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  1. Ressie E. Pangilinan

    Greetings! I am a christian believer and I am recipient of jew for Jesus newsletter and e-news. I want to extend my condolences to the Rosen family. I am thankful to God for Moishe Rosen ministry to seek and save the lost and to encourage and inspire many people around the world. I hope and pray that the jew for Jesus will continue to grow and many more people will be reach out and more souls to be save for the Glory of God.more power and be bless! Shalom to every believer in Jesus.

  2. Ashley P. Salvador

    We give our heartfelf condolence to the Moishe Rosen family. We just knew about the Jews for Jesus last year through the internet and we just want to share our thoughts that he was used mightily by JESUS CHRIST to spread/share/to encourage both jewish and gentile believer.He is a true jew because he believes in JESUS CHRIST. Right now, we believe that he is now in the presence of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and enjoying in heaven together with the angels of GOD. God bless and may the Holy Spirit continue to comfort the Rosen family. more power to the Jews for Jesus.SHALOM!!!!!!

  3. I was first exposed to Jews for Jesus about 1966 or ’67 while a new believer at UC Berkeley. I remember the first time I heard Moishe speak about Israel and God’s passion for His chosen people to know their Messiah. He asked us to pray that God would use Jews for Jesus to bring many Jews to know God the Father and His Son Jesus as their Messiah. I learned that God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel and was challenged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    That was the beginning of a long relationship with Jews for Jesus. My husband and I joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ after graduating from Cal in 1967, were married that December, and began supporting Jews for Jesus shortly thereafter–and still do forty years later.

    We were privileged to visit Israel in 2001, to train Muslim background believers in a simple, yet profound, one-to-one reproductive disciplemaking dialogue. I will never forget the joy I experienced when I first saw Jerusalem and the next morning as I prayer walked around the old city walls at dawn. I credit Moishe for my love for Israel, my prayers for Jerusalem, and my heart to see Jews everywhere know their Messiah in joy-filled saving faith.

    Moishe has left a living legacy, thousands who know Jesus as their Messiah. I know that our Heavenly Father greeted him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

  4. I am a Christian, a Baptist minister, and have supported Jews for Jesus for over 20 years. I never met Moishe but his love for Jesus, for his people, and his character would jump off the page. I thought to myself…this is a true apostle, a true man of God, with a genuine ministry.

  5. My prayer for Ceil, Ruth, Lyn, Alan, Asher and Bethany is that God will hold you tightly in His loving arms. Moishe impacted my life in many ways. But what I will always remember are the one-on-one conversations that we had. He had a way of asking probing questions with a twinkle in his eye. He was not only a Spiritually gifted evangelist, he was also able to teach others how to share the Gospel and how to keep the focus on Y’shua. He invested his time to personally help me learn how to share the Gospel with confidence, knowing that I was planning to work as an administrator. Thank you Lord for the life of Moishe Rosen. 2 Cor 3:5-6

  6. I am extremely grateful to the Lord for His faithful and courageous servant, Moishe Rosen. It was through Jews for Jesus that I, a Jewish woman, came to faith in Messiah Jesus. My first contact was during a summer campaign in NYC in the mid-eighties. Moishe’s ministry also has taught me how to share the gospel with Jews and to raise awareness of the Judaic roots of the Christian faith to my gentile brothers and sisters. It also gave me an opportunity to become involved in a ministry of worship in dance, which is continuing even now. It is comforting to know that Moishe is at peace and in the company of our Lord and Redeemer, Yeshua. May his dedication and faithful service to the God of Israel be an example and inspiration to all believers. May our gracious Heavenly Father grant comfort and peace to Moishe’s family and all those who mourn his departing.

  7. 2 Timothy 4:7 KJV
    ” I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: …”

    Mr Rosen personifies the above verse. Praise Y’shua for Mr Rosen’s testimony !

  8. Rodrigo Trindade (Rod777)

    Moishe Rosen, made a great Job for Jesus, The God of Israel. I felt very empty when I knew he passed away, he was one great leader in my life.
    Rest in peace dear brother…
    My deepest condolences to everyone.
    Rodrigo from Brazil (sephardic jew)

  9. Moishe has always been an encouragement to me. Whenever we would chat in our after church fellowships he would always have a kind word. It is a privilege to have known him.

