever faithful even in the face of much opposition he stood fast for the Truth. May he be eternally blessed as he stands in the midst of the Lord in His House.

  18. Blessings to Moishe’s family as he has gone on ahead, but I am sure they are blessed with knowing they will be together again in HIS kingdom.

    I first learned of Moishe Rosen and Jews For Jesus back in 1984 as a brand new babe in Messiah. I obtained the book, “Y’shua The Jewish Way to Say Jesus”, and that book has been such a blessing to me.

    Thanks to this ministry I have a boldness to witness to the Jewish people I come in contact with mostly in the great big mall close to my home.

    As much as I will miss Mr. Rosen in his role here on the earth, I would much rather be where he is.

  19. Ive known mosh since i lived in Hawaii and through j4j i found my first messianic cong ill miss moish

  20. Yuriy Iordakiev

    I’ve worked with JFJ in Odessa, Ukraine for two years and I enjoyed reading Moishe’s thoughts in JFJ newsletters. He was a source of instiration and strength. I’m thankful Y’shua for such a man of God. May Lord bless his soul. My thoughts and prayers with Moishe’s family.

  21. Francine Whiton

    My husband Stephen and I met at a “Christ in the Passover” session Moishe was demonstrating at First Assembly of God Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, November 1, 1974. Steve lived in Honolulu, I was on vacation , living in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area. We were both fairly new believers then.
    Moishes love of the Messiah, his dedication and commitment was so evident it stirred our spirits. Surely he was one truly branded and bonded with a love so deep from the Savior, that it planted a seed within our own hearts. This ministry has remained ever dear to us over these many years.

    We will continue to hold up Jews for Jesus in prayer and financial support. It is what Moishe would want (and asks) and it is a good and right thing to do.

    Love and prayers to the Rosen family

    Francine (and Steve) Whiton
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  22. Peace and comfort to Mr. Rosen’s family. And may God continue to bless and multiply what Mr. Rosen has founded in Jews for Jesus; God’s grace to all involved. I am honored to support this incredible ministry/mission!
    Saddened yet rejoicing as one more saint enters into our Lord and Savior’s presence!

  23. Carol Jorgensen

    Because Moishe Rosen founded Jews for Jesus, my brother became a Christian. The missionaries from Jews for Jesus shared their faith with him on the streets of San Fransciso. I just want to thank the Lord for him and the Jews for Jesus.

  24. Hi all. I would just like to say that my first response to this news – as Paul would say it “[Moishe is now] absent from the body, [and]… present with the Lord” – that I am very happy for the Lord Himself in that He has taken pleasure in this. (2 Corinthians 5:8) “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15) May God bless all people to happily acknowledge the truth, that – just as He foretold in the Old Testament – Y’SHUA/JESUS CHRIST is the very same prophesied Messiah Who was to come as He did. And also, just as we are told, Jesus is coming back again for all who have been willing to love Him. May God bless all who are grieving this earthly loss of Moishe at this time. May God receive all glory from our lives.

  25. All,
    I had the pleasure of meeting Moishe when he came and preached multiple times in chapel at The King’s College (formerly of Briarcliff Manor, NY) in the late 70s. I also enjoyed immensely being trained and joining their missionaries in distributing broadsides in NYC on Saturdays throughout the years I attended King’s. His method of evangelism is very important because for some stubborn people, confronting them with the Truth of Christ is more important than trying to “persuade” is a politically correct way. Sharing the TRUTH of Life with people shows we love them. I was sad briefly when I heard of his “death” into new life, but smiled upon reflection, as for him he truly believes that “To live is Christ, to die is gain”. May God enable his family and friends to rejoice in His new life with Christ and in the hope we all will one day join him.

    Gene Douglass

  26. Another landmark evangelist is called home. Brother Rosen has gone to his eternal reward, and many of God’s original family greet him. I look forward to the same. Shalom, Brother Moishe!

  27. Thank-You Lord for your faithful servant, Moishe Rosen–and for the fruit which he bore for Your harvest. May You comfort the Rosen and JFJ family–and embolden and energize all of us for Your Kingdom’s work still ahead.

  28. I remember becoming aware of Jews for Jesus in New York City in the late 70s through great pamphlets handed out at Grand Central–wonderful panache, passion and that quality St. Paul enjoined but that seems to come hard to a lot of Christians: “Rejoice in the Lord always.” May God bless him and keep him.

  29. I also grew up hearing about “Jews for Jesus”…….
    He must have been a wonderful intuitive man.
    May he Rest In Peace !!!

  30. I also grew up hearing about “Jews for Jesus”…….
    He must have been a wonderful intuitive man.
    My he Rest In Peace !!!

  31. Tears of sadness, tears of joy.

    Hey Moishe! Are you have the best time ever???
    What’s it like to have a billion people applaud your entrance into the gates?

    I remember living in Skokie as a new believer and receiving a shipment of awesome tracts to help my ministry there.


  32. He was a very intelligent man and did a lot of good. He now is at peace with his Savior. God be with his family at this time and always. May his efforts bear fruit henceforth.

  33. Moishe and I were friends. We met online sharing the Gospel with others. I was a baby in the 70s, but I still get to say I started with Jews for Jesus with Moishe! I’m forever thankful to God! Thank You Lord and Saviour for Mity Mo!

