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  1. “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16). Moishe believed and obeyed this verse more than many, and as a result an innumerable host of Jewish believers are a harvest to the glory of God. Well done, thou good and faithful servant!

  2. I first met Jews for Jesus missionaries in the mid 70’s They left a lasting impact on my life.
    I am jewish and i know yeshua as my personal savior.
    I am so thankful for the ministry of jews For Jesus.
    God really used Moishe to motivate and evangelize the jewish people. The legacy will live on for eternity

  3. Judi L'Hommedieu

    Thank you, Lord, for Moishe and his unwavering testimony that to be a believer in Jesus was the best way to be a Jew. His life witness was and will continue to be a great source of comfort during those times when my family rejects me because of my faith. Bless Ceil and her children during this time, and wrap your peace around their grieving hearts.

  4. Praise God for such a wonderful teacher and example of Christ like love !May the people at Jews for Jesus continue to serve our Lord with the passion and boldness that Mr. Rosen had for ministry. May God our father continue to protect, guide , and multiply the friends of this ministry. May the Holy Spirit confort the family and all who mourn his passing.In jesus name I pray.

  5. I will miss Moishe’s newsletters. What a courageous, wise, humble, loving man of God!!!!!
    He taught us all so much about discipleship.

  6. Rev. Ted Martin

    With the paradox of joy and sadness, I add my thoughts to this expanding tribute to a man of God, who responded faithfully to Jesus’ call upon his life. I was first inspired by Moishe’s writings when I was in college in the early ’80’s. As I planned a bicycle trip across the United States with an incorporated vision of discovering the wide variety of ministries across the U.S., I wanted to be a part of the ministry of Jews for Jesus.

    Moishe wrote back to me with a hearty endorsement to come and spend the summer of 1984 in the Haight/Asbury district of San Francisco working for Jews for Jesus. I was thrilled.

    The Christmas of 1983, Moishe called my house just to wish me a Merry Christmas. This kind of personal touch left a deep impression on me and shapes my ministry even today.

    Although in the early Spring of 1984 Moishe called crestfallen to inform me that the funding was not available to bring me on for the summer staff that year. He wished there could’ve been a way to do so. Our conversation was brief, but very meaningful. We prayed together and I recognized the absolute sincerity that coursed through this man’s life.

    I praise God for the treasure of crossing paths with Moishe, and to experience first hand his integrity of faith and deep passion for Jesus.

    May our Lord God Almighty hold us all as we mourn Moishe’s death; yet, we rejoice that he is seated at the banquet table with his savior Jesus Christ.

  7. It is a sad day for us, but a glorious one for our brother, who now no longer sees as through a glass darkly, but face to face.

  8. Rabbi Loren Jacobs

    I consider Moishe to be the most interesting and the greatest man I have known. Not perfect (who was or is perfect – except Messiah Yeshua?), but the greatest.
    Lon Solomon said of Moishe: “More than any other single person, Moishe has been responsible for putting the idea of being Jewish and believing in Jesus on the map”. I agree with Lon. Moishe was the most significant evangelist to the Jewish people in the 20th century, and possibly since Rabbi Paul.

    He directly impacted the lives of many Jewish people and Gentiles, and reached thousands and millions more through others whom he trained and inspired.

    He loved the Three-In-One God of Israel. He loved the Word of God. He loved his Jewish people. He loved the Church. He had a laser-like focus for Jewish evangelism.

    He had a large and generous view of Jewish ministry and was willing to cooperate with many denominations, churches, organizations and individuals outside of Jews for Jesus.

    He was unique, with a unique combination of talents and traits. He knew himself and was comfortable being the eccentric person God made him.

    He was wise. He was a visionary leader and master strategist like a high-ranking general in the army of the Lord of Hosts.

    He had a good sense of humor – even at his own expense. He was fun. He was very earthy, yet very spiritual. He knew how to bring others into his enjoyments. He knew how to eat and introduced others to the pleasures of the table!

    He had a great mind and was interested in learning more about many parts of God’s creation.

    He liked gadgets and technology. He was innovative, using new technology to enhance the work of evangelism.

    He was courageous. He chose the hard and meaningful tasks, not the easy tasks.

    He was a gentleman in his personal life and manners, and yet a radical when it came to evangelism. Through courage and creativity and radical thinking and action, he created opportunities for the Good News about Messiah to be proclaimed.

    He was tough, but he was fair. He was a strong, forceful leader, and yet kind, gentle and thoughtful. He was honest and could be very blunt.

    He was generous, hospitable and gracious. Even though I left his employment, he didn’t write me off, as a lesser man might have. He still wanted me to succeed and reach our people. As I was just starting Shema, one of the very first gifts I received was from Moishe (and it was a generous donation). I have never forgotten it.