  10. When I became a CLIM, it was a real struggle for me to say yes to God, but Cecilia badgered me unmercifully, and when roadblocks arose, she went to Moishe, who cleared the path. I will be eternally grateful for his decision, because it changed my life, and I hope the lives of others God was able to touch through me. Moishe was a hero of the faith and an example of excellence. My heart is full.

  11. Moishe, Ceil and I met in 1949, long before JewsforJesus existed in their minds or anyones. Moishe to me was always Marty, Ceil – Celia. I was asked to be his best man at their wedding – which I accepted and hitchhiked from Brooklyn, NY to Denver Colorado.
    I was in the US Air Force (Lackland AF base) at the time we met and we had an affinity towards each other. Over the years we met, our geographical locations being not that conducive to meeting up – but somehow meeting, NJ and CA at various times.
    Marty (Moishe) was a cool guy. He always had a positive attitude, an understanding of people’s feelings, a wanting to help.
    I’m sure that whatever he’s found on ‘the other side’ – he will accept and give it a welcoming smile.

  12. Mr. & Mrs. Eldwyn D. Rogers

    We had not heard about Moishe Rosen’s death until getting the email from Jews for Jesus. We know he will be greatly missed. We enjoyed reading his writngs. However, to be absent from the body for him, is to be present with the LORD. Alice J. & Eldwyn Rogers, retired Baptist missionaries who were 34 years in South America

  13. Nancy Stebnicki

    Dear Ceil, Ruth, Lynn and the JFJ family:

    I want to say how much your family was the picture of the family I would have liked to have had. The genuine love and joy you all had in each others presence was such a blessing to my heart. Moishe was a wonderful man who had a great impact on my life. When people have asked me what were some of the best times of my life – the first thing that pops into my head after my salvation was working for JFJ for the 2 years I did. God did an incredible work in my life then through this ministry and until today some of you are still my favorite people whom I keep in contact with even 26 years later!!! Fortunately, I receive a letter from Moishe about a year go – it was a treasured letter of encouragement.

    I could say so much more – what I will say is that God chose Moishe – and the members that have served JFJ and will continue to do a mighty work through you.

    Love to you all, Nancy Stebnicki and family (nee Skorupa)

  14. I first remembered hearing Moishe speak at Biola over 20 years ago when I was a young college student just starting out in the world. I had grown up with a number of Jewish people around me and had always been amazed at how God worked through these ancient people. I was amore amazed when nearly 20 years later I found out that I had Jewish ancestry. This new found knowledge has given me even more a hunger to see God’s chosen people saved. It has been a pleasure to pray for the BYG campaigns and to see God working in the lives of Jewish people even now. I thank God for Moishe and his love for God and God’s people. His reward in Heaven I’m sure is great and the fruit he has planted and watered so patiently will last for eternity. My prayers are with his family.

  15. To the Rosen family and the Jews for Jesus family. I met Moishe in the late 60s or early 70s at Faith Baptist Church in Tulsa. It was always a highlight when Moishe came to speak. I saw him a few times over the years and was blessed. He was a humble man with a lot of insight.

    This Memorial Day weekend is so appropriate to have a service for Moishe and other soldiers. We honor him as an officer in the army of the Messiah.
    Well done soldier….

  16. Winnie Greathouse

    Dear Saints, I am asking others to be alert and come to the call with me to hold up in prayer the whole group of you at Jews for Jesus. We like you are thankful for such a gift to the church…. but you like me become vulnerable during grief. Remember Moses just buried a loved one right before he dishonored God. I loved your faithful leader,his passing has renewed in me to increase my focus to live for Christ. I call others and myself to pray for your group, be strengthed in faithfulness, unified, trusting whole heartedly and even more filled with wisdom and understanding than was Moishe( hey,, why not, we have not because we ask not) Change is – and I for one will continue to remind others who pray to hold your organization and the leaders up in prayer; that Our Precious Jesus, be honored, be your true Sheppard, your one love, be whom you press hard into, and be the One you desire to please above all others. Then He will be to you your shield and He ill put a hedge of barbed wire( make it electric too) around your organization. That God, whom we belong to, whom we serve will keep out hurtful anything so each of you are protected and draw closer to Him and on another during you season. Grace and Peace.
    W G

  17. Cecilia K. Nichelson

    A great religious leader for the Lord……a great loss for the Jews for Jesus organization…….a great loss to his family and friends! However, he is a great gain in paradise!

