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  1. My first thought was, “Now Moishe is going to go find Zola and the two brothers in Christ will have such a great time in the presence of God face to face!” My joy for Moishe is that he is with Jesus, and we will hopefully see his return with all the saints and our Lord, soon. May the Lord be with the family, and the ministry which he so blessedly founded for our Lord. We pray for the grace and mercy of Jesus to abound with the family at this time. One of the mysteries of God is how believers can be both happy and sad at the same time. God bless you and keep you and may His name be praised forever.

  2. Our family first met Moishe around 1974 when we were living in the San Francisco Bay area and he came to our church, Grace Baptist in San Leandro. I remember sitting up straighter as I listened, being drawn to his passion for the Lord and for people. From then on, we made trips up to San Rafael to get broadsides to give to our friends, and we called headquarters to ask questions about witnessing to Jewish friends. When we were ready to apply to be missionaries, my husband and I agreed that if we were Jewish, there’d be no question we’d want to serve with Jews for Jesus. Because of Moishe’s influence, I’m committed to sharing who Jesus is with all who will let me. May God continue to be the source of comfort and strength for Moishe’s family and all who knew him. Thank God for the hope and joy of heaven!

  3. I didn’t realize when I first heard about this ministry in the early 70’s that we actually were involved at the inception of the ministry. Have always enjoyed the Broadsides, the unique ways of sharing the gospel, the constant education about Jewish and Biblical history and traditions in the monthly mailings, and even the little note that appeared on the first envelopes from Jews for Jewish (I think you were the first ministry to do this. . . ) “Your donation starts here” at the stamp spot on the envelopes. We have prayed through the newsletters monthly, and have always enjoyed the humor and truth that goes forth. We are praying for the family and ministry through this time and will greatly miss his smiling face and exhortations. You might have to include some of those in newsletters! Please continue to stay true to the Word of God from the very first verse. In Christ, Moxon family Psa. 62:5-8

  4. Being in Christ,he lives

  5. The highest tribute I can give to a man after G-d’s own heart is to continue to walk in support of what Moishe gave his life’s efforts to, witnessing our Messiah to G-d’s covenant people. The work has been passed down to the next generation and I smile when I see all the havoc Moishe’s kids are making especially in Yisrael. Go get ’em!

    You did well my brother and one day perhaps you will bless me by sharing from your vast reserves of stories how our Father guided your every effort. I have only known you from afar but I see your imprint on more lives than I can number. Well done good and faithful servant of the most high G-d!

  6. 1 Corinthians 11:1
    Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.

    I never met Moishe, but I would have followed him. His testimony is compelling and it is pure. The Body of Yeshua will have to adjust to His change of address. I know we will, and he would likely tell us to get on with our joy as Nehemiah did, trowel in one hand and Bible in the other.
    Jesus LIVES and Moishe in Him!!! Our loss may seem great but it is not as great as it may seem, if indeed it is a loss at all!!!!

  7. Shannon Urhausen

    I had one conversation with Moishe many years ago. I was looking for purpose in my life, ministry. He said “Tell me something about yourself.” I began with I have 3 children. He smiled, “There you go, that is the greatest ministry you can have, raising those children.” In the age of working worth, he gave me permission to be a mom and I enjoyed every moment. My kids have become wonderful loving adults and we are great friends. I have passed his words on to many. Today my purpose is teaching in an alternative high school. The power of words, wisdom and a heart for God. Thank you Moishe!

  8. brenda davidson freelin

    Praise the LORD that Moishe is the presence of the his MESSIAH and the heavenly host! We will miss him and his kindness. He helped me financially over 18 yrs ago when I was going through a difficut time…never meeting him I feel a sadness that I won’t here on earth,but one day I will in heaven! Shalom Moishe

  9. Pastor Danny Keever

    Sunday, May 23rd the family of First Baptist Church on the Lord’s Day celebrated the life and ministry of Moishe Rosen. We thank the Lord for him and his family and for the ministries which he led and served. Our love and prayers are sent along to each of you who knew him. We loved him and thank the Lord for his influnced upon our lives and the impact of the gospel upon a lost world. Please let us remember his urgency and his passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. With love and gratefulness,
    Pastor Danny R. Keever
    First Baptist Church
    Marathon, Florida

  10. The first time I met Moishe Rosen was when he came to speak at Bell Road Baptist Church in 2008. His message is recorded and online. Before his public proclamation he spoke privately with my wife (Cathy) and me. His words were sharp and direct about our calling to our local church and community. I thank the Lord Jesus for his faithfulness to serve us at a critical time. I was obedient to the directive (and am living with the consequences).