    He was available for anyone, whenever his time, wise counsel and advice were needed. He related to and cared for so many different kinds of people, from the small to the great.

    He valued organization and administration. He placed a premium on training men and women, and trained a generation of leaders. He was a man of hard work, high ethical standards and personal integrity, and demanded the same from those with whom he worked.

    He was a man of principles. He left a great organization committed to those core principles.

    He was a role model to many, a trainer of many, a mentor to many, a friend of many.

    He loved and enjoyed his family. He was a good husband, a terrific father and grandfather.

    Moishe will be greatly missed – but not for long and not forever! Jim Congdon observed this truth: Even when death’s arrival is expected, its arrival is shocking, and leaves a gnawing emptiness: But God is good. And Heaven is near. And reunion is sure!

    Rabbi Loren Jacobs
    Congregation Shema Yisrael

  9. Shalom!

    I believe Moishe Rosen was a wonderful minister.
    I have never met him but I had a few emails from him.
    God had a great plan to save lost souls through Jesus’s disciples and Moishe Rosen of one of them speaking out word of God according to God’s will in winning lost Jewish souls.
    God is working through Jews for Jesus evangelical activities in this world. Moishe Rosen was like a light house shinning for Jesus Christ.

  10. Lois Link Solberg

    I had the privilege of being a part of the Jews for Jesus staff at the administrative headquarters in San Francisco, a gentile paper pusher for Jesus. I was there from 1984 to 1992. This was the time I grew the most professionally, when I was challenged and drawn out.

    My life was enriched by a greater understanding of the Jewish faith, something I had not fully understood before. Inviting other gentiles to celebrate Passover is still one of my favorite things to do.

    This is important: if it weren’t for Moishe, I wouldn’t have learned to love sushi.

    At times I have faced dilemmas and needed to make difficult decisions. There were three or four people that I have consulted at such times; Moishe was one of them. He was always the first to respond with wisdom, insight, and kindness. I was always so grateful for his responses. I always, always, always could count on him.

    Moishe and Ceil always have made time for me and have always made my loved ones feel special as well. The most recent visit that Dale and I had with Moishe and Ceil last November was as delightful as ever. I just wish Dale could have gotten to know him better — who knows, maybe even my Norwegian husband would have learned to love sushi too!

  11. Condolences to Moishe’s family. What a wonderful home going
    for Moishe but I know the family is grieving. I will keep
    you in my thoughts and prayers. Moishe was a wonderful man.
    He kept the faith even when it wasn’t popular to do so.

    Sue White, Oklahoma City, Ok.

  12. Moishe Rosen and Jews for Jesus has taught me, a Gentile believer in the Jewish Messiah Y’shua, to appreciate and love the Jewish people, believers or not. It was through Israel and the Jews that God brought forth whom I believe to the be the foretold Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. I love Israel and the people of the Bible. By accepting that Y’shua is the Messiah, I have been saved eternally now and forever because of God’s wonderful provisions. That is no small matter to me and my family.

    I was raised in a Christian home where my father taught us the Bible with regular Sunday studies but I fell away from following God when I reached my early twenties. Recently, since around 2005, I re-committed my life to God and got baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit (they are ONE in attributes and purpose!). One challenge for me, after re-committing my life, was to try and understand other viewpoints of people who did not accept Jesus as Messiah. One of the problems I had was trying to understand why the Jews of today did not accept Jesus (indeed, even Jesus said He would be a stumbling block to the Jews). I reasoned in myself that if I could understand a fully completed Jew (a Jewish person who believed in Y’shua) then that would strengthen my faith even more. However, my mind was afraid that I would find good reasons why a Jew should NOT believe! It was until I started reading Jews for Jesus newsletters and pamphlets and reading some of the books they recommended (along with the Bible of course!), that I started to realize that there was no reason why ANY human being of rational intelligence would reject Jesus as the foretold Messiah of the world. Who else could it be and what else did they want from a Messiah!? Of course, it took time and personal study, but Jews for Jesus helped me understand in a deeper and more JEWISH way, believe it or not.

    Because of Moishe Rosen (due to God’s infinite Grace!) and Jews for Jewish, I have a deep and abiding love for God, His Son, and the Jewish people that will NEVER die.

    It will be fun to talk with Moishe when we meet in God’s Kingdom. Come again soon Jesus!

