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  1. I am a school teacher, and one day a Jews for Jesus man came to visit–I think students thought I was Jewish since I know about some of the festivals, and pronounce Happy Hannukah reasonably well. That connected me with Jews for Jesus–I truly appreciate Moishe’s newsletters–they gave me courage to share Jesus Christ with people, humor in dealing with people, and quick ways to explain the Good News. I look forward to seeing Mr. Rosen again, for we are brother and sister in Christ. May God bless and comfort you, his family and friends, and bring happiness as you remember him today. He helped strengthen many people’s hearts for the lost, and courage to speak lest others perish without the Messiah.

  2. Fran Gunsberger Leaupepe

    Thank you .

  3. Fran Gunsberger Leaupepe

    Fran Gunsberger Leaupepe – Sydney, Australia
    My family and I would like to pass on our message of peace to the Rosen family and prayer and gratitude to God, for Moishe Rosen – to say thank you for his vision and the ministry of Jews for Jesus over all these years and all over the world.

    I think it was in 1968 that my mother and father Tini and Fred Gunsberger( originally from Vienna ) visited USA from Sydney. They were involved in Jewish ministry in Sydney . They met Moishe and accompanied him and others to Berkley University Campus to hand out material for J4J.
    My father often spoke of this wonderful experience.
    On 30 March my father was Called Home – aged 93 .
    What a glorious Reunion with the Lord for these Poneers.

    My father was delighted that his grand daughter, our daughter Giselle , having grown up also in the Lord, had met up with Jews for Jesus – and has been mentored by Bob Mendelsohn in Sydney for the last two years.
    She has now taken the baton from her grandparents and wants to serve the Lord in this way – on a Jews for jesus team . My husband and I are thrilled.

    Thank you to all the Rosen family for the vision that was forged by Moishe in Jews for Jesus, for his life of faithfulness and service and the blessings that continue – internationally – for Jewish people to come to know the Messiah

    Fran ( Gunsberger ) Leaupepe
    Sydney, Australia.

  4. Moishe was always an encourager and blessing. When I decidded to go full time into Jewish missions, Moishe helped me formulate the announcement letter and was a personal supporter. May God grant his extended family and co-laborers at Jews for Jesus the people that passes all understanding and the determination to carry on the goal of bring the Gospel to Jewish people around the world

  5. Roger Than Maung

    We at the Myanmar Friends United For Israel are very sorry for hearing the news that Moishe Rosen was passed away to the Lord. We do believe that Moishe will be a great servant of the Lord. We are very appreciate him for his wonderful world missions. We believe that Moishe will be a unique man used by heavenly God.

    Passing away of him is a big lost not only for you and us but also for the 21st century world Jewish missionary movement and world spiritual harvest. We pray that God will continue to give us such kind of the greatest world missionaries like Moishe Rosen for today world missions. Let us continuously seeking by prayers such kind of totally and strongly committed-godly world missionaries. If there may be many missionary leaders like Moishe, I believe that we can change the world upside down sooner or later. Please be sure that we will take a special prayer time on Sunday service of this week and in prayers we will remember Moishe’s remaining families, his world missions and his beloved co-workers worldwide.

    We are his special prayer warriors and we will continue to pray for his world missions so that his vision on world missions will still remain until Christ returns on earth and many lost souls will be saved and blessed by his missions he has given us as a heritage to carry on. May we at the Myanmar Friends United For Israel comfort all of you with the scriptures:

    “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”[Rev.14:13]
    “I envy those who are dead and gone; they are better off than those who are still alive”[Ecc.4:2]
    “Peace is that I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does”[Jn.14:27]

    God bless you and comfort you all with His merciful love.

    Roger Than Maung
    Myanmar Friends United For Israel
    South East Asia
    E-mail: [email protected]

  6. Michael & Roberta Danzig

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ceil and Moishe’s family, as well as the JFJ ministry extended family. We’ve known Moishe for 30 years and have always held him in high esteem as a bold Jew for Jesus. We served as Co-Laborers in the early 1990’s in Seattle, and were honored to represent the ministry throughout Puget Sound. Many lives have been eternally influenced by the vision and life work of this wonderful Christian man. We were privileged to hear Moishe preach last year in Sacramento and were invited to join him for an impromptu lunch in Sacramento with a few of his friends. His sense of mission, as well as his keen sense of humor were, as always, a true inspiration to us. It has been our joy to know this very great man and to be counted as his friends. He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him We rejoice in the sure knowledge that he is with our Lord and Savior, and in the reality that one day we will join in fellowship with him again. As the old hymn goes:…”When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!” Amen!