  11. There have been so many “little” conversations with Moishe over the years that come to mind on a daily basis. Blessings on the family at this bittersweet time, we mourn the loss of his physical presence but know we shall see him again. I can’t wait to hear some of his stories next time we meet.
    To life in our Messiah!

  12. I can think of nothing better to say than has already been spoken in Heaven to Brother Moishe: Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

  13. Lorraine Crouch

    I am sorry he has passed! He always had a way of speaking the truth with humor!!!! He will be greatly missed!!!! I always looked forward to his teachings in the news letter! Learn a lot about the Jewish culture and beliefs because of him! May God Bless and Keep His family always!!!!!

  14. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Mr. Rosen’s ‘Musings’ for several years now, thanks to a very dear friend who shared her newsletters with me (I now get them myself). These have made a very profound change in my faith, making me very appreciative of the Jewish roots of Christianity and how we as Christians owe so much to the Jewish faith. Mr. Rosen has been a lightning rod, and a very good one at that. I can see him before his Lord in Heaven, hearing what we all want to hear in that place — ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant’. I offer my thanks to Our Lord in heaven for Mr. Rosen’s ministry, his courage and fortitude. Well done.

  15. Colleen and George Bailey

    I saw an ad for Jews for Jesus in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch back in the early 80’s and I knew it was of God. Moishe Rosen–A man called by GOD who fulfilled the destiny GOD had planned for that man from before the foundations of the world–no greater accomplishment can a man fulfill! “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matthew 25:23 Our love and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  16. I had mixed emotion when I heard the news of Moishe leaving us in the body. Glad that he is with the Lord, but disappointed that he was not able to see the completion of his autobiography. My condolences to his family. I met Moishe in Florida at my church in New Port Richey,Florida and the testimony he gave for Jesus made “goose bumps” come all over me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I gave this news to my little baptist church in Charleston,Il. on sunday morning and sunday night services. Including his founding and
    legacy of Jews for Jesus. Because of Moishe I have been supporting Jews for Jesus for many years.

  17. I was used confused join with whether Moses or Jesus as I believe in both then I saw in internet about and start Communicating… may Lord bless Moishe with all his LOVE hope we will join togother… to his familly be cheerful as Moishe has blessed.

  18. I am so grateful to God that He called Moishe to be a light and a witness to Jews and Gentiles alike. As a Gentile whom The LORD grafted into a Jewish tree by The Root Yeshua, I have developed a love for Israel and the Jewish people. The LORD teaches us through men including Moishe Rosen how to witness to, understand, and pray for Jewish people. He has helped me immensely , to love the beloved Jewish family that I have married into. I am praying that our Abba raises many others to rise up and follow in Moishe’s footsteps to proclaim there is no other Way for any man to enter into heaven but through the blood of Messiah Jesus. He proved that the most loving thing a believer could do for Jewish people is to bring the gospel to them in a reasonable way. Thank you to the family for your many sacrifices in sharing Moishe with us all. Shalom in Yeshua to you.

  19. What a glorious and happy day when a God’s child goes
    back to his Father’s home. I am sure he has been waited
    and wished wellcome by all angels and Jesus Christ himself.
    I hope he will see also my little boy Timothée who is there seence eight years now.
    You have helped me so much to understand that I can be Christian and still Jewess.
    Thank you and my heart is with you, I can’t be there because I am so far in Finland.
    God bless you.

  20. David & Darlene Pynakker

    Thank you Mr Rosen for all you have done for Jews and Gentiles alike. Our condolences to the family and friends. We never met you in this life, but hope to in eternal life. God bless you. RIP

  21. Mary Jo McGuire

    What joy for Moishe! May his going before us help us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. May Ceil and the family be comforted by the Holy Spirit…knowing you were so greatly blessed on earth to have been Moishe’s most cherished, and knowing you will be reunited with him when your race is completed.