    My sincerest condolence and sympathy to his family and to all those whose lives were touched by his writings and his works.

  18. Moishe Rosen had a great impact and a wonderful dry sense of humor in his writings. I enjoyed his articles in the Jews for Jesus magazine and think he greatly touched the Jews and so many others through his ministry. We remembered him with a Yartzeit candle when we sayed Kaddish in our Messianic Synagogue in Bessemer AL. He was loved by many and I know he is full of joy in the presence of the Messiah.

  19. As a gentile working at the Jews for Jesus headquarters shortly after they moved to San Francisco in the early 80’s, Moishe was my boss. His intensity and focus were both intimidating and inspiring. My three years with the ministry made a great impact on my life which I still talk about! He was truly a man with a mission and has left a legacy which will far outlive him – the Lord only knows the thousands who will be in glory because of his ministry!

  20. We heard about Moishe’s home going moments before Shabbat was to begin. I was happy for him, and sad for those of us who are still here… We prayed for the Rosen and Jews for Jesus family, and I will send out a card to them in a day or so. I loved to read his musings – it was the 1st thing I read when the paper came to our home. I was going to email him about his last musing, as it really struck a cord with me…guess it’ll have to wait til I get “home” also.
    His fatherly advise will be greatly missed. Love and Prayers… May The Lord greatly bless the ministry and our Jewish people, b’shem Y’shua.

  21. Over the years, Moishe’s articles in the JFJ newsletter have educated and enlightened, moved and convicted me. They revealed his character, love of the Lord and his fearlessness of what others would say. Through them all, I decided that, since he and I were so much alike, I must be at least some part Jewish. He, and other contributors, showed me their hearts and began my love affair with modern Jewish people, which really came easily following my love for Jesus and His ancestors! I am so thankful to him for following his Lord and will miss him greatly. Blessings to all of you in the JFJ organization. May your tribe increase. Helen Simonsen

  22. Dear Mrs Rosen,
    We remember Suzy and myself the blessed time we spent with you amd Moishe in your house when we come to California for the wedding of Shmuel our Son with Susan Rothbard.
    Personaly I was so impressed by the brotherly love of Moishe, his openess and his transparency opening before me all the “secrets” of the work of the JfJ.
    His life and exemple will be all the time a blessing for my life.
    I am thankfull to the Lord for the fellowship we have with the JfJ in Israel and pray our dearly Father to fill the “empty place” by His presence as the Husband of the widow. Praise Him for His faithfulness in the future as it was, I am sure, in the past
    Ones of “your family” in Jerusalem
    Suzy and Victor

  23. Artis Clotfelter

    Dear Ceil, Lynn, Ruth and the Jews For Jesus Family:
    My husband Len’s response when I told him that Moishe had “graduated” was “Well, I am sure that he will have the Jewish People in Heaven organized now!” Oh how Moishe is rejoicing to be with the Messiah he loved so dearly! And he will never say ouch again. We rejoice with him.
    Moishe was such an inspiration to me. His personal letters, cards and encouragement always came at the right moment and to my amazement he even shared once that GOD was allowing me to do things that he had always wanted to be able to do!!
    And now, our Miracle Working GOD has given me the title “Assistant Jewish Chaplain” at the Veteran’s Home of California with the ability to present my faith in YESHUA!
    Thank you for having shared your wonderful husband and father with all of us. What a blessing.
    David, you have big footsteps to follow. We will be praying for you.

