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Camp Gilgal West Teen Camp (July 17–23, 2016)

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“Therefore, if anyone is in Messiah, he is a new creation; old things have passed away . . . all things have become new.”  2 Corinthians 5:17


The Gilgal Gazette is published by Camp Gilgal campers for Camp Gilgal campers and their families and friends!


Campers: Angela A., Bella B., Corey W., DanMain pageiel P., Elijah Y., Elizabeth E., Fiorella M., Isaac H., Josiah C., Laney P., Madi H., Mekerah P., Michael K., Monique L., Nathan B., Paula L., Sarai M., Sophia M., Taliah S., Zoe N.


In-Cabin Staff: Cricket, Ewok, Google, Heimlich, Pippin, Sauté, Snapple


OutMain page2-of-Cabin Staff: Streetlight, Yamaha


Special Guests: Moose

Camp Gilgal Family

Chalet Two, the Place for You

Chalet 2Sarai M., Age 15

In my opinion, Chalet Two is big. Chalet Two is nice. So now I am going to ask some of the other occupants what they think of their accommodations. Laney thinks… wait, she knows that Chalet Two is the most posh chalet/cabin she has stayed in yet. I must say I agree, although I wish the bathrooms were bigger. 😛 Monique thinks the bathrooms should be bigger as well and really likes the people in it. Yah, that’s probably because I am in her cabin. Mekerah likes the inside of Chalet Two. Madi says it doesn’t stink so that’s a bonus, right? Paula is thankful there aren’t any bugs, and who isn’t? Monique, yah, that’s right she likes most bugs. Elizabeth thinks Chalet Two is awesome or cool, she can’t decide which. Snapple thinks it’s phenomenal. Cricket thinks it’s excellent and Taliah says, “I really love Chalet Two. I feel like I am in a small chapel and what I really like is that I can prop my pillow up when I sleep because normally I can’t do that.” Anyways, in case you haven’t already noticed, Chalet Two is awesome, Chalet Two is great, Chalet Two is comfy and in its shelter, we stay up late.

Just Ask Google

Paula L., Age 14

Google, who describes himself as a “weird” person, likes to snack on yogurt-covered raisins. He has been participating in Camp Gilgal for his whole life. His favorite hobbies include “adventurous stuff,” and additionally, writing music Googletheater, and talking to people. The camp name “Google” came about when Google stated many random facts when he went to camp, and the name stuck. His favorite Google fact is, “The Hudson River isn’t actually a river when it hits Manhattan.” I asked Google, “How intelligent would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10,” and his answer was -5. I asked my cabin to the same question, and they rated Google with an 11.

When Google is in the room, the mood brightens, and faces smile. Zoe describes Google as “fun, very smart (literally), and very sneaky.” Everyone in Chalet 3 thinks Google is funny. Streetlight says Google is “a fantastic guy, he’s funny, and loves campers.” Yamaha has known Google for “not long enough” and says he is a “fine gentleman, and disorganized. He hangs awful art on the wall.” Yamaha says one is of pigs, and Google is kosher… Pippin says, “I think we have a pretty steady friendship…not too awkward…” Ewok says he is a “very cool guy.” As you can see, Google is a much loved, appreciated tribe leader at camp.

Please Send Febreeze: Tales from the Lone Boy Cabin

Febreeze2Isaac H., Age 14

There are legends of the mighty feats of male campers in their cabins. Camp Gilgal is blessed with a great variety throughout the years, with the young and old. But this year we had to settle for a single cabin, a lone band of men, to make up for the lack of glory. There was work to do.

Our crew consisted of seven gentlemen and three staff. Michael and Josiah, the Las Vegas super athletic super duo, had returned from last year, along with Elijah, the Sasquatch, Corey, Daniel, the Southern Sweetheart, Isaac, and a fresh addition, Nathan B. Our first duty was to adjust to each other’s needs: Ewok set boundaries for us as the CHIEF tribe leader and Heimlich banned us from his bunk. It was tough.

We needed to recruit some security and authority as well. Captain Pringles Johnson, of the Pringles National Guard, stepped right up and took his post. Our cabin was free of chaos under his cautious gaze. All of us reveled as a result of Johnson in our cabin. Unfortunately, all outstanding things must come to an end, and our Captain was no exception. Johnson began losing Pringles at an unexpectedly quick rate until he rattled no more when we shook him. The cabin was devastated. No one was more saddened than our new member, Nathan. “He was a good man,” sobbed Nathan at his trash memorial. “He was a chip off the ‘ol Pringles can.” Regardless, we had to move on. Our cabin had changed after his death immensely: funny sounds at night, smells in the toilet, and an overall shoe smell in our living area.

