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Camp Gilgal East Junior Camp (June 30 – July 13, 2013)

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The Next Generation Chooses God

(Joshua 1:9)

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

The Gilgal Gazette is published by Camp Gilgal campers for Camp Gilgal campers and their families and friends!



Tribe of Asher: Mariya A., Naomi W., Nena K., Penina S., Rebekah C., Sonic, Bologna

Tribe of Benjamin: Asher W., Daniel C., Elliot A., Ephraim L., Gavyn R., Josiah O., Long Shanks, Wolf

Tribe of Naphtali: Abigail O., Alyssa C., Liora S., Naena D., Simona B., Nature Valley, Watson

Tribe of Simeon: Aaron C., Alex J., David K., Ethan M., Isaiah H., Swank, Starfox

Tribe of Zebulon: Elie W., Hannah K., Netanya W., Rachel M., Baby Carrots, Anonymous

Tribe of Levi: Beardo, RedSox, Scooter, Sneezy, Strings, Twister

Auxiliary Staff: Fresco, Heart


Fun Days

Backwards Day According to Gavyn

Gavyn R., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin

Backwards Day started out when my tribe leader Long Shanks woke us up to get dressed because it was time for Mission Impossible. That’s right, we played MI in the morning! Long Shanks was talking like a general and calling us soldiers and it was really exciting. We were running around searching for clues and avoiding the spotters armed with silly string. Our tribe got caught a few times and found most of our clues. We had to catch our breath a lot of times and in the end Simeon won.

Once MI was over, it was time for breakfast and we were super hungry. My tribe walked to breakfast and stood at lineup backwards – a trend the other tribes picked up through the day.

At pool time Long Shanks swam backwards and even pretended to take a breath under water! I ran backwards during Tribe versus Tribe competitions and also I got to search for a whistle hidden in whipped cream – I got second place representing my tribe.

Backwards Day even meant that we had FOB (Flat on Bunk) in the morning before lunch, but Long Shanks and Wolf seemed to appreciate it. Instead of starting the day with Tabernacle we ended it with Tabernacle! In Tabernacle we have been studying the book of Joshua. My favorite morning the staff acted like a machine showing Israel’s history of slavery. Backwards Day was super awesome and I hope that we do it again next year!


Penina S., Age 10
Tribe of Asher

As I stare at the target and pull back the string, I can feel the powerful strength rise in my arms. I let go and I can feel the arrow slipping from my fingers. I can feel and hear the arrow hitting the target with a ping. Bulls eye!

Archery, yes! I love it! It is a great sport to learn and participate in. Archery is a great sport to learn because it helps with patience, self control, and safety. The way it helps with patience is because you have to wait a lot. Patience helps with self-control. You have to know what to do and when to do it, therefore you need self control. Archery helps with safety because you need to be safe with the equipment. Archery materials can be used against someone as a weapon, so you have to use them correctly or else it isn’t a good camp activity.

In archery, we get to play archer’s games. We also get to shoot on our own. In one of the games we play, we have to try to hit and pop the balloons taped to the targets. In the end, almost all of my arrows hit the target. So, that is part of the reason that I like archery so much, but I like seeing that I can get better with practice.

Fourth of July

Josiah O., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin

During the Fourth of July we went to mid-rim and did campfire there. It was nice to have campfire in a different spot and in a place where we could see the fireworks of the areas around. We sang campfire songs and Nature Valley did a devotion for all of us. Then we went to edge of the lookout and watched fireworks. There were green, red, yellow, and orange fireworks. Then everyone walked back to their cabins and went to bed. During campfire everyone had a great time watching fireworks and singing songs. This was a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July!


Alyssa C., Age 12
Tribe of Naphtali

Basketball is a fun activity we do here at Camp Gilgal. It is located in the gy. On some days we would use the outdoor court and play a game of basketball. The game goes up to a certain number of points and we would play boys versus girls or split up everyone into different kinds of teams. If you are a basketball lover like me, I assure you will love this activity. Playing basketball can build new friendships by working together as a team.

Other options when playing basketball is that the rock wall activity is going on at the same time as basketball. The activities share the gym so if you got into rock wall and wanted basketball you could still play. And if you got into basketball and you wanted rock wall you are allowed to climb the wall.

One more thing that is great about basketball is that when you play on the outdoor court, you can also go on the playground if you finish early. Basketball is a fun activity that lets you bond well with others and have a friendly competition.