  7. What a legacy! Praising God at the inspiration Mr. Rosen was to remember and reach out to Jewish people in Christ’s love always. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Psalm 116:15

  8. Blessings to the Rosen family, and memories of Moishe:
    I often drive near the west side of Denver where Moishe and Ceil lived years ago. He recounted stories of his father’s scrap business, as well as tales of he and Ceil’s life together. I cherish those stories, and the time he invested in me-walking in San Francisco when he points out masonry and tells the date based on the design-then two steps later asks me what makes a good wife. He also reminded me: think in categories, and another gem, “If you are going to disagree with me, disagree on principles.” He was a mentor to many, and I remain grateful for Moishe and his family.

  9. Thanks for his dedication and commitment and sacrifice to let his and my Jewish brothers and sisters have the opportunity to know our Savior and Lord Jesus.

  10. Elizabeth Leitch Freston

    Dear Martin – as I used to call you – how you have graced our world, how you have awakened all you met with the wonderful message of Christ. I will never forget the years in the 1960’s when I used to work with you in evangelistic meetings in West Los Angeles. I praise God for you and know He is rejoicing to have you with Him now. See you when I get there!!

  11. My sympathy to the Rosen family. Moishe has been an inspiration to me many times in his writings. A humble servant of the Lord he was, and he will surely be rejoicing in heaven at this time. May the Lord comfort his dear family.

  12. Moishe is a hero .A person who dedicates their life and service to LORD JESUS will dedicate their soul saving energy to as many people GOD brings into their path… Such is Moishe. GOD bless all the Rosen Family and Jews For JESUS !

  13. How very odd that a friend of mine posted this sad news on her Facebook page today. I have no idea how she knew Moishe. While it has been a number of years since I last saw my Uncle, I was very sad to read this posting.

    I express heartfelt sympathy to my Aunt Ceil and my Cousins. My thoughts are with you during this very sad time.


  14. I am so sorry for the world that Moishe has departed….but we all know that he is in glory with his risen Lord, Jesus the Christ.

    Well done, good and faithful servant. How many people have come to know the Risen Lord through your works!! Well done, in deed and in word.

    May God be with your family at this time and may He hold you in the palm of His Hand.

  15. Dear Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews world-wide, and ALL
    Messianic Believers (Jews in Heart) in Yeshua’s Body
    everywhere. It truly and really is a cause for Great
    Rejoicing because Moishe is with Mashiach (Messiah) NOW.
    ****Jews for Jesus–a “very special book” needs to be
    published about Moishe and Ceil’s life with special pictures
    of his founding and life-long work at JFJ, and what impact
    he has made and where JFJ is NOW. A “special fund” also needs to be set up, and the Memorial Service included in the book so that others who cannot come can “participate”
    in it too. Please give our love and prayers to Ceil
    and family. As a result of Moishe and Ceil, I have a
    direct ministry to Israel. Please sign me out:
    G-d bless and be with you. Dr. Harlan A. Hanna, Ph.D.
    [email protected]

  16. My heartfelt sympathy to Moishe Rosens family.I truly enjoyed Moishes Musings, as he called his writings.I love the Jews for Jesus newsletters, and I share them with people
    that God sends into my life.I am sure he was greeted in heaven with “Well done good and faithful servant.”
    I will send a donation in his memory.

  17. I am saddened to hear and read of Rabbi Rosen’s Passing. I was blessed by his ministry while I was incarcerated. Now that I am a free man physically as well as spiritually, a man who has tought so many is now laid to rest. May El Saddi give you rest untill the return of Messiah.

