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Junior Camp West 2019

Theme: God is Israel’s True King 

Psalm 95:3 “For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods” 


By: Zoe A.| Age: 10
Tribe of Benjamin
Here at Camp Gilgal after dinner the staff often says, “Go get close-toed shoes and bug spray on.” That gets everyone super excited because it means we know something fun is about to happen! Sometimes it means it will be a night game and sometimes it will be a campfire. I love campfires! At Camp Gilgal our campfire is full of singing. We sing songs like, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and Hineh Ma Tov. We also sing worship songs like Joshua 1:9 and Great Are You Lord. Next, Moose talks. After that one of the staff will share their testimony. They are so awesome! The first night Waldo and Lonestar shared. I asked them about it and here is what they said. First, I talked to Waldo. He told me that sharing his testimony reminded him of how much Camp Gilgal has shaped his walk with Jesus. He shared with me that he was a little nervous giving his testimony, but also said, “Do it. Even if you’re nervous.” Waldo’s favorite part was Lonestar’s testimony. Speaking of Lonestar I asked him the same questions. He said sharing his testimony he was nervous, but he was happy to see God move.



By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
Why is Camp Gilgal worship and Bible study time called Tabernacle? It is because the Tabernacle was where people from the past sacrificed and worshipped the Lord. Usually, Tabernacle is in the morning and starts with a few worship songs. Next, we recite the Shema and work on memorizing the memory verse bit-by-bit (Psalm 145-3-13a). Then Moose or Speedy would come up and share from the Bible and experience. The theme of Tabernacle is that God is Israel’s True King. Moose and Speedy explain this when they speak. I love Tabernacle because I really feel the Lord’s presence.

Sing and Dance for Your Mail Night

By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
Sing and Dance for Your Mail Night is a very fun night because you can call up your friends to do the dance you want to do for your mail. When you get your name called your super excited because you get to go up and sing or dance for your mail. This year when my brother and I were called we called our tribes up to dance with us and we did a train around the dining room! After that my friend got mail and called all the tribes up and we got to dance. That is what Sing and Dance for Your Mail Night is like at Camp Gilgal 2019!

Carpet Ball

By: Isaac P. |Age: 13
Tribe of Reuben
Carpet ball is a game where you throw a ball along a carpet to knock down another ball. The setup of carpet ball is whatever you want it to be, but you have five balls to work with. There are a few common and a few rare set ups you can use. You can be as original as you want! You as a player may want to use your opponent’s weakness against them when you determine your set up.

#1: Throw recklessly, you have a small chance to hit a ball
#2: Aim, you will most likely hit the ball
#3: Ricochet, bouncing off walls to hit a ball
#4: Throw slow and steady, either you will stop or hit the ball
#5: Hard with a bounce, you are most likely to bounce out and lose
I hope you have a fun time playing carpet ball!

Counselor Hunt

By: Eitan R. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
On counselor Hunt Night, I had a ton of fun! Here are the things we did during Counselor Hunt. First, you go to a counselor (Camp Gilgal staff) and try to find out what personal, animal, or character they are being. After that you talk to them and try to get them down the hill by luring them. One of the characters that had to be fought was Superman. They stabbed him with kryptonite and took him the cure (lemonade). Another one of the characters was a Dad and you had to tell him good Dad jokes to bring him down the hill, but if you told him a bad joke, he would go up the hill. Gadget said, “I like how Counselor Hunt has evolved from a random animal to anything you want.” From the Avengers to football players to complicated animals. My favorite was the Football player. You had to get the ball, offer a contract, and give him a play to run. Eventually we got him by catching a really hard pass. I had a ton of fun playing Counselor Hunt.

Ladies Horseback Riding

By: Rina T. | Age: 9
Tribe of Benjamin
Hi I’m Rina and I’m writing about horseback riding. It’s so fun. I love horseback riding at Camp Gilgal. I love horseback riding; it’s so fun. In 2019, I got a horse named Bob. He was a very calm, kind and nice horse. We go horseback riding in Aspen Meadows. There is snow there sometimes. And there is a huge meadow and stream. It’s so fun. I love it and if you go there, I know will to!

Gilgal Groceries

By: Jonah M. | Age: 11
Tribe of Judah
Looking for the perfect thing to annoy your tribe leaders during fob? Get it at the Gilgal Store! Looking for your favorite pool toy? Get it at the Gilgal Store! Looking for the best candy? Get it at the Gilgal Store! As you can see, the Gilgal Store has quite a variety of items. “I like to get the little old fast food toys,” says Isaac H. Wait, little old fast food toys? Well, apparently Poppins bought tons of happy meal toys and put them all in the bins for Camp Gilgal. To get them you take a paper lunch bag that is labeled bottom to top that tell you the amount of money to pay for that number of toys. So, as you can see, everybody wants to be that nice kosher Gilgal Grocer.

Men’s Day!!!