We made the most of it thouFebreezegh. Our commons sounded endlessly and made much laughter. Our staff imparted wisdom upon us when we asked and we listened intently. There was nothing that could stop us. Through it all we were bonded like sticky glue. We were the Lone Man Cabin.

We had made it.


EwokMichael K., Age 14

This year I’m writing about Ewok. I have known Ewok since my first year of camp. Ewok has been staff for six years and has gone to camp for eleven years. Ewok loves to hang out with all the campers. When he’s at junior camp his favorite activity is Capture the Degel, and when he is at teen camp, the activity he likes to do the most is the ropes course because he can spend his time in the trees. When I asked what he enjoyed eating at camp he said, “Candy.” Outside of camp he loves eating sushi. His favorite color is blue. He enjoys hanging out with dogs more than any animal in the world. His favorite movie is O Brother Where Art Thou. He enjoys reading text books. That was his response when I asked him what his favorite book was. His favorite camp song is “I Am an M” and his favorite worship song is “Rising Sun” by All Sons and Daughters. What I love about Ewok is he’s extremely hilarious and is a great leader. These are one of many reasons why Ewok is one of my favorite tribe leaders at Camp Gilgal. Thank you Ewok for being my tribe leader this year.

Chalet Three: A Blessing to Be

Gabby G., Age 14

Chalet Three is an awesome cabin to be in! We have such a good time together! My favorite things we have done are probably our night devotions and FOB (Flat On Bunk), aka “naptime.” I love that we give each other fashion advice and do each other’s hair. Our cabin is truly a blessing to be in.

Chalet 3This cabin includes six amazing girls. We all get along and never fight. According to Angela, Zoe is energetic and fun. Her good friend Sophia likes doing the splits and talking about surfing. Fiorella is creative, fashionable, and sometimes can be a bit quiet, but once you get to know her, she’s super nice! Angela can also be quiet but at times she can also be opinionated. Bella brings life to our cabin with her social, sweet, and loud personality. And of course there’s me, whom Sophia describes as quiet. I don’t know why!?!

Sauté and Pippin are our tribe leaders. They are super exciting and fun! Together they are making camp so enjoyable! Sauté (pronounced s­o­­­­­­­­­h-tey) is steady and keeps us organized. She is also practical and really kind. She’s also bright, cheery, and very competitive. Pippin is spunky and Chalet 3-2very laid back. She is super good at doing hair. I firmly believe that our cabin has the best hair. Both amazing tribe leaders work together to keep us happy and safe.

The layout of our cabin is where both walls are lined with bunks. The carpet is maroon with an imprint of letters on it. Beautifully, the lighting is really bright because there’s lots of windows. We also have lots of wind circulating because we have air conditioning and two fans, which is super nice for a cabin. In the middle of the room there is a big mattress we use as a couch and really enjoy the extra space!

Together we are able to get things done quickly and efficiently. I asked Sauté how we do it. She said we get it done with teamwork, which is very true because each person has a job and we all work as a group. I’m personally glad we have cabin inspection every day because without it our cabin would be a mess. With everyone helping, cleaning isn’t that bad, and it can actually be fun!

Chalet Three was really fun to be in! I’m going to miss the girls so much! The cabin wasn’t too cramped and it never got too hot or cold. Each person adds a different aspect to the cabin. Chalet Three was definitely an unforgettable cabin and a blessing to be in.

Life at Camp Gilgal

Sticky Fun at Campfire

CampfireLaney P., Age 14

If you cannot tell by the title of this Gazette article, I will be writing about campfire. When I think of camp I always look forward to campfire because of s’mores and worship music. Now I will be asking other people what they like about campfire.

So my good friend Sarai said that she loves the s’mores. No wait! Just kidding, she changed her mind, she likes the testimonies because she is fascinated by their stories. Next I will be asking Pippin what she likes about campfires.

Pippin’s answer was she loves worshiping the Lord and watching the flames. She also gave an extra fact on how she likes her s’mores. Incinerated!

I did a vote on how people like their s’mores. Golden brown won. The score was 8 to 6. I, as a burnt fan, am truly offended. In the wise words of Pippin, “Burnt is where it’s at.”