Elliot A., Age 11
Tribe of Benjamin

Boatin’ is very fun. When I went boating I had it as my third activity right after FOB. We met every day near lineup and walked across the street using road procedure and hiked a short while to the lake. When we got to the lake we got out the life jackets and paddles (out of the closet) and took the canoes off the rack. Then we divided into teams of two or three. Excluding the last day, all campers that were boating had to have a staff member on their boat at all times. The staff members that supervised the activity were Wolf, Scooter, and Twister. After getting the boats on the lake, we paddled around and looked at fish and the lake floor. After about 50 minutes we put the life jackets, paddles, and canoes back where we got them from and hiked back up to the road. We made sure we had no ticks, crossed the street using road procedure and went to wash our hands. We had a BLAST every day in boating. It isn’t something that you always get the opportunity to do and I’m really glad that it was part of my first summer at Camp Gilgal!

Fun-Plex Fun Park!

Nena W., Age 11
Tribe of Asher

For our field trip at Camp Gilgal we went to Fun-Plex Fun Park! It was REALLY fun! We played mini golf and that was ok. It might have been more fun, but the day was really sunny and hot and we were having a hard time being into it. But after we finished and ate lunch, we each got two tickets. These tickets allowed us to ride different rides at the Fun Park. I went go-carting for both tickets. The first time I went, I was REALLY scared because I thought I would be bad at driving but I eventually got the hang of it and wanted to go a second time.

On the first time and the first lap I went around, I was in first place until I crashed and broke a metal strip. Luckily, I landed in a pile of tires. I had a smooth ride after that. On the second time nothing really interesting happened, because I had a better idea of how to drive. After every tribe gathered by the parking lot, we walked across the parking lot, we watched the male staff race each other. Swank won. Then the female staff raced each other. Nature Valley won big time. Last but not least, we got back into the bus and got ice cream at an ice cream parlor. I got orange pineapple and it was really good. After that we went back to camp and got ready for Fashion Disaster Night. Fashion Disaster Night is what it sounds like. We dress like fashion disasters. This was a great field trip, a great theme meal, and a great day!

Horse and Israeli Day

Rachel M., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulon

Today was horse day. An amazing day filled with horseback riding and so many other great things. I rode a horse called Macey. We went through the woods and down to Sunrise. Controlling the horses was a little hard, but you get the hang of it at the end.

My favorite part was the lady let us go and I got to ride by myself. I felt sababa!

Also we had Israeli Day. We did awesome activities like go Israeli dancing, and of course, horse time. We even had Israeli figs and dates. It was tov ma’od!

Our Awesome Tribe Time

Naena D., Age 11
Tribe of Naphtali

A few days ago we had an awesome tribe time! We went with our tribe to the team building spot. What we did there is the type of thing where you trust your tribe mates. What we had to do was get a partner, which in my case was Simona, and we each stood on a tight rope and held hands and we had to shuffle down the line and try not fall. It was so much fun! I loved it!

I was terrified at first, and so was Simona, but while we were doing it, it got kind of easier. So if you go to the team building spot…be prepared to have fun! Something else we did was called the Wind in the Willows. What we had to do was get in the middle of a circle and everyone pushes you around. It’s fun but you have to trust everyone. I’m so glad that our tribe likes each other so much, because it made this activity a ton of fun.

Outdoor Adventure

Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali

The day is wet and overcast. Two campers and three staff members set off to start their outdoor adventure. “Today we will be learning about the water shed,” Nature Valley, a tribe leader announces. She goes on to explain about erosion, the water cycle and how soil helps filter water.

The group continues on, wading through thick wet sloughs of grass. They pass the pond and turn left onto a little side road. After trudging through more puddles and mud, the group comes to a dilapidated cabin.

Starfox wants to go in, and before he opens the door, Watson queries, “Is there a rocking chair inside?” As the door swings open, the group crowds around, eager to see if there is, in fact, a rocking chair. The group piles in, and in the center of the room there is a rocking chair. A wood stove also dominates the center of the room. The beams of the ceiling are exposed, and Roman numerals are scattered all over the beams.

Everyone wants to know how Watson knew there would be a rocking chair in the cabin, even though none of them had ever been there before. Watson says the she has seen enough shows on television to predict what they would see inside.

As the group further explores the cabin, they find dust coated windows, thick spider webs covering the corners of the window, and dead bugs and the window sills. As the group exits the cabin, they see a very run-down shack, and they dub it, “Ye Old Creepy Shed in the Woods.” They also dubbed the cabin, “Ye Old Creepy Cabin in the Woods.”

The first day of outdoor adventure was very interesting. This is a great activity and it helps me have a great time during my first year at camp.


David K., Age 12
Tribe of Simeon

There are many astonishing undertakings in Camp Gilgal. As a veteran camper, I nearly know all about the activities. One of my favorite is rock wall climbing.