  34. Well done good & faithful servant!!!!!!!
    We will see you soon!

  35. I will miss reading Moishe writings so much in the newsletter for Jews for Jesus. May the Lord bless Jews for Jesus in their efforts in all the earth continually.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Kevin Lloyd

  36. I attended a Christ in the Passover presentation, conducted by Susan Pearlman in the late 1980s and a few years later the Liberated Wailing Wall made an appearance here in Raleigh, NC, which I also attended. I fully support the work of Jews for Jesus and I am sorry to hear of the passing of Moishe Rosen, the founder.

  37. I will miss reading Moishe writings so much in the newsletter for Jews for Jesus. Jews for Jesus is a precious and great light for the Jewish people. May the Lord bless Jews for Jesus in their efforts in all the earth continually. May my precious brother in Christ rest in peace.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Kevin Lloyd

  38. I am saddened to hear of Mr. Rosen’s passing out of this life. Men like him are needed more than ever in the closing days of this world. If I remember correctly, Moishe spoke at my childhood church on Long Island, The First Babtist Church of Babylon, many years ago. Many souls will be in heaven because of this man’s work. I pray that there will be men who will be able and willing to carry on his work. May God bless his family and give them peace until they are together again.

  39. praise the LORD! moishe is with his savior, celebrating with HIM, at the feet of JESUS!

  40. Michael O'Sullivan

    The world has lost on of her Treasures! Moishe was a Great Man, who understood his place in the world,and was a unifing force who brought people from many cultures and traditions together. Let’s continue his Great work!

  41. I was in high school, and we were visited several times by youth ministers called “Jews for Jesus”, before 72. Not sure if they were the same organization, probably the growing movement.

    I was Jewish and remember being deeply offended by just the name Jews for Jesus. In 77 the Lord Jesus answered my cry, to know if He is the Christ, and I have served the Lord Jesus Christ ever since.

    In witnessing to Jews, I will add this: we have a giant obstacle of our deepest faith-raising and training, that “The Lord thy God, the Lord is One” means (to us) that Jesus could not be Divine. We fundamentally object to Christ and to Christianity on the grounds that it is polytheism.

    The only thing to do is ask God, if Jesus is the Living Son of God, and all else can fall into place.

    We have extraordinary pressure from our family and community, risking ostracism and hurting our loved ones. Their feelings will usually be very offended, remembering generations of attack and abuse “in the Name of Christ”. So we must ask about Jesus with real intent.

    Asking God, expecting His answer, and with real intent to act on it, brings Jews the most beautiful and undeniable conversion experiences.

    This is my witness, “He lives!” in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  42. I remember listening to a Rosen book read on a daily radio program back in the early 70’s while painting a house in San Diego. In our present America an atmosphere of lies and deceit cloud the landscape. Mr. Rosen, his wife and close friends fought that dark cloud back a little. For that I am always grateful.
    Gary Bertnick

  43. glenda joy clark

    Some people’s witness about Jesus is limited to what they say. For others, it is limited by what they do.

    Our brother is among those whose only restraint was in the amount of breath they are given. Or, perhaps not. Perhaps his witness has just now begun to reverberate throughout the earth. May that same sound welcome him into heaven.

    And, may the number of those who entered the Kingdom in his lifetime, be a thousand-fold even now as he enjoys eternal life, and for many, many years to come.

  44. This is the first time that I have ever heard of Jews for Jesus, but I am so thrilled to know of this great organization. I am 72 years old & have been a Christian for 62 years. My church, Pleasantmiew Bapist Ch. in Arlington, TX, had a type of seminar some months ago on how to witness to Jewish people. Even though I wasn’t able to attend it was a blessing just the same. I will put the Rosen family on my prayer list.
    May our precious Lord & Savior Jesus Christ comfort you, Mrs. Rosen & your whole family, & friends,
    Mrs. Shirley Brown

  45. I enjoyed chatting with Brother Rosen many times . He was available to people on a online site for many years. I pray his legacy and the souls led to Christ will be an inspiration to others to be bold , creative and loving in their presetation of The Gospel. He will be remembered as was Bill Bright of leading millions to Christ. (Romans 1:16)KJB (Titus 2:13; I Cor. 15:51,52, I Thess. 4:15,17; Revelation 22:20; Psalm 16:11 ) KJB

  46. Rev. Richard Zeile

    I was deeply impressed with Moise Rosen’s books and tracts, and had the pleasure of meeting him around 1986 when he presented at Concordia Theological Seminary (of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) in Ft.Wayne, IN. His lively personality, deeply serious (& sincere) purpose coupled with a sense of humor reminded me of C.S.Lewis. I praise God for Rosen’s work, and personality! Requiat in pacem.


  48. Although I have never been on this site before, nor did I know who the founder of Jews for Jesus was, I have heard about Jews for Jesus. I pray the Holy Spirit to comfort his family in their human loss and I rejoice with them that Moishe has reached his final goal. He is now with his Messiah. I know we are not to covet, but I can’t wait to see my Jesus face to face. Let me walk in the will of the Lord always!

    Praised be His Blessed name!

  49. We know that he is now walking and talking with our Savior Jesus Christ.

  50. Though I grew up hearing about Jews for Jesus and praying for them this is the first time I heard about the founder of Jews for Jesus. God’s peace and comfort be with his family and we continue to share the good news of Y’shua.
    en Cristo,

    Mark 16:15

    He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

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