    I was blessed to attend the 1977 and 1987 Charismatic conferences in KCMO and New Orleans, and treasure the memories of both. I vividly recall the Jews for Jesus session in New Orleans….and have always treasured and supported its work.

    Heaven is rejoicing! May our tears tie us to heaven and to each other, and empower us all to live as Moishe directed us to live…for Yeshua. What a life well lived….

  22. I first knew about Jews for Jesus in a Baptist church that I used to attend, and I have been in contact with your organization for many years. I never knew Moishe Rosen but I know the legacy he have left behind to all of us. I pray God to bring to work to his minister many men like Moishe Rosen. He have won his crown. My condolences to his family, friends, and brothers in Christ.

  23. Nancy Bieberstein

    My condolences to the Rosen family and to all in JFJ. Thank you for sharing him with us over the years. I never met Moishe personally but have been touched by his ministry for many years now. Without him, I would never have become involved with outreach to the Jewish people. Thank you, Lord, for giving him perseverence, creativity and passion.

  24. I praise God for the ministry that God used Moise to begin. What a joy to see God’s chosen come to know the true Messiah. He is with his Jesus now and his work here on earth will go on. In these last days, what an important ministry!! May God continue to call His people from the four corners of the earth!! Our prayers are with the Rosen family as they await their reunion.

  25. Laura and Colie McDonagh

    We have been supporters of JFJ for years and have enjoyed the JFJ newsletter and Moishe’s musings for years. Although never personally meeting him we know we will see him in heaven through God’s promise of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

    It has been a joy to participate in Moishe’ ministry for God’s Chosen people and we can only think of one thing at this moment when God called Moishe home – “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”

  26. I first knew about Jews for Jesus in a Baptist church that I used to attend, and I have been in contact with your organization for many years. I never knew Moishe Rosen but I know the legacy he have left behind. I pray God to bring to work for him many men like Moishe Rosen. He have won his crown. My condolences to his family, friends, and brothers in Christ.

  27. Absent from the body, present with the LORD. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it. We do not have to mourn but “PRAISE” Moishe for the victory in JESHUA. Hallelujah.

  28. Michael Hoffman

    To the Brothers and Sisters At JfJ And Moishe’s Family
    While I didnt know Moishe Personally,I can Honestly say what an Important place he played in my life.You know Only Y’shua knows-how many people this Servant of the Lord influnced,by his Witness for the Messiah.
    Im thankful that from the Day of Sept 24th of 1984 from that point,I didnt know how to even start as a New Believer,especially a Jewish Believer in Jesus.Was I the only one I thought,oh boy lol.
    Then I started hearing from JfJ And So without Moishe,my growth in the Lord wouldnt have begun.
    Rejoice in the Lord Always Moishe,and again I say Rejoice.Im sure the Lord,said Welcome Home Good and Faithful servant.

    In Messiah

  29. Though I have not yet met him, Moishe has influenced me in my walk with the Lord through his autobiography and the news letters, as well as the many books of JFJ that have spoken of him. I share the grief of his brothers and sisters he left behind, but know there is no grief in him, and we will all rejoice in seeing him again, me for the first time, very shortly, when the Lord brings us together in the home he has prepared for us.
    ברוך אתם בישע

  30. Moishe was a great man of God, dedicated to bringing Jews to the saving knowledge of our Lord, Yeshua! May other people who love the Jewish people also have his ambition to do this for him! See you in Heaven, Moishe!

  31. As a former Muslim turned evangelist, God called me to serve him through Jews for Jesus several years ago. As a result, my life has never been the same!
    God used Jews for Jesus to equip me to reach Muslims for Jesus. Several Millions of them! Feeling unqualified and unprepared, He used Moishe’s life story and his ministry to encourage and equip me to fulfill my call. I believe there will be many former Muslims in heaven, because of Moishe and Jews for Jesus. May God bless his work. May He bless those Moishe has left behind to carry on and perfect his work through Jews for Jesus.