As you can realize, the objective of the sport is to climb a wall which is full of rocks that are arbitrarily organized. I favor this activity because not only does it strengthen your body, but also your brain by using critical thinking about how to strategize for climbing the wall.

This year I completed (with a harness and a helmet) the wall with a record of 30 seconds. This is why I like this activity. It was a great chance to learn and grow and trust God!

Water Wars!

Alex J., Age 12
Tribe of Simeon 

At Camp Gilgal you think how do we do this or that? When you arrive it’s an amazing time, but one activity that you would never think of, which is so surprising, well, before I give you the answer here’s a hint: you get soaked! DidWater Wars2 you get it? WATER WARS! It’s a shocking, fun, and has a little spritz of adrenaline. Also, you end up having a great time, but great times have to come too and so this summer I would totally go to Camp Gilgal for a chance to have fun. It is so good to know that there is relief from the summer heat in such a fun way. 

In the war some things that are provided are some water guns, water balloons, tribe leaders, and yourselves. If you put it all together you get a great time and fun getting soaked! 

On Friday before Shabbat we were in our cabin during tribe time and suddenly you’re smiling having so much fun, and wet out of the wazoo. I love that there are always surprises at Camp Gilgal!

Horse Riders

Gavyn R., Age 10
Tribe of Bejamin 

This was my first time on the trail ride at Camp Gilgal, because you have to be ten years old to go on the trail. When you are younger than that, you still get to ride but just in the ring. 

WHorse Riders2hile I was riding on the trail the two horses in front of me freaked out from hearing a mocking bird. I was watching the horses in front of me as they jumped up with their front legs. They were going nuts! It was only a moment. They calmed down.  It was really good that the horse workers were there, they kept everything fun and safe. The mocking bird sounded like he was signing “Neigh, neigh.” It is cool that birds can make that noise, too. I liked horseback riding and I hope to do it again next year.

Drama Games

Drama Games2

Rachel M., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun 

My first week at Camp Gilgal, I chose to do Drama Games. Anonymous and Sonic were with us. We had way too much fun with it. For example, we played late to work, the party game, taxi, freeze, honey if you love me, etc. 

I really enjoyed this because I love expressing myself. The funniest thing I did in Drama Games was pretend to have a heart attack while playing freeze. These activities let me exercise my dramatic side and have so much fun. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

A Field Trip to Fun-Plex Fun Park

Ephraim L., Age 8
Tribe of Benjamin 

One day we went to Fun-Plex Fun Park. It took one or two hours to get thereField Trip2, I’m not sure how long it was, but I really like the bus rides! When we got there the first thing we did was play miniature golf with our tribes. We got up to the seventh hole before we had to skip ahead to the eighteenth hole—because that is where we returned our equipment. It was really nice to get to skip to the end because it was such a hot day. 

After that we had lunch. For lunch we had sandwiches, chips, and juice—this was a great treat. Next we drove go-karts around the track at 20mph. It was so hot and we got there by bus. On our way back we sang songs about movies like Mulan, then thankfully we took an ice cream break. The kind of ice cream I had was pineapple orange. When we got back we had to FOB. My favorite part of the day was driving go-karts. But the ice cream and FOB were both great reliefs, too.

Israeli Day

Israeli Day2

Elie W., Age 9
Tribe of Zebulon 

Why is this day different from the other days? Israeli Day is different from all the other days because we do not do our everyday schedule. We do Israeli customs like sing Israeli songs, speak Hebrew, and eat traditional Israeli food. I ate dates, figs, pita, and hummus. We sang while we danced traditional Israeli dances. I had a great time! You should come to Camp Gilgal because every day is different and fun!

Wipe Out

Asher W., Age 11wipe out2
Tribe of Benjamin

There was a big bump. I fell over on the air-bag. I was off the track. I felt like throwing up. Don’t worry, I was having a great time. Man! I was at Fun-Plex Fun Park on a fieldtrip for the Fourth of July. It was AWESOME!!

But maybe I should explain and back up a little bit. I was on a go-kart track, in my go-kart and I was having an amazing experience. My tribe leader, Long Shanks, was unfortunately going crazy. He was having so much fun on the go-karts that he forgot that he actually does know how to drive. The light turned green and we were off. I was in the middle, right behind Long Shanks. This how it went for a while. Finally, I took the lead. There was a big bump. I fell over on the air-bag. I was off the track. I felt like throwing up. Long Shanks was off. The force of the blow had knocked me backwards, shoved me off the track, and lastly…had wrecked my smoking broken go-kart. MAN! Go-karts were intense, but there were great staff and the equipment kept us safe on the go-karts and on numerous other attractions which included awesome bungee jumping, wacky basketball and much more. In the long run Fun-Plex Fun Park was an awesome place for a field trip.