  18. To the family and many friends of Moishe Rosen,

    As a former CLIM, I want to offer my condolence to all who knew and loved Moishe. I only spoke briefly with him a few times, but I count it a blessing and a privilege, and I was able to glean from his wisdom and wit through those encounters and from all the wonderful writings over the years in the various newsletters and books. Jews for Jesus has had a profound influence in my life. After my first taste of the Jewish roots in 1987 at a Bible church in Brandon, FL, my husband and I became active in Jewish ministry and after 23 years we are still involved. We were part of starting up a major Messianic congregation in our area, and have had a monthly fellowship and outreach ministry to the Jews and nations for over 8 years. For 18 years I and others have had a dance ministry that was conceived “to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Stuart Dauermann was the first missionary we met at that Brandon church, and over the years we housed several visiting missionaries and I participated in many “sorties” with the LWW. Our lives have been immensely enriched by the ministry of Jews for Jesus, and our spiritual growth has been nourished through it all.

    Our love and blessings go out to all of you. Shalom, Moishe!

    Gratefully,Davida (Denyse V.) and Bob Brown…Sar Shalom Fellowship, SS Ensemble, and Zeramim Dance Ministry

  19. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.
    There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.(Revelation 21:4)
    And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of G-d
    and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His servants shall serve Him. They shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads.(Revelation 22:43,4)

  20. Mrs. Jerry (Ferrell) Semler

    Even today I have been praying fervently for dear Moishe, not knowing that he was already in Heaven. What a loss! Now, more than ever, his superb writings (long collected and filed) will be cherished! Among our prized “keepsakes” is a lengthy personal letter, which he wrote to us in the early l980’s. In that letter we “heard” his heart toward God, and his yearning (like that of the Apostle Paul’s) for his people, the Jews, to know their Messiah and Savior. It was then that our hearts were joined with his in this passion, and Jews for Jesus became a part of us. It was a “God connection.” We never had the privilege of meeting him personally, but he is high on the list of other Biblical “notables” we will hasten to see in our future Home! May the God of all comfort minister grace and strength to his grieving family. We love you.

  21. William and Norma Siglin

    We pray that our Lord will comfort loved ones Moishe temporarily left behind with the knowledge they will eventually celebrate a joyous reunion with him. Moishe has not died –he simply has changed his address. We praise our Lord for having used Moishe to bring the Good News to so many souls.

  22. Memories of Moishe will keep all of us going in the right direction. As with his email address…MityMo…he indeed was a mighty man is so many ways, yet so humble when it came to the people he came in contact with. Being a Co-Laborer with JfJ, I have many memories I could share, but the ones I remember most are the times when I was with him at a Church, sitting on the front pew, with people coming up to him to share their stories. What touched me the most was as they shared, he would write their names down in his personal Bible to pray for them. Also, a friend told me about Moishe calling his mom because she had sent a donation way beyond what she usually gave, and wanted to check on her to make sure that the amount wouldn’t hurt her means of living. And I also know that if anyone in the JfJ family or friends had emailed him about a problem or question, he would sit down and call them about it. Moishe will be missed so much by all of us…but mostly by his precious family. Let’s remember to keep Ceil, Ruth, Lynn, grandchildren and his closest friends in prayer…I know the loss of Moishe will leave a deep void to them as well as to each of us. When I heard that Moishe had gone Home, I immediately thought of how he and Zola were now back together…I can see their smiles now as they recognize each other…and almost hear a joke coming from one of them…probably Moishe. What a Homecoming…to be with Y’shua, and all the wonderful saints that have gone ahead of us…makes me want to hurry and get there myself.

    Love to all of you at JfJ, and mostly to Cecil and family.
    Connie Harris

  23. Moishe was my friend and mentor. His encouragement gave me the courage to press on even through some dark days. Now He is in the light. He has gone ahead, we will catch up. He is missed now, we shall see him again. Let us press on in telling the Good News so that others will come to know Messiah, too. In Y’shua – Steve Cohen

  24. Dear Family of Moishe, I have never met this fine Godly man; however, have read many articles by him and enjoyed them. And most of all could truly tell he loved our Lord and his son Jesus Christ. I’m bless for knowing him via his magazine and ministry of Jews for Jesus. Our church currently supports a missonary couple under Jews for Jesus. Thank you Lord for the wonderful testimony Moishe shared willingly for you. He will be missed by all who knew him.

  25. Madeline & Vince

    We send our heartfelt condolences to the Moishe Rosen family. We also rejoice at his arrival in Heaven and all the beauty, riches & glory he has to behold for Eternity. We met Moishe on a few occassions, first being at a JFJ bible study in Skokie, IL. It was truly a privilege to meet him as well as read his uplifting stories & articles throughout the years.