  24. I am a missionary in Thailand and one of the big factors in God’s leading in my early years of knowing Jesus was Moishe Rosen and Jews for Jesus. The interest and love that Moishe showed my husband and I after Moishe spoke in a small conference we organized at our college in the 1970’s always surprised and touched me. Praying for Israel and Jews all over the world began my journey of praying for the nations. I was always inspired to keep “first things first” in the Jews for Jesus publications. After we had our second child, a financial gift arrived from Jews for Jesus – wait a minute! We’re the donors! That really impressed me. And finally, the last time I saw Moishe Rosen when he was a speaker in Portland, Oregon in 2005, while on a Home Assignment, not only did Moishe remember my husband and I, but he inspired me again!

  25. The world has lost a true saint – one so faithful and committed to the calling God put upon him. . . upon us all. May Ceil and his family be comforted knowing their beloved is whole and happy, and that so many have been blessed through the obedience of one man to do the hard thing, to do the right thing.

    Thank you, Moishe, for a life well-lived, a life of service, a life of love for your people. . . for all God’s people. May we all continue learning by your example.

  26. The first time I read an article written by Brother Rosen I was impressed by its spiritual depth. Over the years I have come to appreciate Brother Rosen’s articles and subsequently his musings which provided guidance, wisdom and refreshing to the weary soul. His life was lived for Y’shua and now he is in the Presence of the One who died for him. I pray that the God of all Comfort will comfort his family at this time.

  27. Sheila Miesfeld

    Dear Family of Mosie Rosen & My Jewish Brothers & Sisters:

    I mourn your loss deeply of Mosie Rosen. He was called and anwered the call amid great adversity as a Jew, the called and chosen people of God from the very beginning. We all know Jesus, our Messiah, has taken Rosie to his heavenly home. His work here on earth is done. But he leaves a heritage a firm faith that was not altered, but commendable among his brethern. I have great respect for Mosie and will miss him although I did not know him personally, but through the Newsletter published monthly. Never before have I seen such dedication and obedience to God’s plan of salvation,as I have seen with Jews for Jesus. I know the work will go on until Jesus Himself returns. Thank you Rosie Mosin for making an impact on my life as a gentile Christian, a beautiful life of faithfulness and servanthood. Dear family, thank you that I may continue to be a part of your lives in prayer and as the Lord leads me. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Oh, how comforting to know Mosie waits in paradise for everyone of us. My prayers and my deepest sympathy is with you all. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you, may He life up His countenance upon you and give you His Peace. AMEN

    In Christ’s Love

    Sheila M. Miesfeld
    (sister in Christ)

  28. I have received the Jews for Jesus newsletter for about 27 years. I also receive about ‘half a dozen newsletters from other ministries. Jews for Jesus is the one that ALWAYS prints something that teaches or edifys me, and is the one that I frequently save articles from. I am sure this was because of the direction by Moishe’s of the ministry as he was lead by the Holy Spirit. I also especially appreciated the articles and thoughts he wrote himself.

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

  29. Carl & Yvonne M

    In 1978, Del Norte Baptist Church in Tucson, AZ hosted a Christ in the Passover presentation, which was my first meeting with staff of Jews for Jesus. I became so excited that I wrote to the headquarters to ask if I could come and work for JFJ. Moishe Rosen wrote me a personal reply, gently pointing out that 16 was a tad too young to join the staff. He encouraged my enthusiasm, but explained that JFJ asks its workers to finish college before beginning ministry. However, at college I met Arabs and my husband, and the Lord led us to the other sons of Abraham. Yet Moishe always rejoiced in any ministry for Christ, and kindly wrote us several letters over the years to encourage us. What a precious brother, teaching, mentoring, exhorting and encouraging so many. Dearest Ceil, our prayers are with you and your family. Moishe is rejoicing in the arms of Y’shua, but we grieve for you who are left behind for a time.

  30. Tovah Stockdale

    I am Jewish believer I met Moishe on Pal Talk I just came to know the Lord then. He was happy to Chat with me about the Lord. Then I was searching for someone to mentor and help me because I came from a Orthodox family. He welcomed me and we chatted. Then we just chatted via email he was encourager even till the end. He was alway willing to pray. Even when I told him about my oxygen and he shared he used some too. He was truly amazing man who love Yeshuah and loved sharing his love for the LORD. I can’t wait too see him in heaven

  31. Having worked as Martin’s secretary in the early 1960s in the Los Angeles area, we have many good memories of him and his family. He was very generous and we appreciated all his help to a young couple just getting started as a family. He was a wonderful, Godly man.