  13. Benyomin Ellegant

    I talk to my 90 year old mother, still, once a week every Sunday. Prior to the Memorial Service, in the course of our conversation, I conveyed that Judi and I were heading out to California. “Why are you going to California”, asked my mother. “Judi and I will be attending Moishe Rosen’s memorial service”, I replied. “Were you still corresponding with that man?” came her reply. Moishe and I hadn’t corresponded for a long time since I’d left the ministry but I was able to tell him before he’d gone to be with the Lord, that God had used him to make an indelible and positive impact on my life. He’d come into my life at a time when I, most certainly, had need needed him. When I’d first met Moishe, I’d already asked Jesus into my life, but after 50+ LSD trips, alienation from my family (not because of the drugs but because of Jesus) and preconceived notions about Christianity, I was one screwed up young man. For one thing, I thought that “being conformed to the image of Jesus meant being conformed to the image of a Gentile. Moishe was quick to attack that perception. At Moishe’s suggestion, I went to Bible College, where, between the past drug use, the culture shock of the school and rejection I was experiencing from the people I loved (my family), I had an intense nervous breakdown which ultimately required hospitalization. During that time, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and I went for four days and nights utterly unable to sleep. When Moishe got wind of what was going on with me, he drove into San Francisco on several occasions from San Rafael, (where he and Ceil were living) to spend quality time with me. Finally, he drove in and got me to a hospital. God has been good to me and, by His grace, I’ve flourished ever since, and ‘though I’ve not been IN the ministry, my heart has always been in perfect sinc with the goals of the ministry. Were it not for Moishe Rosen, I’d probably be dead today, but, instead, Judi and I have been serving the Lord(with varying levels of commitment :-)) for over 38 years since that time. I’m impressed by two passages of scripture which tell something about God’s attitude towards us. In Judges, the Angel of the Lord saw Gideon timidly trying to thresh wheat behind the walls of a wine press, trying not to be seen by the Midianites. The Angel greeted the fearful Gideon with “Hi there, O mighty and valiant warrior”. The Angel saw Gideon, not for what He was but for what he was to become. Jesus saw Nathaniel sitting under a fig tree and addressed him as “An Israelite in whom there is no guile”. Jesus saw Nathaniel for, not only whom he was but whom he was to become. I believe that Jesus takes regular sinful shlubs, (who, ‘though they will always retain some level of shlubiness until glory) and turns them into super-heros. I believe that those rooms where Moishe’s memorial service and the banquet following were held, were filled with super-heros. Moishe Rosen was a super-hero par-excellance, whom God used to recruit and make others into super-heros. When I told Judi this analogy, she said “Yeah… and you got to be Robin”. Blessings to Ceil, Lin, Ruth, Lyn, Alan, Bethany, Asher and the rest of the Mishpocha.

  14. Daniel Richardson

    Moishe Rosen has been a great inspiration to me since 1979. He would encourage young people, such as myself, that were attending Bible college. I repected him a lot for his solid teaching of the word. There is no god comparable to our Creator and the only record of His works are in the Jewish Scriptures preseved by the Jewish people. There is no other God like the God of Israel. As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, word of the provision for sin though Messiah (Christ) was given. That means there is no teaching of salvation that is older than the teaching of the (Jewish) Messiah. In order for a teaching to be true, it has to be true from the very beginning, and the teaching of Messiah (Y’shua) has always been around since the beginning. God has chosen people like Moishe Rosen to bless the nations with His word.

  15. The woman who was “witnessing” to me back in 1969, now Mrs.MIRIAM NADLER, introduced me to her boss at the Beth Sar Shalom Hebrew-Christian Fellowship (ABMJ) in Manhattan … MOISHE ROSEN.

    I got “Saved” shortly after that, worked as a typist there, and traveled with the ROSEN Family and a few friends to San Francisco where the JEWS for JESUS “happened” under MOISHE’s leadership.

    LONG and BLESSED STORY!!!!!!!!!

  16. May the God of all comfort be with the Rosen family and give you strength, peace and encouragement. I first met Moishe at the 1st Behold Your God campaign in San Francisco at the hospitality house. It was after our morning bible time. I remember that he was seated and I was standing- since I am 4’11”, we were face to face. I thought, “Moishe is a larger man than I realized- in mind, body and spirit!” He was a gifted writer, leader and teacher. I was flattered that he said he remembered seeing my name on correspondence.I am so glad to have met him and to be part of the Jews for Jesus family that is his legacy. It is good that Heaven is eternal, for it will take a long time for him to meet all those there who heard the Gospel through his ministry.
    Carol Wilbanks, CLIM Emeritus, Alabama

  17. I read one of his articles”wrong ways to witness”and i was really blessed.he showed how still God can also use our wrong approach in witnessing to bring souls in his kingdom.
    He served God in his lifetime and all i can say is that let his family be encouraged to know that their Father,husband and grandfather has gone to be with the lord in glory and he
    will never suffer anymore!
    Fom Kenya i also send my condolences to Jews for Jesus for losing one of their very own.
    He has finished his race the challenge now is laid for us to see that we also finish ours.
    May he rest in peace!
    To God be the glory!
    Joseph Ndungu,Kenya