    The Jews for Jesus ministry has played an integral role in my spiritual journey as Jewish believer in Jesus and it was at a JFJ bible study that my husband & I met 27 years ago. Lord Bless Moishe’s family, friends, and your entire ministry.

  26. In the early 80’s I connected with Moishe and Jews for Jesus, and I greatly admired him.

    He is literally in the arms of our Savior right now, and rejoice in that, but it’s hard for us left behind.

    Sincere hugs and prayers for you and your family, Ruth.

  27. “Be strong and of good courage”. That is what I learned from Moshe Rosen and his ministry over the years. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all in this sad yet triumphant time.

  28. Welcome Home, brother….say “hello” to our friend Zola for me!

  29. I am so thankful for what Moishe and Jews for Jesus meant to me as a new Jewish believer in Christ! It was so good to know I was not alone and to find your site to help me!
    With love in Yeshua,
    Evonne Mandella

  30. I have been praying for Moishe several times today and now I find out that he has gone to be with Jesus! How wonderful! He has brought such humor, warmth and wisdom in his writings and has taught me an understanding and love for his people—and mine, too, by grafting in! May our dear Lord continue to bless your family and give Jews for Jesus even greater fruit!

  31. What a shout of joy there must have been as Mr. Rosen entered Heaven, his arms full of sheaves for the Master!
    His life and writings have been an inspiration to so many. We have been richly blessed! Heartfelt sympathy to the dear Rosen family.

  32. Moishe was someone who I looked up to. Somehow when the internet came of age we corresponded through email occassionally. We knew some of the same people. My most grateful personal memory of him was not just that I believed in his cause, but that he reached out to me personally in some of the saddest moments of my life. He not only was a great man of a God in his knowledge and witnessing skill but a man who could be a brother to a brother in need.

  33. I stand in wonderment at the wonderful legacy that Moishe’s life has left – family, natural and spiritual, who continue in the pattern of ministry that he laid down through the inspiration of our God. May all the family receive encouragement and solace and renewed fervor, b’shem Y’shua Meshiach.

  34. Christy Sandhoff

    Moishe spoke at Bell Road Baptist Church in 2008 and it was a privilege to have such a dynamic, thoughtful, encouraging servant of the Lord share with us his love of Jesus and his people. To his family, and Jews for Jesus, I send my sympathy to you as you grieve the loss of our beloved brother. God bless us until we are all together again. Amen.

  35. G-d raises up good men to do wonderful things. Moishe was one of those men. He has blessed many people and I’m sure the Lord is saying to him. “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

  36. Bob Cosby, M. D.

    May God continue and richly bless His work founded by Moishe Rosen, as Mr. Rosen enjoys his reward for being faithful.

  37. Dear Ruth Rosen,

    I received the June Newsletter sometime last week after the 19th. It wasn’t until I read the May 23 L.A. Times that I learned of Moishe’s death in a nice, fair, and non-derogatory obituary by Elaine Woo. I clipped and will keep that. I know even with our faith in the resurrection and eternal life, it still hurts to have someone we love taken away so we can no longer be with him or her for a length of time that is unknown. I send my sincerest condolences to you and your family.

    However, I wanted to express my hope that the Newsletter will continue to feature archived articles by your dad. I have supported Jews For Jesus many years and have filled three-ring binders going back to 1976. Unfortunately, it is hard for me to find time to read back through my collection on a regular basis and only look forward to reading through the latest mailed ones.

    I am gratified to have received this transmission today as to the manner of funeral arrangements that are being made. I will certainly “tune in”. Will there be a traditional shiva too?

    I rest assured that you are surrounded by comforters who love Moishe worldwide.

    Shalom and Maranatha

  38. My thoughts would be the same as those of Jesus the Messiah for Moishe Rosen, “Well done, thy good and faithful Servant!”

    The world will not be the same without you, but another blessed saint for Heaven.

    Lancaster, MA

  39. Blessing on the memory of this dear brother in Christ who is with His Lord and Savior for all eternity. I expect to see him when the Lord is finished with my life here on earth. Love the ministry of Jews for Jesus and pray God will bring many more into Hie Kingdom through His faithful ministers who carry on His work thought Jews for Jesus.