Crazy Nights


Mariya A., Age 12Campfire2
Tribe of Asher

I really like campfire. During campfire we worship God and learn lessons about Him. It’s great because while we sing, we show motions that go with the songs. Then we pray. My favorite camp fire song is “Baby Whale.” It’s fun to sing that song because there are a lot of motions to it. After the songs one of the staff shares a devotion from the Bible with us. One of the campfire talks was by Long Shanks. It was about the armor of God. Ephesians 6:11 says, “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” I liked it because it helps me to know that God is protecting me and tells me how to stand strong in Him.

Capture the Degel

Naomi W., Age 11
Tribe of Asher

Capture the Degel is one of the most fun games you can ever play at Camp Gilgal. This game is just like “Capture the Flag” but it’s a little different and a lot more fun. The way this game works is you split into two teams, then both teams hide their degel (flag in Hebrew) where the other team can’t see it. Once the degel is hidden, both teams try to find the other team’s degel. To win the game, there’s a twist: when you try to find the degel you also have to try not to get tagged by the other team.

I’ve pCapture the Degel2layed this game so many times. This year I ended up almost getting the degel, but my friend who runs really fast, Asher, tagged me before I could grab it. Me and my friend Rachel, we thought of a plan to distract the degel guards and then sneak past them in separate ways and end up getting it. But that didn’t work. The whole thing was intense and really fun. But in all the game was one of my favorites and I can’t wait for next year to play it again. This game is my favorite because it is a team sport and because I get to run around and get rid of a lot of extra energy. This game is amazing!

Counselor Hunt

Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali

Introducing….Counselor Hunt! A wookie, an ostrich, a fox, wild boar, howler monkey, fox-face bat, fainting goat and many more animals/counselors gathered at sunset road to play CounseloCounselor Hunt2r Hunt. As each of the staff is introduced, the campers rapidly whisper and remark among themselves.

As the staff disappear into the woods the campers grow antsy with anticipation. The whistle blows, and they are off running through the woods in search of counselors. Campers find Swank in a tree, Long Shanks running everywhere, Sonic behind the two iron pillars, Scooter behind a tree, and many more counselors in different places.

In order to win counselor hunt, the campers must bring the counselors they find back to Sunset. However, this is not an easy task. As with the character of their animals, a fainting goat must faint, an ostrich must run, and a sloth must be slow. The campers have to put great time and effort into the task of bringing the counselors to Sunset.

When all of the counselors have been found, the game is ended and campfire begun. Though very tiring, Counselor Hunt is an exhilarating all-camp activity that is fun to play.

Movie Night

Hannah K., Age 10
Tribe of Zebulon 

For Movie Night we watched Wreck It Ralph. We bring our sleeping bags and get sMovie Night2nacks. Then you get comfortable in your sleeping bag. The lights turn off and everybody gets quiet. The movie starts.

You can sleep while Movie Night is going on because it is pretty late. I love Movie Night. It is very fun. I didn’t know it was Movie Night until the movie started. The surprises make camp lots of fun. When I saw the words on the screen I knew it was Movie Night. It is exciting, fun, and really chill. That’s Movie Night.

Talent Night

Talent Night2Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali 

Talent Night is always fun. Each tribe performs a skit, there are a few other acts, and we do another activity afterward. This year, the tribe of Simeon did a skit about Jericho, Asher did a skit about Cain and Abel, Zebulon did a skit about distractions that keep us from God, Benjamin did a skit about Daniel in the lion’s den, and Naphtali combined their devotions theme with the story of the Good Samaritan. Each tribe performed wonderfully, the audience got a few laughs, and everyone had fun. Anonymous and Netanya performed the Cup Song, and Wolf and Alex performed another song. Last, but not least, Isaiah, Alex, and David performed He-Nay-Ma-Tov with their new dance. 

Talent Night was successful and everyone had a blast! It was a great recap of our time at camp!

Theme Dinners

Theme Meals 2Netanya W., Age 9
Tribe of Zebulon

For one of our theme dinners we had Animal Night and you can be any animal you want. So I was a cat and my whole tribe was too. It was a lot of fun. My sister was a dog and it was fun. There is more than one theme dinner. Another of them was Fashion Disaster Night and it is when you throw on any of your clothes and there are more such as Backwards Night. But I don’t want to give too much away, you will find out if you go to Camp Gilgal!

Life at Camp Gilgal

Scooter’s Cabin!