  18. Moishe was always so kind and generous with me. I recall meeting him for the first time in 1973, in Chicago, where I was to introduce him at a Jesus rally at Arie Crown Theatre.
    I expected someone bombastic; instead, I met a sleepy man freshly awakened from a nap. Moishe’s exterior hid, then could not hide, a fierce passion to share Yeshua with Jewish (and then all) people. He was always a good influence on me.
    As the leader of a Messianic synagogue in Indianapolis, I am constantly reminded that no mission surpasses that of sharing Yeshua.
    Thank you, Moishe, and all who carry on his work.
    May the Lord grant comfort to Ceil, her daughters and family, loyal staff like David, Susan, J’han, Bob Mendolssohn, Rich Robinson, and more than I can name.

  19. Brother Rosen’s steady focus on witnessing to Jewish people with the gospel, his unashamed stand for Jesus and concern for solid biblical teaching within the body made him a model for many of us in Jewish ministry

    1 Peter 1:8-9

  20. Wow. Dear Moishe, thank you so much for choosing me back in the summer of 1998 to work with you and spend that precious time with you. People talk about a lot about “love”, even believers, but you are one of the few people who really demonstrated to me the true love that never fails and comes only from and in Christ. I could always count on you as a source of encouragement, the kind of encouragement I’ve always needed and never received from my own family. Thank you for teaching me the humility and all-sacrificing love of Christ lived out in a real life. Thank you for being so real. I love you and look forward to rejoicing with you in heaven.

  21. He is gone to his rewards.
    His departure is important to God; he has made a grand transition into eternity- “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints..”
    The Lord comfort his family; they can rejoice knowing that he is resting in the Lord’s bosom, and will be reunited with them in due course- i pray God’s grace upon them to keep the fire burning, in the good work that the Lord has used him to start.

  22. If people would like to see some of the photos from the dinner and the memorial service, they are here on my Flickr site.
    And if you would like to keep any of those, you may do so freely. Click on any one particular shot you want, then above the photo is the menu “all sizes.” Click on that and download whatever size you would like to keep and use onto your computer.

  23. You are in the presence of the Lord God oh faithful servant of God. Your work is completed; job well done on this earth.

  24. Dear Ceil,
    I cannot recall how your ministry first crossed my path, but I am so thankful for the testimony you and Moishe have had and your determination to make the Gospel clear, relevant and compelling to both Jews and Gentiles. It has been a privilege to support your efforts. Please know that I will continue to support you in my prayers and with my resources. I know you will miss Moishe terribly. I also know that “the Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zeph 3:17)
    With kind regards,

  25. Paul & Lynn Mann

    What a privilege it has been to share in the mind for this current generational life of the Messianic pioneer in Moishe! I know he & my Dad shared many rich moments on the streets of Manhattan together back in the 50’s giving out tracts and a message for the Holy Spirit that would/could/should have opened the doors for many lost souls, both Jewish & Gentile. How warm it must have been, once again, for each of them to see not just each other in their new bodies, but also the harvest of their efforts in other souls in which they were able to have planted seed!

    I’m so thankful God enabled me to get to know Moishe as my Dad had too. I enjoyed serving with him more directly within the ministry of Jews For Jesus for over 15 years from 1979 thru 1995 and somewhat intermittently from then until now.

    Moishe, while like my Dad who’d also dedicated his life to Jewish outreach, in that he no doubt aligned to the role of Enoch in Hebrews 11:5 for before being taken “. . . was pleasing to God,” but as we all know, was sure to have actually HEARD the words from God “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful . . .”

    You well deserve your eternal glory & rewards with ALL of God’s saints, and most especially with God Himself, Moishe!! Thanks for being the flagship and our pillar!

    B’Shem Y’Shua,
    Paul & Lynn Mann
    What a privilege it has been to share in the mind for this current generational life of the Messianic pioneer in Moishe! I know he & my Dad shared many rich moments on the streets of Manhattan together back in the 50’s giving out tracts and a message for the Holy Spirit that would/could/should have opened the doors for many lost souls, both Jewish & Gentile. How warm it must have been, once again, for each of them to see not just each other in their new bodies, but also the harvest of their efforts in other souls in which they were able to have planted seed!

    I’m so thankful God enabled me to get to know Moishe as my Dad had too. I enjoyed serving with him more directly within the ministry of Jews For Jesus for over 15 years from 1979 thru 1995 and somewhat intermittently from then until now.