After interviewing some people, I noticed that we have mostly similar opinions on campfire, except for how we like our s’mores. Other than that we all like worshipping the Lord together as a camp family.

Pool Time

Nathan B., Age 13

Pool time is about being with your friends and having fun and most people like playing with beach balls. My favorite part is to hang out and swim. Some people Pool timelike to suntan and lay with their friends. Some people like to go to the deep end and hold their breath underwater. Some people do not like to be in the water. My favorite part of pool time is when I jump in for the first time. But before you can go in the pool, there is a swim test so they can make sure you can swim so you can go in the deep end. Some people like to be on the floatie and flip each other in the water. Some people’s favorite part of pool time is cooling off after a hot day. There also is no running in the pool area or they will blow the whistle. My favorite part is the cold water and I also like to put on sunscreen so I do not get burnt by the sun. Some people like to sit and talk. People like to take naps by the pool. The lifeguards are nice. They are helpful if you have questions. They will answer them.

Panel: Thrilling Talks

Madi H., Age 14

During panels, campers will get cards and ask questions anonymously to the staff sitting in the chairs. The staff will talk abPanelout the questions in depth and explain how they can be good or bad. For this year’s panel, Ewok, Cricket, and Snapple were the ones answering questions. One of the questions was about how to talk about God in front of your friends. Another question was, what age is appropriate to date? Monique, when asked, said, “It’s a good way to ask questions anonymously.” We do panel because we can ask questions that we might not be able to ask parents, friends, or other family. “The panel is very informative,” Mekerah said. Zoë thought it was quiet and very helpful. Almost every question asked during the panel was answered. At least nine questions were answered and Streetlight was able to help out some as well.

Cabin Inspection

Cabin inspectionAngela A., Age 13

Cabin inspection is every day. Our cabin has to be super clean. All beds have to be made, the floor has to be clean, and everything has to be organized and straight. No trash can be in or around the cabin. Even if there is one little wrapper, that counts as an infraction. Your sheets and bedding have to be tucked in perfectly and no wrinkles. We have 45 minutes every day to clean the cabin. Sometimes our cabin wakes up an hour early to start. It is really hard to get a perfect score. Gabby says that cabin inspection is kind of annoying because it takes a while. I like cabin inspection because it feels nice walking into a clean cabin. Everyone has to work together to clean. Everyone makes their bed and helps other people or help organize. Because of cabin inspection everyone has to get ready fast so that we can have extra time. Our cabin got a perfect score only two times.


TabernacleTaliah S., Age 15

For me Tabernacle is one of my favorite parts of camp! I don’t think that there is anything about Tabernacle that I don’t like (except the memory verses). I interviewed one of my fellow campers, Bella. The first question that I asked her was, what is your favorite part of Tabernacle? She replied teaching. This is very relatable. Streetlight, who did all the teaching this year, is very, very good at teaching. I asked Bella, what are we learning about now in Tabernacle? She said, “Paul, and how he transformed into a great person after being a murderer.” Paul had an amazing life. He is such a large role model for how even the most unlikely people can change. What I have learned over the years is that many people do not find Tabernacle time to be enjoyable or even significant. I asked Bella a question about a very important part of Tabernacle, the Sh’ma. I asked her, “What do you feel the Sh’ma means to us as Jews and believers?” She replied, “Why do we even sing the Sh’ma? I don’t know.” This is something that is recurring more and more rapidly amongst young Jewish people. Bella is not alone in her confusion. We are all losing a great part of our Jewish identity. I think that Camp Gilgal and especially Tabernacle time is vital to us as young Jewish believers. In conclusion, I love Tabernacle.

A Week in the Life of a Camp Gilgal Teenager

Daniel P., Age 14

A week is a long time in the life of a teenager, so try to imagine what happens when God puts a bunch of them in one place… with NO electronics. Life at Camp Gilgal is a wonderful thing, and those of us who get to experience it are truly blessed. In this article to all you future campers out there, or even veteran campers, I’m going to tell you what happens in the weeklong life of a teen camper. Every morning starts the same, at 7:00 am. We are awakened by the loud, and long, blast of the shofar. We are then told by our cabin staff, although noLife as teen3t all of us listen at the time. We then get in the showers and get dressed, and once we have all done that we start to clean the cabin until the whistle is blown. Once the whistle is blown, we go down to the mess hall to get breakfast. After breakfast, we go and clean the cabin in preparation for cabin inspection. After we are done with that, we go down to the Tabernacle for worship, and a quick message.