  40. Im so sorry to hear about Moishe is not with us anymore.Moishe was a great helper for me .One day we will meet again in the streets of gold in the new Jerusalem

  41. Tammy Escalante

    So sorry to read that Moishe has departed. I did have the chance though to know him somewhat from the writing. Great personality. What a sight he has seen here and now there.
    Blessings to the family, friends and co-workers in Christ.

  42. I served at the International HQ in San Francisco for 4 years between 1989 and 1995. I then served a church full-time in South San Francisco for 2 1/2 years. Throughout that time the Lord blessed me with amazing opportunities to talk with Moishe. He willingly and graciously gave me his wisdom and encouragement. He even wrote a letter of recommendation for full-time pastoral ministry on my behalf! I will never forget Moishe. Even since moving to Montana in 2000 he continued to express his delight in email contact with me. I have constantly desired his combination of devotion to Christ through the Word, godly wisdom, generous grace and steadfast passion for the making of disciples. I pray for an even greater outpouring of the Spirit in those qualities on Jews for Jesus–and on me, my family and my church. Though I’m sad he’s gone, I am thrilled he’s with the Lord, rejoicing in rest from his labors.–Joseph Moyer, Preaching Elder, Westside Baptist Church, Great Falls MT,

  43. There is absolutely no doubt that Moishe Rosen has heard these words: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’
    Though I never knew him in body, I feel like I know him through his “musings.” An amazing man of God that will continue to encourage me the rest of my life, Moishe’s legacy through Jews for Jesus will continue to sow and reap until Jesus returns for us! Amen!

  44. I thank God for the ministry of Jews for Jesus which Moishe started. He will be sorely missed and I pray God’s comfort for his family and all those who worked with and loved this dear man. To God be the Glory; Great things hath HE done.

  45. I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Rosen’s passing. He is truly
    with the Messiah, Who he came to believe in. As a Christian,
    I have so much respect for his “baby,” the Jews for Jesus.
    I had to do a paper, in college, on any religion, or, religious group. I could not pick Catholic, or, Episcopalian, since, they are my family religions. I was in
    NYC, before my paper was due, and, was handed a tract, by
    one of your ‘disciples of Jesus.’ I read it over & over,
    and, knew what my paper would be on. May Jesus bless Moishe, his family, and, all who accept Jesus, as SAVIOR.
    Michelle EB, NJ

  46. steve and lorraine hansen

    Sending our sympathy to the family of Moishe. Praying God’s continued hand on Jews for Jesus.

  47. Ahh, what memories!

    The excitemen and joy of preaching outdoors with you in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. The amazement of watching God’s power flowing through you when a huge, yes bigger than you and me, Jewish man told us, “I’ll give you a choice. Walk out of here right now or I’ll throw you through that plate glass window.” You lovely stood your ground. He listened. And, as recall, eventually came to the Lord. The amazement of being with you on a late night TV interview show when you shared you faith in Yeshua and Sammy Davis, Jr. shared why he had converted to Judaism. Sammy Davis, Jr. assured you he would be thinking of what you had said about Jesus.

    Walking along side of you was a never ending adventure for a young missionary. The good things you brought into my life has remained with me throughout my ministry.

    You were truly a man anointed of God to play a major role in changing the course of modern Jewish missions. You were a man who loved and won the hearts of his people to Yeshua, your and their Messiah. You were a man who invited countless gentiles, including me, to come love your people and we did. Heaven alone knows how many lives you have touched for our Savior. I am certain you will be richly rewarded for your faithfulness. It was a privilege to know you and to have you pour out part of your life into mine.

    May God comfort your family and fellow missionaries at Jews for Jesus with many rich and wonderful memories even as you celebrate your arrival in Heaven.

  48. I am so sorry to hear of Moishe’s passing but rejoice for him in that I know he is in the presence of Jesus whom he served so well. He has many jewels in his crown to cast before Jesus! He had an impact on me. He was always very challenging and I so appreciate that “sold out” faith that was not content with lukewarmness. I know his legacy lives on in Jews for Jesus. I will be praying for his family, because it is a great loss for them.

  49. My heart felt sympathy to the Rosen family and to the family at Jews for Jesus. Our loss, Jesus’ gain.

  50. G-d’s Word promises that He will bless those who bless Israel, and surely no one can bless Israel more than one who dedicates his life to bringing the Jews to their promised Messiah. What a joyous homecoming Brother Moishe must have had with Yeshua!

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