    Moishe, while like my Dad who’d also dedicated his life to Jewish outreach, in that he no doubt aligned to the role of Enoch in Hebrews 11:5 for before being taken “. . . was pleasing to God,” but as we all know, was sure to have actually HEARD the words from God “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful . . .”

    You well deserve your eternal glory & rewards with ALL of God’s saints, and most especially with God Himself, Moishe!! Thanks for being the flagship and our pillar!

    B’Shem Y’Shua,
    Paul & Lynn Mann

  26. What mixed feelings! Joy that Moishe’s pain is over and he is experiencing the glory of Heaven, and sorrow that this world will never be the same without him.

    My heartfelt condolences to Ceil and family, and all the JFJ staff who knew and loved Moishe. His departure leaves an empty place, and I pray God will fill that for each of you in a very personal way.

    I had the privilege of meeting Moishe and Ceil and members of the Liberated Wailing Wall in Holland, MI., back in about 1980. I was there to interview for a job with the organization, and so I got to see a little about its workings. As it happened, I did not accept the job offer (what a difficult decision that was), but always have followed and prayed for Jews for Jesus, and supported it financially when I could.

    Brenda Hall
    Topeka, KS

  27. Frances (Ruderman) Briggs

    After three years of Christian friends witnessing to (and praying for) my husband and me, I came to know Y’shua as my Savior in Fresno, CA, in November 1973 via the Liberated Wailing Wall’s early ministry, when I realized I really COULD be Jewish and believe in Jesus!:-) Four days later I was priviledged to lead my Gentile husband to the Lord, and our lives forever changed. I will always be grateful to Moishe and Jews for Jesus for the incredible blessing of salvation, and living hand in hand with the Lord. Our sincere and heart-felt condolences to Ceil and the rest of the Rosen family, friends, and JFJ staff. ~ Fran and Doug Briggs

  28. I read your news letter every time you send me one.I commend Mr.Rosen for starting jews for jesus.I think it’s great trying to spread the word about Jesus to the Jewish people.Thanks Mr.Rosen for causing this to happen.I’m sure you’re in heaven.You had a good heart and really loved Jesus.From John Martz [email protected].

  29. Moishe Rosen made a profund impression on me and my husband, Dennis. We enjoyed his powerful gospel presentation when we attended a conference in Los Angeles, and I even had an opportunity to share our ministry to Mormons with him.(H.I.S. Ministries International,Sandy, Utah was about ten years ago. From that time on I received many handwritten postcards from his travels, signed simply “Moishe”. I have valued his many books and his sermons that I have read over and over again. We are looking forward in meeting him in the air when the Lord comes to take the rest of us to be with Him in Rapture.

  30. Paul & Lynn Mann

    What a privilege it has been to share in the mind for this current generational life of the Messianic pioneer in Moishe! I know he & my Dad shared many rich moments on the streets of Manhattan together back in the 50’s giving out tracts and a message for the Holy Spirit that would/could/should have opened the doors for many lost souls, both Jewish & Gentile. How warm it must have been, once again, for each of them to see not just each other in their new bodies, but also the harvest of their efforts in other souls in which they were able to have planted seed!

    I’m so thankful God enabled me to get to know Moishe as my Dad had too. I enjoyed serving with him more directly within the ministry of Jews For Jesus for over 15 years from 1979 thru 1995 and somewhat intermittently from then until now.

    Moishe, while like my Dad who’d also dedicated his life to Jewish outreach, in that he no doubt aligned to the role of Enoch in Hebrews 11:5 for before being taken “. . . was pleasing to God,” but as we all know, was sure to have actually HEARD the words from God “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful . . .”

    You well deserve your eternal glory & rewards with ALL of God’s saints, and most especially with God Himself, Moishe!! Thanks for being the flagship and our pillar!

    B’Shem Y’Shua,
    Paul & Lynn Mann

  31. Shannie Szynkarek

    Dear Lynn:

    I’m sorry for your terrible loss ! There are no words to describe the pain your going through! We just wanted to give our condolences to you. We love you, may God Bless You.

    Love Shannie & Jimmy
    Marla, Ryan, and Kevin

  32. It’s funny how Kaddish doesn’t even mention death — as I’m sure Moishe would have whimsically noted. It’s the traditional prayer of Jewish mourners, but it speaks only of how G-d should be glorified above all others, and with words above all that we frail humans could ever utter. I think that’s what Moishe would want as we let him run into the arms of Yeshua. “Let Him be praised! Don’t worry about me; I’m having too much fun to look back! You just keep your eyes on the One with His arms around me now! You run the race for Him until He brings you to where He and I are now.” Yes, Moishe, we will! As we enfold your family in our arms (in spirit if not physically), we lift up praiseful hearts and hands to the Author and Finisher of our Faith, and say, “Yitgadal v’yitkadash Sh’mei Rabba!” — for Moishe, yes, but also for his, and our, Savior and Messiah, the Soon-Returning King!!