After Tabernacle, we then head over to a certain activity for the day, which could include the giant swing, low ropes, high ropes, and the rock wall. When we are finished with our adventure activities, we go back to the mess hall for some glorious lunch. When we first get into the mess hall, we hear from Ida Schmutzstein, this year’s cabin inspector. After lunch, we go back to our cabins with specific instructions on what to wear/bring. When the whistle is blown we go to the “Lone Tree,” whicLife as teen2-1h is a regular tree that just isn’t around other trees. We are then told what our next activity is, which could be pool time or some other activity. After that, we then have free time, in which we can do whatever we want with a staff member with us. After free time we get ready for dinner. After dinner we are then for a second time given instructions on what are we going to wear and bring. When the whistle blows, we then go to the Lone Tree, and we start… the night games.

If you don’t already know what those are I will explain. The night games are an amazing thing, where we play games such as Capture the Degel, Wells Fargo, and icebreaker games. Then after we have an amazing night we return to the cabin for a good night’s rest, and the best part is that we get to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Now that you know what we get to do in our weeklong camp lifSlip n slide2e, I’ll let you hear from an actual camper. I asked veteran camper Isaac H., “What do you like about camp life?” He replied with, “Well, I like the fact that I get to get away from all the stressful things in the world today.” I think that that says it all to be honest, and I hope you will too when you get to camp next year.


DevosSophia M., Age 13

Sit down and listen. God brings our cabins together to praise Him. This allows us to talk and discuss the different questions that float within the human mind, giving us an idea of the greatness the Lord has done in each individual life. This activity that we partake in allows us to appreciate the love the God gives us. Today I got to ask Bella B. her opinion on devotions. She replied with, “They are great,” and, “I enjoy discussing with the staff.” This portrays that the impression of devos leaves the camper with confidence and courage to go out in the world knowing the Lord is with them and in their hearts. God continues to work through our hearts and gives us the knowledge to seek Him out through our challenging lives and world, giving us a new perspective from where He sees our challenging lives that we must continue to fight through. So coming together in our cabins allows us to continue to see God’s glory work through our lives, and overcoming challenges with others allows us to pursue the love the Lord gives us. In the end we are brought together to see the love God has towards us.

Slide, Slide, Slippery Slide!

Isabella B., Age 13

Walk on over to the humongous slip-n-slide at Camp Oakhurst. After asking Heimlich how long the slide was, I received an estimate of 100 yards. The slip-n-slide had two objectives: have fun, and slide up to the grass. And mighty tribe leader Heimlich did both. The slide was long and kind of like this ~~~~~~. So as you can see, to reach the grass, you have to have great skill and a good tube. Heimlich said his favorite tube was Slip n slidethe tire because that’s what took him to the “edge” or grass. I asked Heimlich what happened if you touched the grass and he said you got a prize and he got peanut butter cups. When going down the slide, Heimlich’s preferred method was in tandem with Snapple’s tube. When picking a tube, you should pick one with lots of air and handles. Then the person working should spray you and the tube with lots of water. Then they should put shampoo on the tube to make it faster. Then you should get some speed and jump onto the slide holding the tube by the handles. You should also try not to turn around. Until next year, I’m slipping off and you should too.

Verses of Memory

Verses of memoryElijah Y., Age 13

2 Corinthians 5:17-21: “Therefore, if anyone is in Messiah, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here.” Another start to another memory verse at teen camp of 2016. This year brought a verse of the benefits and responsibilities in our lives as believers. The first half of the verse has to do with the fact that when you believe in Messiah, you become a new person and that God has reconciled the world to Himself through Jesus, and would not count sins against people. Because of this, as it explains in the second half, we as believers are to spread this message of reconciliation to those who haven’t received it. This is because “God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” In order for others to become this righteousness we must be “Messiah’s ambassadors.” All in all, it is a very important verse to know in relation to why it is important to spread God’s Word. When I asked Streetlight the reasons behind choosing this year’s memory verse, I learned it was because it summed up the lessons in Tabernacle. This year at Camp Gilgal teen camp 2016, we learned about Saul’s transformation into Paul and his journeys through Philippi, Ephesus, Galatia, and Corinth. We learned about the churches he founded in each place and the letters sent to each later from Paul on how to be stronger believers and things that the churches needed to fix.