Scooters Cabin2Josiah O., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin

Scooter’s cabin is so ‘clean.’ How do I know? Well, he doesn’t have to have cabin inspection, so his cabin must be super super clean. But I thought that I saw his suitcase bursting! His shoes are askew, his clothes are tossed like salad, his bed is a kerfuffle, and almost everything is messy. So if you ever want to clean your cabin really well, “ask Scooter.”

P.S. Don’t follow Scooter’s instructions! Maybe Scooter’s cabin is such a mess because Scooter’s days are so so busy!

Advice for a New Camper (from a New Camper)

Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali 

Every first-year camper needs to know what to bring to camp. Here is a list of things to bring and why you should bring them: 

A lot of socks: Socks get wet easily and it’s always nice to have a new pair. Advice for a new camper2

More clothes than you think you need: It might rain, and don’t forget about laundry day. 

Bug spray: You will be spending a lot of time outside, so the more the spray, the better. 

Sunscreen: Sunburns are nearly inevitable, and lather it on during pool time! 

Random costume items: You never know when there will be a themed meal, so prepare! 

I hope this information has been of use to you, and good luck with your first year of camp! I’m loving mine!


Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali 

In the beginning of camp, your tribe will work together to make a degel (flag). This degel will have the symbol of your tribe on it and all of the signatures of your tribe meFlags2mbers. You will carry this degel to breakfast, lunch, dinner, tabernacle, and other places.

Degel stealing is still happening here at Camp Gilgal. For those of you who are new here, if your tribe leaves its degel at the dining hall, Tabernacle, or anywhere else, it can be stolen by another tribe. If another tribe steals your degel, your tribe has to earn it back. This year, the tribe of Benjamin stole two degelim: one from Asher and one from Naphtali. Asher had to earn their degel back by cleaning up the tribe of Benjamin’s table after meals for one day. Once that was done they got their degel back. The tribe of Naphtali had to earn their degel back by writing and performing a song that sang the praises of Benjamin. 

Don’t let other tribes steal your degel! You can easily earn points by bringing it to Tabernacle and other places, so don’t forget your degel!

Food at Camp Gilgal

Rebekah C., Age 12
Tribe of Asher

We eat thrice daily. We walk down to the dinFood at camp gilgal2ing hall. Then, we line up in our tribes outside and wait to be invited into our meal. They pick the tribe to enter the dining hall first that has the best line and is the best behaved. We sit at our round table and wait to say the blessings.  We chant prayers as we thank God for the food we are about to consume.

First, on my favorite days, for breakfast we have turkey bacon! Next, for lunch we have hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cold water so we can stay hydrated. Finally, for dinner we have square pizza and we have to have vegetables for dinner. And we have much more awesome camp food.  Some camps have bad food and some school have bad food, but our camp has great food!

Dodgeball and Tribe Time

Daniel C., Age 8
Tribe of Benjamin

Dodgeball and tribe time2For tribe time we played dodgeball against Starfox’s guys. We ducked but still lots of people got out. We lost two first rounds and then we won the other three rounds. They won the other round, and then we won the other two last rounds. So, overall we won the whole thing!

After this, we went out the door and back to our cabin and it took a pretty long time and my legs got tired. Then Elliot forgot his hat at the gym and it took him five minutes to get back and then we went back to the cabin, so the walk was even longer. Thankfully this was the end of our day so we could be in our cabin for the night. So we talked a lot and then went to bed. I had a lot of fun playing dodgeball and I hope I can do it again.

Advice from a Veteran Camper

Rebekah C., Age 11Advice from a veteran camper2
Tribe of Asher

I have been in camp for five years and I would like to give you some veteran advice. You will probably like to bring extra clothes and not so many dress clothes because we are outside a lot. Having a Shabbat outfit or two is good, but don’t bring anything too nice. Also bring clothes for theme nights, and extra socks and underwear. Also we do very fun activities and sometimes you get dirty from them, so you shouldn’t forget to put your dirty clothes in your laundry bag so that the ATLs can wash them on laundry day. And remember your tennis shoes when you pack for camp because you can’t do much without them. For the fun activities you almost always need your sneakers and long pants. Oh, and don’t forget your Bible! That is some advice about camp.

Life Without Tech: Can You Survive?

Ethan M., Age 11Life without technology2
Tribe of Simeon

At Camp Gilgal you can’t have technology because it ruins the experience. Even if you could use technology you would only have time during FOB or after lights out. All other times we are eating or doing other activities which are more important and much more fun. So it is probably a good rule.

Even heat waves can be survived without technology. You just need a hat and shade. Also find something to fan yourself with. At night when it’s dark you can wait for your eyes to adjust then you will be able to see again. You cannot play with computers at camp but it’s okay because you can play with balloons or do water wars. And that’s how to survive. If you decide that camp can be fun anyway it will be a great time for you!