  32. Mrs. Mary H. Sands

    Ohhhhh……I have gotten behind in so many things lately! –I just this minute learned that Moishe Rosen has died…..through the e-mail notification of the memorial service to be live-broadcasted…..
    Oh, my… heart is riven……how I enjoyed the period of history that I have lived through at the same time as himself…..he, with his Jews for Jesus, has made it so alive for me…..and the few personal communications sealed that…..oh, my….. ):
    I know I shall meet him face to face in heaven….and I would not wish for a moment he was not where he was, in order to be back on earth with us all…..that’d be too cold-hearted…..but, oh, the desolation is almost as if I’d been Left Behind…..
    sincerely, to all who also were grateful for his life,
    Mary Sands

  33. My condolences to Ceil, Ruth and Lynn. You’re father (and husband) had such an amazing impact on history, on lives and on me. I was so young and such a new believer when I first got to know Moishe that there was an impact that to this day I am fully aware of influencing my life and heart for the lost. Though at my first lunch with Moishe (in a chinese restaurant of course), I withstood his suggestion to start using my hebrew name Brucha, I was quicky impressed with his intuition about what was going on around him and more than once he astutely picked up on things that were going on in a way that totally impressed me.
    Generosity has always been an earmark of any encounter I had with Moishe and even as I left Jews for Jesus at the ripe age of 20 1/2, Moishe gave me his car “Big Blue’ to help me get on my way. I always remembered his generosity.
    When I last saw Moishe (a year or so ago, I believe, at his house for lunch) he was giving me his usual sagely wisdom. In this situation it was about not waiting for a committee to go along with me but to be bold and step out when I had a conviction that something should be done. He said – a committee is only as strong as its weakest link.
    Moise certainly stepped out of the pack and is quite the example to us all. My hope is that Moishe’s legacy and memory will live on and continue to change lives for the Kingdom.
    I hope to make it up for the memorial.

  34. Mari Ellen Reeser

    I was so sad to hear of the death of Moishe. I never met him but I always felt like I knew him. I was greatly impacted by his writings (through the Newsletter) over the years. I appreciated his warm attitude and passion for Jesus and God’s people. I can imagine there was a party when Moishe entered heaven. I pray the God will comfort his immediate family as well as the extended JfJ family at this loss.

  35. Praise God Almighty!!
    Now, Moishe is forever in the glorious presence of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    What a shining example he has left for all of us.
    Thank you God that you raise up men like him to be shining lights in this world where darkness seems to prevail.
    To his dear family I say – ‘Moishe has gone home – be at peace’.
    God bless you all.
    Luke Nickola.
    Johannesburg, South Africa.

  36. TO the family of Moishe Rosen,
    Moihe was through the years an inspiration to his friends at Kaimuki Christian Church in Honolulu, to my predecessor and that generation throught the decades and to me and our generation as encourage us to share the Gospel with our Jewish friends and neighbors. Moishe was a great man of God and we will miss him, but know that his family will be comforteted by therealization that there he will have a glorious reunion with the Savior and that they will one day be reunited with their beloved Moishe and with Jesus. -Pastor Ron Arnold

  37. Lynn and Alan, we just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers for the Lord’s comfort.

  38. Moishe greatly influenced my walk following Jesus these past 30 years. The JFJ newsletter was a constant education for me and how to understand God’s love for the Jewish people, and how to live a faithful life in witness. Praying for comfort for his beloved family and praising our Father for using one life so powerfully. Amen and Amen.

  39. Dear Ceil and JFJ family,

    We were privileged to have met and worked with Moishe (and with many of you, as well) when we lived in Alaska. We share in your loss of this profoundly faithful servant of God. And we share your joy that he forever rests from his labors in the merciful arms of Y’shua. Our hearts go out to you. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  40. Bernard Johnson

    I am very sorry to read of the death of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, but thank God for his work! The message got out despite all the criticism that abounds and will continue. If only all Jews could come to the understanding that he did and know the True Messiah who Was, Is and Ever Shall Be—all honor and glory to His Holy name, Amen!