Games and Adventures

Gaga Ball: One of the Scariest Yet Most THRILLING Games in Existence

Mekerah P., Age 15

In the past at teen camp, there will be a night when the campers will be escorted to a court of some sort to play a glorious game of dodgeball. On Monday night, campers were told to put on bug spray, close-toed shoes, and long pants, before being led to a basketball court, where nearly every camper assumed the game of dodgeball would commence. Just try to imagine the surprise when we walked through the court and continued on into the words around Camp Oakhurst.

Gaga ball2Eventually, we arrived at our destination, the gaga ball pit. About a quarter of the campers (myself included) had never even heard of the game before, let alone played it. The way gaga ball works is only actually slightly different from dodgeball. The game consists of throwing balls at each other, bouncing them off the ground, and attempting to dodge the balls when they come flying at you. The main differences between the two games is that gaga ball is played within a small, circular, gated pit, and only hits below the knee are able to get people out of the game.

One camper, Monique L., thought the game was fun, but also was of the opinion that the pit was too dusty to be able to both see and play ball easily. Madi H. also thought the Gaga ballgame was awesome, yet very dusty. In fact, most of the campers and staff enjoyed the game, but would have enjoyed it more if there was not so much dust in their eyes and noses when diving for the ball.

Some campers didn’t agree with all the rules, some thinking they made the game too hard, others thinking it was too easy. Taliah S. was a camper who did not like the rule that the gaga ball had to be in the air and not bounce on the ground when attempting to get a fellow camper out of the game. However, Taliah also thought that the game was a very interesting experience since she had never played gaga ball before.

It shall be interesting to see if the tradition of dodgeball will continue through later years, or if the game of gaga ball will become a new tradition for Camp Gilgal teen camp.


VonsFiorella M., Age 13

One camp tradition is going to Vons which is what we did this year. After Yosemite we drove to Vons. First we split up into groups and looked around. I bought a mini bag of sour Skittles which was $1.29. Many of the girls bought chips and candy. I asked Pippin three questions about the Vons trip. I asked, “What did you get at Vons?” Pippin claimed that she had bought a horned melon, liquid chili powder, nectarines, and gum. I also asked her if she enjoyed the trip. She said, “I did, and I enjoy shopping.” The last question I asked her was, “Who was in your group?” Pippin said, “I was with Heimlich, Yamaha, Mekerah, Sophia, and Elijah.” Most people went to Starbucks as we walked in. We all were wearing our camp shirts in Vons, and people in Vons were asking questions about our camp. My group mostly was in the candy aisle. My favorite part of the Vons trip was when my group was trying on ugly sunglasses and laughing. Cricket helped me look for what I wanted though I changed my mind in the end. The men of camp mostly got candy. Bella bought mini utensils, celery, and Nutella. All in all, the whole experience was very fun.

The AMAZING Ropes Course!!

Zoe N., Age 13

At the awesome ropes course the ladies and men were split up. One group went to the rock wall and the other group went to the ropes course. So during the ropes course, which is not far from where we have Tabernacle, we (the ladies) are asked to write our names down on a paper so that way they know who is going on the course. TAmazing ropes coursehe rules of how to do the ropes course were explained by Pete, who is in charge of the course. I was the first one to go on the ropes course and it was scary at first but then it ended up being really fun. My favorite part of the course was the zip line at the end. You also have the option to try the challenge course which requires a lot of upper body strength and time. Before you start climbing, they give you a harness and helmet. Pete and the others will help you through the course so that way you can get through it quickly and safely. Elizabeth was the only one who went on the challenge course. She said, “It was hard, but it was challenging in a good, good way. And also I had some battle scars!” It took Elizabeth about 15 minutes to do the course. On a scale of one to ten of hardness and fun, she said, “A seven for hardness and an eight for fun.” Elizabeth’s favorite part of the course was climbing the ropes and the zip line at the end of the course. In the end I had a great time on the ropes course and allowed my mental and physical strength to be tested.