  33. Beautiful Memorial Service. Thanks for letting me watch online from Israel, serving on an evangelistic outreach where more Jewish people are hearing of – and turning to – Y’shua as a result of Moishe’s faithful response to God’s calling.

  34. We mourn our loss and rejoice Heaven’s gain!
    May God comfort the family. My prayers are with you.
    Blessings as we serve Messiah together!
    Shell E

  35. Carl and Virginia Gorham

    We extend deepest sympathy to the Rosen family. We are two gentile believers, now in our mid-eighties. We first heard of the Jews for Jesus ministry when The Liberated Wailing Wall came to give a presentation at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in San Diego, some time in the mid-1970s. Their program of music and witness impressed us deeply. We decided right then that we wanted to contribute to the Jews for Jesus ministry. Our contributions have not been large, but they have been steady through these many years.
    We were privileged to meet Moishe Rosen once or twice, briefly, and have heard him give his Christ-centered message. We loved Moishe because of his faithful witness to Christ, the Messiah. We love the remarkable, courageous, dedicated Jews for Jesus teams who have handed out broadsides in many cities around the world. They have often been cursed, denigrated, and sometimes spat upon and attacked.
    Jews for Jesus has been a focus of our prayers for as long as we have known of your ministry. We read the Jews for Jesus Newslatter from cover-to-cover and pass it along each month to a special young man. The articles by Moishe and, now, David Brickner have always been a blessing to us. The messages give us much spiritual food for thought. The Lord created in our hearts so many years ago a love for the Jews for Jesus ministry that has been steadfast and effective through the years.
    We were deeply touched by Moishe’s home-going message. His witness to his faith in Y’shua — the Messiah, was strong, steady, and unwavering. Though we didn’t know Moishe personally, we loved him as a brother in Christ.
    Ceil and the Rosen children and grandchildren; you shall be lifted to the Lord in ouir prayers. May each of you be wrapped in the loving, healing mercy of Christ our Savior.
    We love you in His precious Name.

  36. It may have been my first Promise Keepers event, Minneapolis Metrodome in 1995, where Jews for Jesus had a booth.

    My burden began at that time for Jews to come to salvation in Y’shua.

    Thank God for Moishe Rosen’s example to others!!!

  37. As a former team leader for the Liberated Wailing Wall, the traveling musical and evangelistic team with Jews For Jesus, and a volunteer on two evangelistic campaigns with JFJ, I must say that I was saddened when I received the news that the beloved founder of this great organization had passed. Although he is in a better place now – the best place one could ever be – his unique, quirky humor and depth of wisdom will surely be missed in the organization and by the people who loved and knew him. Moishe was a fascinating man with a passion to reach Jewish souls with the Gospel. He inspired so many – including my parents, Victor and Caren Brodt, who were also on the Liberated Wailing Wall before I was born – to do what seemed radical to many outside observers: compell our Jewish brothers and sisters to face the reality of the person of Y’shua, Jesus, and His relevance to their lives. And, much like the early Apostles, he received heated criticism within the Jewish community, and even outside of it, as his ministry and success grew. God has truly continued to bless this ministry, regardless of what evil may be said or thought about it because the Lord has not forgotten His love for Israel and her people, and He never will. Thank you, Moishe, for being the one who was willing to stand in the gap for our Jewish brethren! May you now enjoy your everlasting peace and joy with Him!

  38. My daughter, Susan Paige Saunders, a staff member of Jews for Jesus as an artist/illustrator introduced me to Moishe Rosen several years ago. Through the years since, through Paige, I’ve learned about a good, kind, generous person that found greatness cementing the ties between Jews and Christians. My respecful condolences go out to his family and the members of the movement he fathered.

    Percy Saunders
    Summerville, SC

  39. Brenna Lawrence

    I have been so blessed and encouraged by God’s ministry to proclaim Salvation in Christ through Moishe Rosen and the whole Jews for Jesus ministry. I am a saved Gentile who grew up in a Jewish suburb outside of St. Louis, MO. I have lived in the bay area of CA for 44 years. God has given me a great love for the Jewish people and to see them come to Salvation in Christ. May God continue to greatly bless the work of Jews for Jesus to bring many to Salvation and to make mature disciples in The Lord. I plan to be listening online to the service. I am sorry I cannot be there.
    God Bless all of you and your efforts to preach the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior.
    In Christ, Brenna Lawrence

  40. elizabeth skladal

    Moishe Roisen and his daughter have been to our church (First Presbyterian)in Anchorage. I vividly remember the first time I heard Moishe Rosen speak. His dedication to bringing Jews to the realization that Christ is the true Messiah was truly inspiring. As a result, I have followed the progress of Jews for Jesus for many years and have read his articles in the Jews for Jesus newsletter. A great Christian leader has gone to be with God. He will be missed tremendously!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family as they go through the grieving of this wonderful man!