  32. I’m sad to hear of this loss to the organization. I am, however, grateful that this man, with the help of the Holy Spirit, chose to begin and develop this group and it’s important work. Bless his family and I pray for all Jews who have come to know Christ and for those who have yet to embrace the messiah. Love, Don

  33. Janice Harriman

    I always enjoyed Moishe’s musings in the Jews for Jesus Newsletter so much. What a vibrant insightful man with a great heart for our Lord! How he will be missed! I will always think of him as a great man of courage! My heart goes out to his family and all of you at Jews for Jesus. We know he will be sadly missed here on this earth as he rejoices in the presence of our Messiah!
    Blessings to all of you,

  34. Molly Fettner Jacob

    I knew Martin/Moishe when he was still using the name Martin. I met him at Beth Sar Shalom, when they had their building at 72nd Street & Broadway NYC. On Sundays when he preached across the street from their building (before services) I would help give out tracts. Then he would invite the people standing by to come to the services. I also remember the wrath of the Jewish people when he had his sign up ‘Jews for Jesus’. He took quite a bit of their wrath.
    Moishe was a hard worker and could think of nothing else but working for our Messiah Yeshua.
    He also was so approachable.
    We reconnected before he passed on to his Heavenly calling, and I’m so glad we did.
    Molly Fettner Jacob

  35. Dear Rosen and Jews for Jesus Family,

    Almost 2 decades ago I was looking for an organization our church could support that presented the Gospel of Yeshua to Israel. I wrote to Jews for Jesus and received a personal response from Moishe. At that time he told me that Jews for Jesus did not have an active presence in Israel, but that even jewish people in Boston, MA represented Israel. So we began to support Jews for Jesus on a regular basis.

    A couple of years later, an office was opened in Israel. It was my pleasure to meet Efraim Goldstein on a trip to Israel, and to become friends with him and his wife Jeannie via mail and e-mail over the years. Daniel, their son, visited our church last year. I owe all of this wonderful experience to Moishe Rosen and his personal response to a pastor of a small church who wanted to get involved.

    May God bless and comfort the Rosen family, and all those in the Jews for Jesus ministry who will surely miss him.


    Les Young

  36. I never met Moishe, but have supported his ministry for many years and considered him a friend. The world is poorer for his passing, but we have been enriched by his life. His humor and compassion were evident in his writings, and he gave this gentile christian an enhanced appreciation of the roots of our faith. Until we meet at Jesus’ feet.

  37. I was a student at UCLA from ’88 to ’93. Seeing the Jews for Jesus missionaries passing out tracts to students and proclaiming that there are Jews who believe in Jesus really made me think and planted a seed in me. Today I am a full-time minister at my church in Hacienda Heights, and I look forward to reading the newsletters from JFJ every month. The book on Y’Shua by Apostle Moishe has affirmed my faith and emboldened me in my witness to everyone, gentile and Jew alike. I am a Chinese woman who loves the Jewish people and the hope we have together in Jesus Christ, because of the work of faithful servants like Moishe and all the people at JFJ. Thank you, Mr. Rosen! Your life has touched a sinner like me and changed me for eternity.

  38. My prayer for the Moishe Rosen family and for Jews for Jesus

    to continue the good works he started.



  39. Nancy Ann Queirolo

    I had the privilege of hearing Moishe Rosen speak at Congress On The Bible, in Washington D.C., in 1987; his topic was, “Evangelizing Gospel Resistant People”. I purchased a copy of the casette tape and have listened to it several times over the years. He spoke the truth, boldly, and lightly enjoyed making his audience uncomfortable with it. It was refreshing then, and more so now, as we seem to be surrounded by preaching/thinking that aims to make us comfortable too much of the time.

    My husband, Ed, and I were very excited to visit a church in Ripon, CA, just last year, as Moishe was the guest speaker. After the service I was able to tell him that he was a hero(of the faith)to me.