Adventure in Yosemite

Corey W., Age 14

In Camp Gilgal we do a lot of fun activities. One of those activities happens to be going to Yosemite. We start our adventure by loading into two vans. The drive is about one and a half hours. Even though it’s a long drive, we all make the most of it playing games. Once we got there we started Tabernacle. First we worshiped then we started talking about Paul and his letters. After that we all ate lunch together. Then we went around in the woods and hung around until we had to go. Once we had to go back in the vans and drove over to a hike. We started the hike by walking up a short trail up to a mountain called SAdventure in Yosemiteentinel Dome. Once we got up there we all looked at the view for a little while then some of us started playing games. One of the games we played was silent football. To play this game everyone sits in a circle making different motions to pass the football around. After the game was over we all took our camp photos. During our trip everyone tends to have a favorite part of Yosemite. For example, Isaac H. says his favorite parts of Yosemite are the heights, the view, and the idea that he was out in nature. Also Nathan B. says his favorite place in Yosemite was Sentinel Dome. As well as Google who says his favorite part is the rocks because it reminds him of how strong Jesus is. Daniel P. says his favorite place in Yosemite is Sentinel Dome and his favorite thing to do was when he got dared to propose to Snapple and did it. Michael K.’s favorite part was reaching the top of Sentinel Dome and playing silent football. Also Ewok’s favorite part of Yosemite was seeing the view from the top of Sentinel Dome. There are many different things to do in Yosemite and everyone has their favorites. Yosemite is a great place to be in God’s creation that hopefully campers will be able to continue to enjoy forever.

Icebreakers: A Thrilling Title

Monique L., Age 14

The very first night of camp, all the campers gathered round, and engaged in games of icebreakers, to break the icy ground.

The fIcebreakers2irst game we played was more of a get-to-know-you game. Whilst spelling your names with your hips, three facts about yourself were stated. What it was didn’t matter, as long as you spelled your name.

After the first game, we made a human knot. You stand in a circle and link arms across, creating a large knot of arms. To win the game you must untangle your arms without letting go of the other people’s hands before the other teams.

Captain/Sailor/Gunner was next. There are four different positions: captain, sailor, gunner, and hit the deck. When doing captain, one must either jump on someone’s back, piggy back style, and then salute. In sailor, two people must hold the legs of a person, holding them up in a sitting position, and in gunner, three people must kneel down on hands a knees and allow another person to lie on their backs and make the symbol of a gun with their hands. The final pose is called hit the deck. When attempting to hit the deck, one must fall flat on the ground as soon as possible. To win the game you must survive elimination.Icebreakers

The final game was Honey If You Love Me. One person is chosen to try and make someone smile by saying, “Honey, if you love me will you please, please, smile?” To win you must keep a straight face and say, “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile.” Mekerah was surprised at how long she lasted in the game, because she laughs quite often.

I think that the icebreaker games were an excellent way to get everyone relaxed and excited for camp.

Rock On

Josiah C., Age 14

Rock climbing is a great sport! It’s very challenging and it takes a lot of patience. What I like about rock climbing is that it pushes you to your best ability. The best part about rock climbing is that you don’t have to workRock on out your arms the next day because it’s a workout in itself. Some go up faster than others but everybody is trying their best. Then there’s Yamaha who stands alone in his own category on the rock wall. He looks like Spiderman climbing up the wall. Google is also very good at rock climbing. He rock climbs as a hobby and has participated in some competitions. This year at camp there were two walls that you could do, a regular one and a challenge one. I asked Google what he liked best about the challenge course and he said the mental part. Whether you’re going to step on this rock or a different one. What the best way you should go up, so that you can make it to the top. It’s like a puzzle that’s ready to get solved. My favorite part about the challenge rock wall was the will to persevere through the whole thing. It took me a little while to get to the top, but at the end, the struggle was definitely worth it. Rock climbing this year was a very fun activity this year.

Conquering the Dome

ConqueringElizabeth E., Age 14

On Tuesday of Camp Gilgal teen camp, we (campers and staff) went on an amazing hike in Yosemite. The hike was shorter than last year, but it was uphill the whole way there. It was very worth it though because the view was breathtaking. We also took our annual Camp Gilgal photo on the top of the mountain. My fellow camper, Taliah S., thought the hike was short but steep. She also liked the beautiful view at the top. Taliah said she was playing the animal game and just talking with friends on the way up to the mountain. Taliah also enjoyed the three-sixty view of the mountains and Half Dome. Another fellow camper, Daniel P.’s favorite part of the hike was spending time with Google. Google and Daniel were talking to each other about the countries they visited on the way up there. I asked Cricket how she felt about the hike and to see if it was challenging. She said it was a beautiful place and there was a gorgeous view no matter what direction we turned. She thought it was short but challenging. Overall it was a very beautiful hike and I am glad I went on it with my Camp Gilgal family.

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