Memory Verses

Memory verses2


Penina S., Age 10
Tribe of Asher

“And now, O Israel,” chants my tribe. We are learning the memory verses together. We are learning Deuteronomy 10: 12-17, 20-22. The prize if all the campers learn the verses is that we get to pie the camp director and assistant director (Twister and Red Sox) in the face. We learn the verses during our free time. Sometimes, we learn them together. A good time to learn the verses separately is during FOB. During FOB we have to silently lay/sit on our bunks for 45-60 minutes. Also, for learning the memory verses, we get points. If we get a certain amount of points we get to go to the end of camp party. Most of us, including me, want to pie the directors in the face. Thankfully, I am done with my memory verses.

Point Bar

Penina S., Age 10Point Bar2
Tribe of Asher

In camp this year, we have a point bar. This is my first year at camp, so I think that this is an important thing for brand new campers to know about. This bar decides if a tribe will be able to go to the end of camp party. This year each tribe has to get 15,000 points. It is not as hard as it seems. There are jack pots (memory verses, Gazette articles), and there are some smaller things (cabin inspection, Hebrew,  and craft). We also get points for remembering to bring certain things to activities and meals. We get a few points for bringing our degelim (flags) to breakfast and dinner. We also get points for bringing our Bibles to Tabernacle. The point system is a very good way to encourage us to do certain things that we usually wouldn’t do on our own, like cabin clean up.

Things You Might Need for Camp

Abigail O., Age 12
Tribe of Naphtali

When you show up for Camp Gilgal, don’t just assume things about how the weather will be. Be prepared for rain, sun, humidity, and lots of mosquitoes. Also be ready to do activities in all sorts of weather, such as archery, soccer, basketball, hiking, and boating. Be sure to bring a water bottle for hot days and an assortment of rain gear for overcast days and never forget your sunscreen.

P.S. An optional item for super scorching days and on the bus going to camp is the “O2 Cool Fan.” It’s like a water spritzer with a fan attached to the top. I can tell you, it is a lifesaver. It makes your life a lot easier, but it can also help your fellow campers when they get desperate in the heat. You can get it for around ten dollars at hardware stores or CVS Pharmacy.


Netanya W., Age 9Bugs2
Tribe of Zebulon

One day I was going to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my friend Hannah said there is a bug so I looked at my sweater and there was a big bug on me! I threw my tooth brush and my sweater and toothpaste to the side and I looked and there was the bug and it was dead. It was on the other side of the bathroom. I felt surprised because it was dead and on the other side of the bathroom. I threw my toothpaste at it and I brushed my teeth. Then me and Hannah went to our cabin. There are lots of bugs at camp because we are in the woods, but camp is just such a great time that it is still ok.

Tribe Time

Mariya A., Age 12
Tribe of Asher 

Are you ready for fun? Here in Camp Gilgal, we have tribe times. Tribe time is my favorite part of camp. During tribe time, my tribe and I played team buiTribe time 2lding games in the woods, painted our nails, and got ready for Shabbat. My favorite tribe time was when my tribe played team building games. One of them was All Aboard. My whole tribe had to stand on a wooden board and sing “Row Row Row Your Boat.” If one of us got off of the board we had to start over. By the way, the wooden board was SO small that my tribe had restart about seven times. Eventually, we got it. After all we were so happy because we couldn’t do it before. This made us feel really good about working together and made us feel closer as a tribe.

New Camper Advice

Naena D., Age 11
Tribe of Naphtali 

Hey! Are you getting ready to come to Camp GilgalNew camper advice2 for the first time? Let me give you some advice.

When you get to camp, don’t be scared of the tribe leaders. They are VERY fun and they always accept you. All camp activities are fun and keep you involved. 

If you start to get homesick, just talk to your tribe leader. They help emotionally and they also make you laugh. 

At meal times we sing two blessings in Hebrew. On the first day or two listen very closely so that you know them by the third or fourth day. 

My favorite song at camp was “Mayim Mayim.” We learned that song in Hebrew class. It has a lot of repeating words so you can also learn it really quickly. 

We choose our activities each week.  We have to do craft and Hebrew as it is mandatory. 

Camp is REALLY fun, so be prepared for an AWESOME experience!

Cabin Clean-Up/Inspection

Simona B., Age 11
Tribe of Naphtali

Are you a neat freak? This is the perfect time of day for you! By the name of this article you have probably figured out what I am going to be telling you about so be prepared for the intensity!

Cabin Clean Up:

After breakfast, there is a cabin clean up. As you probably know, this is a time to clean up your cabin. Make sure everything is perfect or else….