    I would like to express my sincere condolences to Moishe’s family and to the Jews For Jesus staff, for your significant loss. Our family will remain supporters of the ministry….that as well we consider a privilege.

  40. Our prayers for the Rosen family come from Yucca valley and the missions team at EV Free. We have been blessed by the efforts of J4J for many years and know God will continuue this worldwide effort! I encountered J4J in college in the 70’s and have had contact since then–our curch has been blessed with Seders and other events. Thank you!!!

  41. I pray to Lord for healing and blessing for the Rosen Family and friends.

    I did not know Moishe personally, but I know of his great faith and work in the ministry for the Lord which has touched and greatly blessed (and still does, and still will bless)us all and countless thousands and millions (We pray so)around the world. Through Yeshua and the holy spirit he was a great pioneer bringing to gospel to Israel and the rest of the world. The Lord has used this man and you all mightily (and still does, and still will, Praise God!)to bring his the message of salvation, especially to Israel. I believe that the Lord is well pleased with this work.

  42. Moishe was such an inspiration and encouragement to all of us “previously wimpy” believers.He is a role model for me and one of the main forces that compelled me forward as a Messianic gentile evangelist.Having volunteered in the
    J4J SF production dept many years ago,I’m thankful to God to have spent time with Moishe and the headquarters family for worship, feasts and other gatherings.I’m so thrilled he now sits at the King’s table and diet concerns are a thing of the past!My deepest condolences to the Rosen family.

  43. What a wonderful witness for our Lord and Savior and Messiah.
    I heard Moise at Seminary long ago in the 1970s. He came several times and was a great encourager to serve Messiah. I began receiving JFJ newsletter at that time and have always read it right away. We praise the Lord for this creative servant of the Lord. The way he used humor and was so creative has been a powerful example and model for all of us in the Church.

  44. augustine barnes

    now he is at rest from his labors knowing the peace of the Messiah Yeshua=== blessed are the dead who die in the L-rd=====shalom ==========augustine barnes johnson—alabama-usa

  45. Julie Pennington-Russell

    I remember Moishe fondly from our family’s days in San Francisco. Ruth, I have been thinking of you today and praying for your family. God put good and lasting fingerprints on this world for Jesus’ sake through your father!

  46. My family and I send our heartfelt condolences at Mr. Rosen’s homegoing. What a privilege it would have been to meet him here. Praise GOD, we will see him on the Great Day of the Coming of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

  47. Praise God that knows Jesus and is with him right now! I love the Jerwish people, as they are so smart and we gentiles thank him for our Salvation thru the Jewish people as they are responsible! Be with the family Lord and thank you once again for the great servant Moishe Rosen!

  48. Sylvia Maltzman

    I am deeply grateful to Moishe Rosen and his family for their committment — their love — for Yeshua, and for their service to Him for so many years. Even though I never met Moishe or any of his family, that love and committment through the ministry of Jews for Jesus have made a world of difference in my life. My prayers rise up for the Rosen family and for their extended family of friends and fellow workers. “Joy cometh in the morning,” please be comforted. Moishe built a strong house, with the Lord’s foundation. It will continue to stand.

  49. We will continue to pray for “his Rosen” family and his extended family, Jews for Jesus, and support Jews for Jesus. Another loss; [sigh], is Y’shua’s gain. Our family look forward to meeting dear Mr. Moishe Rosen and our family with Y’shua Moshiach. Todah, Jews for Jesus! Y’shua Moshiach is G-D of the living and not of the dead. Todah Rabah to extended mishpacha, Jews for Jesus, for your consistency.
    May we say together, Lehitraot!

  50. I am so sorry for the world that Mr. Moishe has departed….but we all know that he is in glory with his risen Lord God our Savior Jesus Christ. Praise God for Mr. Moishe and his family for all his dedication and commitment he has been an inspiration to us in his writings.
    I thank the LORD for His faithfulness in all generation. He has raise Mr. Moishe for our generation. May the Lord comfort your family and fellow missionaries at Jews for Jesus.
    I love Mr. Moishe and his family all the glory to our God. My prayer the Lord blesses Mr. Moishe’s family with peace and love. And the Lord raise up more people like Mr. Moishe for His glory and blessing to the world.

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