Rachel M., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun 

Let me tell you about my awesome tribe leader, Baby Carrots. One thing that’s pretty obvious is thatBaby Carrots2 she is in love with baby carrots. I was surprised about some facts I learned as I got to know her. For example, I found out that her favorite part of camp is pool time because she gets to relax and have fun at the same time, which I think is pretty awesome! But that isn’t her only favorite thing about camp. She loves to worship the Lord in Tabernacle, especially when we sing the song “Prince of Peace.” 

Did you know that she also loves activities? I found out that her favorite is archery because she loves the feeling of getting a bulls eye. Since the Bible is very important, I wanted to know one of her favorite books and learned that she loves Matthew because of all of the amazing stories of the life of Jesus from beginning to end.

Everyone loves being at camp, but I wanted to know her outside as well. Baby Carrots just passed her EMT test and loves being able to help people. I think she is great!