Cabin Inspection:

This usually takes place before lunch. After everyone is done cleaning and done other activities, some “out-of-cabin staff” look at your cabin and mark it. The results are then revealed to your tribe at lunch.

Some popular phrases for cabin inspection are: INFRACTIONS! This means mistakes or trouble areas in your cabin. Another phrase is: ASKEW! This means that something is crooked. There is also: TOSSED LIKECabin Clean up and Inspection2 SALAD! This means something was just thrown! Literally TOSSED LIKE SALAD!

Some extra stuff:

Literally, extra stuff! If you want to get extra points, write a nice a note. Make presents! Do a scavenger hunt! Be creative!

Scores are given in percentages. 100%, 95% and 90% are great scores! 85%, 80% and lower are…not great. Okay, but not great. Aim for the best because…CABIN INSPECTION ROCKS! (So does cabin clean up!)

Camp Gilgal Family

Interview on Anonymous

Rachel M., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun 

My favorite part is worship because I love seeing campers being able to worship the Lord. As a younger camper I looked up to the people who got to lead worship and I hoped that one day I would be able to lead people in worship, too, so you could say that Tabernacle this year is a dream come true. I love worshiping the Lord with my voice and so leading worship is amazing. My favorite song is “You Never Let GAnonymous2o” and “Hine Ma Tov.” I really like being reminded that God doesn’t let go of us and that it is a good thing for brother and sisters to be together in unity. 

But, I don’t only like Tabernacle. My favorite activity is Drama Games. This activity lets me see campers use all of their creativity and it lets me see how God made each of the campers different and how He created them with different talents and interests. 

My favorite story in the Bible is Ruth. I like it because it shows Ruth choosing to follow God even when she had to leave her home. I’m about to leave my home, too, so this is a great reminder and encouragement to me.

Tribe of Simeon Bio

Our tribe of Simeon is awesome! The campers in our tribe are caring and brave. We have five campers in our cabin. We are the oldest tribe of men. We have an extremely veteran cabin. The tribe members are Alex, Izzy, DTribe of Simeon Bio2avid, Ethan, and Aaron. The tribe of Simeon is the most looked up to because we are the oldest, but even though we do have responsibilities it is fun meeting new friends and getting into more of a relationship with Jesus.

The tribe leaders are Swank and Starfox and we enjoy playing dodgeball. We all play different types of sports. We get into different competitions with the other tribes. David is the oldest of the tribe. He loves wrestling and rock music. His favorite sports are soccer and basketball. This is his fourth year in Camp Gilgal. Isaiah is also known as Izzy and he is the most experienced of the tribe. He likes listening to rap and pop music. His favorite sport is soccer and this is his fifth year at Gilgal. Aaron is the third oldest in the tribe. He likes foosball and Pokémon. His favorite sport is baseball. This is also his fourth year as a Camp Gilgal camper. Alex is the newest camper of Camp Gilgal in the oldest tribe. He is the second oldest and he likes to make sure he always has the right gear and clothes for what is happening, whether it is soccer or Shabbat! And then, Ethan is our resident Canadian. He likes Creepy Pasta and Minecraft. This is his fourth year. This is our tribe and we’re great!

Sonic, the Complete Opposite

Hannah K., Age 10
Tribe of Zebulun

Sonic is one of the tribe leaders. But, she is not my tribe leader. Sonic is very fun and I love her. She is new in East Camp Gilgal. She was a camper for five years at Midwest Camp Gilgal! Sonic is only fast when she runs. When she’s doing anything else she’s very slow. When she was making a bracelet she took 15 minutes picking out the colors and I don’t even want to tell you the rest! I know that bracelets don’t take that long to make because I was making one at the same time. But, that’s Sonic.

She says that her name is Sonic because she was born with spikey blue hair. Sonic is a kind of video game. Her favorite Bible story is Acts 16:16-40. It’s about Paul and Silas when they were in jail and there was an earth quake. The jail broke but they didn’t go anywhere. The guard then believed in God. She likes it because there are explosions, singing, praying, and somebody coming to faith. Sonic is great and maybe she will be my tribe leader in a future year.

The Life of Naphtali

The Life of Naphtali2What do our five campers + two tribe leaders =? Together they form … Naphtali!!! We are Simona, Naena, Alyssa, Abigail, and Liora! Simona is 11 and loves to sleep! Naena is 11 and likes being awesome. Alyssa is 12 and is very clutzy! Abigail is 12 and very artistic and has many bug bites. Liora is 13 and loves to read and hike. 