    Elizabeth Skladal
    Deacon, Elder, and former leader of the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Chirch

  41. Moishe was a visionary pioneer for all of us who are proud to say we are Jewish and belong to Jesus our Messiah! I met Moishe and Ceil and their children while I was attending Fuller Seminary in 1978. Meeting him and coming on staff for a period of several years was the beginning of my appreciation for my Jewish roots after taking cover in the church for eight years. I have never been the same and now as a pastor I bring many of the perspectives I gained by being a part of Jews for Jesus and knowing Moishe, to the local church. There was a time when people used to say, “Jews for Jesus who ever heard of such a thing”, but today much of that stigma is gone. We are here to stay and we are proud of our heritage as Jews in the Messiah. Moishe was a large part of that change and I am forever grateful to him for that. Thank you Ceil, Ruth, Lynn and Alan for sharing Moishe with me and all of us.
    God Bless and Love, Marty Reitzin

  42. Neil and Jamie Lash

    Eternally Grateful to Moishe Rosen: The year was 1989 and Moishe was in the Fort Lauderdale Area on ministry business.
    We visited with him in his hotel room, and he questioned us about our Messianic Jewish television program known then as Love Song to the Messiah. We had been doing TV for a few years and really needed guidance, but there were few people available to give us any.

    Moishe did not hesitate to give us his advice. Three of the things he shared with us that day had a profound effect on our ministry. First of all, Moishe told us that we needed to go to Israel to tape footage for the program. We were shocked and told him so. How could we ever afford to do that? We had never considered the possibility. He proceeded to tell us that we should change the close of the program to include a shot of the Western Wall, both sides (men and women), with some sort of idea of Jew and Gentile, male and female becoming one in Yeshua. Then Moishe told us that Love Song to the Messiah was too long a name, and we should consider a shorter name that would be more catchy for the Jewish person perusing the TV guide.

    We followed Moishe’s advice, and changed the name of our ministry from Love Song to the Messiah to Jewish Jewels, We went to Israel to tape segments for the program (which Moishe, with the approval of his Board, graciously helped fund), and taped the close of the program at the Wall. To this day, pre-believing Jewish people watch Jewish Jewels because they love to see the segments taped in Israel. The close of the program continues to make people cry, and we have been told time and time again to never change it!

    We are convinced that hundreds, if not thousands of Jewish people, are in the kingdom today because of Moishe’s input at the beginning of our television ministry. We were so blessed by his concern for our little ministry, and by his love and generosity in helping us to be more effective witnesses to our people.

    There was one thing that Moishe suggested, with a very serious look on his face, that we did not do. We remember him saying, “Our Jewish people are very savvy viewers, and very visually oriented, so if, as you age, you need to have some work done on your face, or some color put in your hair, do it! (OK, NEIL never did anything with his hair!)

    We mourn the loss of this great man of God, along with the entire Messianic community, and pray for the comfort of the Ruach Hakodesh for the entire Rosen family and extended mishpochah.

    With love in the Messiah Yeshua,

    Neil and Jamie Lash
    Jewish Jewels
    June 1, 2010ƒa

  43. Someone else wrote it best in this tribute: “Well done, good and faithful servant”. I’m sure when Jesus embraced Mr. Rosen as he came into His arms, those were His exact words. I ordered at Easter this year Mr. and Mrs. Rosen’s book CHRIST in the Passover. It was wonderfully written and I learned so much about Jesus in the passover! if you haven’t read it I recommend it highly. May God Bless the Rosen family at this time and as I extend my condolences I pray that all Mr. Rosen’s teachings continue to find new Jewish believer’s in Christ.

  44. Bonnie and Marshall Mink

    Ceil, Lyn, Ruth, your family and the entire Jews for Jesus family:

    We want to express our deepest sympathies at the loss of dear Moishe. We count it a priviledge to be his supporters, pen pals and friends since 1983. Please know that you are all in our prayers. We’ll be watching the service online today and will be with you in spirit.

    May Jews for Jesus continue to honor his memory by witnessing to the Jewish people to receive Y’shua as THE MESSIAH!

    From your “Goy” friends in Jesus

  45. My warmest condolences to the Rosen family. Moishe Rosen was and still is an example and inspirator for all of us who are concerned of the eternal salvation of Israel. Zichrono LiBracha!