  41. Larry Walguarnery

    I was one of those long hair JEWS whom got his life right with the Lord Jesus back in 1973. Moishe Rosen was a visioniary whom the redemer used. Now in these LATER DAY’s may each JEW and Gentile Honor Brother Rosen by Honoring our KING by seeking the Life of the spirit.

  42. William L. Whitehead

    Since Moishe and I shared the same disease, prostate cancer, we had shared correspondence in encouraging each other. I do not know why God has spared me and not him, until now. I know that I must do all that I can with the time He has given me to reach Jews and Gentiles as much as I am able to honor not just his memory but his desires to reach the unsaved Jewish people around me. I know his work will live on because it is the Lords’ work. I will treasure these letters and never forget his wonderful sense of humor and thoughtfulness. I know I will get to meet him one day in the presence of our Blessed Savior, Y’Shua. From my family to yours our prayers and deepest, heartfelt sorrow for your and our loss. May our God grant you peace and may He comfort you. I would like to end with a compliment that Moishe was to me a modern day Paul. I know that he and the Apostle are celebrating around the throne of Y’Shua!
    Shalom, Bill & Betty Whitehead

  43. Dear Family and Friends of Moishe Rosen,

    What a wonderful man! What a man of God! Heard about Jews for Jesus back in the early 1980’s. Always enjoyed the insite of Moishe Rosen. Have prayed for he, Ruth, and many of the staff of Jesus for Jesus for years – still do every day on the way to work.

    Anxious to see and visit wih him in heaven! 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:16-23; 1 Cor. 15:51-58

    God’s grace and peace be with you all. John 14:27

    Sincerely, your brother in Christ,

    bud neptune
    Dawn, Missouri 64638

  44. My foundation with Christ has lots of stones and cement from the words that Moishe Rosen spoke. He helped clarify for me time and time again in the Jews For Jesus newsletter principals and joys of loving and following our Savior. So many of them I have saved. For me he was a hero in Christ. Heaven is richer even now.

  45. Moishe was a very committed Christian. Even shortly before his death, a letter was sent to me saying that Moishe prayed for my unsaved brothers. What a blessing it was to read that even when a brother was very sick, that he would have such love to pray for my brothers! Moishe is now blessed more as Rabbi Saul said “For I am hard pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better!” (Philippians 1:23). Now it has come true that Moishe is now with Jesus in paradise. May the Lord bless Jews For Jesus and may you continue to have much fruit for the Lord and that many people will get saved and get the assurance of eternal life with God through faith in Yashua, Jesus. Sincerely, Rick Gershon.

  46. Colleen (Kirkland) Schoneveld

    I first met Moishe in 1974… He came to Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, CA to teach us about the Seder. He was so funny, so full of joy.
    I joined in with his group to hand out tracts in San Fransisco. It was wonderful.
    I rejoice with Moishe to be in the presence of our Lord. I am sure he has all of heaven in an uproar of laughter.
    Thank you for your letters, Moishe. See you again sometime soon.

  47. I thank Our Precious Savior that Moishe’s suffering is over and I know most of us will see him again on an eternal basis,The promises of Jesus Christ has taken the sting out of death, we can rest assured with that comfort.
    In His Love to family/friends , Phil Beckwith

  48. I thank Our Precious Savior tha Moishe,s suffering is over and I know most of us will see him again on an eternal basis,The promises of Jesus Christ has taken the sting out of death we can rest assured with that comfort.
    In His Love to family/friends , Phil Beckwith

  49. Anna Marie Oudal

    About 20 years ago Moishe visited our church (First Covenant) in Anchorage. I felt it a real privilege to meet him and the rest of the group who were here to make a presentation. He has had my great respect and admiration for his venture in starting Jews for Jesus. It is a great opportunity for me to share in a small way each year for the evangelism of the Jews. After all Jesus said, “…for salvation is of the Jews.” (John 4:22) Jesus has given me salvation. (I am Gentile.)

    My thoughts and prayers are with all involved with Jews for Jesus and especially for the Rosen family. One of my favorite verses at these times of life is Psalm 116:15. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

    May the Lord bless in a special way at this time!
    Anna Marie Oudal
    Anchorage, Alaska





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