Our tribe leaders’ names are Watson and Nature Valley. Nature Valley loves…well, nature! She loves insects, animals, and plants. Watson loves sleeping (like Simona) and loves Sherlock Holmes, especially Dr. Watson. 

During tribe time we like to paint each other’s nails and play games, such as Apples to Apples. We especially liked the team building exercises when we did the low ropes course.  Over the course of camp we have developed new friendships with our cabin mates and we hope to stay in touch over the course of the year.

Swank: The Legend

Aaron C., Age 12
Tribe of Simeon 

At age ten, one of Swank’s tribe leaders, Firefly, inadvertently called him “Swank the legend2Swank.” The name stuck and when Swank grew up he used that name for himself. Swank’s favorite color is sky blue-pink. It may seem like an odd color, but to him, it’s not. 

Swank’s favorite type of ice cream is mint chocolate chip. All of the tribe leaders get to share campfire talks and when Swank gives a camp talk it would probably be about God’s plans. They do not always make sense at first, but they always work out because God is good and knows what He is doing.

Swank keeps his real name as a precious secret, but if it was ever found out, well, he would cry. Swank is a veteran tribe leader, two years East and two years Midwest. In his four years at camp his secret has rarely slipped. 

Besides Swank’s secret identity, Camp Gilgal has captured his heart with the campers, games, and atmosphere. He hopes to serve in a similar capacity for years to come.

Zebulon Tribe Bio



We are Zebulon and we’re so fine, our beautiful hair will blow your mind: with Hannah and Ellie, Rachel and Netanya. One you meet us you’ll be saying, “They’re sababa.” These are the lyrics to Zebulon’s Anthem. Our tribe is composed of Baby Carrots who is our Tribe Leader, Anonymous is our Assistant Tribe Leader and our campers are Hannah, Ellie, Rachel, and Netanya. We are known as the party tribe and enjoy dance parties, dubstep, making it rain, and just plain having fun. We also love learning about Jesus all day every day.

Baby Carrots

Rachel M., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun 

Let me tell you about my awesome tribe leader, Baby Carrots. One thing that’s pretty obvious is thatBaby Carrots2 she is in love with baby carrots. I was surprised about some facts I learned as I got to know her. For example, I found out that her favorite part of camp is pool time because she gets to relax and have fun at the same time, which I think is pretty awesome! But that isn’t her only favorite thing about camp. She loves to worship the Lord in Tabernacle, especially when we sing the song “Prince of Peace.” 

Did you know that she also loves activities? I found out that her favorite is archery because she loves the feeling of getting a bulls eye. Since the Bible is very important, I wanted to know one of her favorite books and learned that she loves Matthew because of all of the amazing stories of the life of Jesus from beginning to end.

Everyone loves being at camp, but I wanted to know her outside as well. Baby Carrots just passed her EMT test and loves being able to help people. I think she is great!

The Tribe of Benjamin 2013

Tribe of Benjamin2We call ourselves “The Wolf Pack.” We are Daniel, Ephraim, Gavyn, Elliot, Asher, and Josiah. We are all part of the pack and the leaders of our pack are Long Shanks and Wolf. Long Shanks is funny and awesome. He tells funny stories and he loved bumping people when we rode go-karts on the field trip. Wolf is hilarious and awesome and he is great at soccer and dodgeball.

On the fourth day of camp, Starfox and the tribe of Simeon ambushed us with water guns during tribe time. We fought back with water balloons and super soakers and had an awesome time.  We are crazy, awesome, and energetic. Camp Gilgal 2013 was an amazing two weeks for the men of Benjamin!

Tribe of Asher

Tribe of Asher2

Our tribe is fun. The name of our tribe is Asher and we are all different. Penina likes math and music and is very smart. Mariya likes to draw, is very nice, and loves basketball. Rebekah loves soccer very much as well as other active sports, and she likes to draw too. Naomi loves sports, dancing, and singing and she is very funny and chill. Nena likes the color pink, likes to swim, is noisy, and likes music. Bologna loves to sleep during FOB, her favorite meal is the waffle breakfast and she is good at doing hair. Sonic likes to sing a lot, she plays frisbee, and she also trips a lot. All of our unique personalities in our tribe make us interesting and super awesome.


Isaiah H., Age 12Swank2
Tribe of Simeon

Have you ever wanted to know what type of tribe leader you should hope for at Camp Gilgal? Well, my tribe leader Swank is amazing and funny. Swank is amazing at basketball and he is never mean. Swank looks like Jesus. He has that long brown hair and the face like Jesus. He got his camp name because a tribe leader named Firefly started calling him Swank! I wish I could have Swank every single year. If you hear Swank say, “I will be your tribe leader for the next two weeks,” you better prepare for the best two weeks of your life!

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