  46. John A MacDonald

    Dear Ceil and family,
    Please excuse my absence from Moishe’s service. My problem is not communicable disease but just the ravages of age. I am proud of my fellowship with you good people. No doubt Moishe deserves all the honors ascribed to him. God gave him a great role in the ministry to Jewish people and others of us. Lots of love, John

  47. As I, along with a myriad of other friends, grieve Moishe’s passing from this earth, God continually reminds me that his welcome into glory has to have been quite extraordinary. Of course, first there was the loving arms of His Savior. But then I can see him surrounded by the many, many souls who were first introduced to His kingdom through Jews for Jesus.

    On a lighter note, Moishe and I shared a mutual love for licorice. Not many weeks before God called him home I got one of his kind and thoughtful notes with some licorice enclosed. Never did a treat mean so much!

  48. Gillian Crowley

    What a glorious reception this marvelous and profound saint had and continues to have as he enters God’s presence and Home. My deepest condolences to his family who will surely miss him during this temporary separation. My prayers are with you during this bittersweet time. Moishe was such a blessing in my life many years back as I came to terms with my own Jewish heritage on the heals of God’s radical salvation of this wretched sinner back in 1989. Moishe and the wonderful Jews for Jesus organization he formed was instrumental in God’s plan to cause me to fall in love with and grieve for His people, most of whom are so far from their own Shepherd (my own family included unfortunately). I will miss Moishe’s musings and look forward to one day meeting this incredible saint face-to-face when I join him in our mutual Home.

    With love in Messiah our King,

  49. anne way thuita

    As a family here in kenya we send our heartfelt condolences at Moishe Rosen’s homegoing.What a privilegde it would have been to meet him ,but i know we will see him again.We love jewish people and especially jews for jesus for this great gift of the messiah.Thank you for the monthly news letters that we receive right here in kenya,i know that being connected to this great commission (jewsforjesus) my life will never be the same.We loved Moishe Rosen, but God loved him more.

  50. Denise (Popovich) Dawson

    I can only imagine, as Moishe comes face to face with the Lord, hearing the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I thank the Lord for the man he made in Moishe Rosen. A man that stood firm and was a rock for truth. I thank Moishe for basing his decisions in life on the word of God. That was his measuring stick. That foundation was used when he was willing to marry my husband and I. Two gentiles under a chupa. His gentleness and kindness enabled us to not only marry in the timing of the Lord, but with his blessing, literally as he said, “May the Lord bless you with the blessings of a Christian marriage”. Seven years later and six children later, I wanted to write (being over 40 by then), please Elijah, pray the rain would stop! We’re exhaused! Years later, seeing Moishe and sharing my heart with him, how motherhood had brought me in touch with reality. He said how he thought perhaps the ministry had made a mistake in not having more children in their families, that there would be more in the coming generation to spread the gospel. From reading his letter, I see it was something still near to his heart. His wisdom I will never forget. My family often hears me saying, “I remember Moishe saying….” about so many things. Truths I have carried from training for the streets of New York into everyday life. Like, if someone does not acknowledge the word of God as that, there is no point for discussion. Or, we are here for the seekers, for those who the Lord has prepared their hearts. The others, we can only hope to show them where they are in their thinking, challenge them in their thinking. I loved how he said, “We take God seriously, but not ourselves.” He was a spiritual father to me in many ways. In my heart, Jews for Jesus has been more a family than a ministry. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to share in Avodah year and a New York campaign. The zeal and the passion for the gospel of Jewish believers helped strengthen me in my knowledge of the Lord. I came to understand more fully that I truly do worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our family celebrates Passover every year as we celebrate Jesus our Passover another fruit of my time with JFJ. One thing that always impressed me about Jews for Jesus ministry is that as a gentile I always felt we were all one in Christ Jesus. If ever there was a reason to be separately identified it was for the sake of the gospel. In New York I could not wait to get up every morning to see what the Lord was going to do. That summer was one of the highlights of my life. I felt like I was reliving the book of Acts: Jews taking the gospel to Jews. I saw that being Jewish and believing in Jesus meant giving up much more than a gentile might be asked to give up. To turn to the Lord sometimes means turning your back on your own family. A painful reality I have since had to choose to do myself. My Jewish family’s example being an encouragement that sometimes that is what has to happen trusting the Lord with the outcome. I have much to be thankful for in my memories of Moishe and the work God was faithful to accomplish through his faith. My husband Chris and our children at home, Faith and Ben, send our love and prayers to Ceil,Ruth, Lyn, Alan, your children and grandchildren and the Jews for Jesus family. It is exciting to think of the joy that Moishe has now, in the presence of our Lord.

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