By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
This is what Men’s Day was like at Camp Gilgal 2019. First, we began by choosing our shield for use in the spartan wars! Next, we went to the pool. The staff organized a game using a watermelon covered in Crisco. We call it the greased watermelon in the pool. The first team to score wins! The first game my team won. The next game, the other team won. Finally, they made the staff defend the goal while the campers try to score it. It took a long time and then they called a draw and started another game that was turned out be a draw again. After that game, they made the staff coaches and my team won. And then next game my team won again! Then we went to our next activity, Gladiating!!!!! They made the swords out of pool noodle and broomsticks. I beat everyone I faced. Sam says, “I loved Gladiating so much that I almost died.” After Gladiating we got attacked by the Spartans and had to use our shields to block the water balls of death. We were done with our wars, but we started getting timed to see how fast we could run to Gadget. The fastest time Gadget was 35 seconds. After racing, we stuffed cones with a lot of sugary things and roasted them over the fire and drank men’s brew. We left our cones at the fire while we made bombs out of dry ice and exploded a watermelon and water bottles.

Ladies Day

By: Josie R. | Age: 9
Tribe of Issachar
I’m going to tell you about Ladies Day when I was 9 years old. I went to camp and after a few days it was Ladies Day! Our tribe leaders announced it was Ladies Day while dressing up at princesses at lunch time when we all stumbled into the dining room. The boys left and went horseback riding. Before they left, whenever a boy came into the dining hall, we all sang a song about them leaving until they left. Then we had FOB time and after that I made trail mix full of candy and bracelets. The bracelets were rainbow patterned with beads. I also made fruit kabobs. Last, but not least, I went swimming and jumped in the pool.

Dart to the Degel

By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
Capture the Degel is a very fun night game because you get to run around trying to take the enemy’s degel (flag) to win! This year we drew straws to decide which side of the camp the men and women teams get. The men got the female staff and vice versa, besides a few out of cabin staff exceptions. Two straws for Two representatives. The longest straw gets to choose the side. This year the men chose the longest straw and chose the high side of the camp on the hill. The men set the jail circle and degel circle up high! Moose said if we put the jail circle and degel circle on the lower place it would have been called, “Capture the FOB.” After everything was set up, the whistle blew, and the we started the game. We immediately started running! I was going with Kombucha, a tribe leader, and Isaac, my brother. When we got down to the base lines, we saw Hawkeye and All-Star. We stayed around for a little bit to see if Hawkeye would move, but he did not. We went around the other side and then we saw Mufasa and sent him to jail. After we sent Mufasa to jail we continued our way around. We went to the other side and people were there. We made a break for it and there was a guard, so we went to the other side. Kombucha made a break for it down the hill, took a tumble and got caught. I went to my brother and went down to the enemy base. We saw Moose and we ran into the center of the enemy base and then back to our side. My brother disappeared when we all made a break for the degel. A lot of the people in on our side got caught. Isaac said, “The reason I ran away is because the staff kept coming for me.” I eventually got tired of waiting and ran for the degel. I made it sooo close until Gadget tagged me. We sang out songs for the last thirty minutes and then it was announced the ladies won! That’s what Capture the Degel is like at Camp Gilgal.

Utensil Night

By: Rebekah P.| Age: 11
Tribe of Dan
Camp Gilgal has a family tradition known as Utensil Night. All the campers love to participate in it because it makes dinner energetic and fun. Utensil night is when you eat with a random food utensil the entire meal. No one is allowed a fork, knife, or spoon. It’s messy, but entertaining and very fun to participate in. Most people in the Tribe of Dan agree that tongs are the easiest and most effective utensil to use with the usual meal of spaghetti. Doodles says, “The hardest utensil to use is the butter brush.” In my experience I have never used the butter brush, but it sounds difficult to use. This fantastic and creative night is one of the many fun Camp Gilgal traditions.

Horseback Riding

By: Joshua B. | Age: 12
Tribe of Reuben
You should go horseback riding at Camp Gilgal. When you go horseback riding, first you need a helmet. If you get on a horse, you need a saddle. To steer a horse, you need reigns. When you go horseback riding you go through a little stream and then go up and down hill. There is a shop to buy candy, t-shirts, hats, and sweat shirts. There are lots of horses to see. After horseback riding there is a stream to play at and a rock that you can climb and sit on. There is another rock that has a crack in it because it split into two rocks. My horses name was Monarch. When I went there this year there was snow. Also, you need to cross the stream to get to the snow. Horses use their tails to whack off flies on their backs. Also, they twist their necks to get off the flies. They shake their body and stomp their feet to get rid of flies. Ryan said, “Horseback riding is a blast!” A cowboy will help you to get on the horse and to get off. I think horseback riding is one of the best things at Camp Gilgal.

Micah’s Birthday

By: Micah H.| Age: 10
Tribe of Simeon
It was my birthday! I have been given various gifts to celebrate my birthday. I have also been given an EXCLUSIVE birthday table to use during meals! I have also enjoyed dodgeball and various other activities. On the day of June 26th (my birthday) I also created: THE FOUR-SQUARE BIRTHDAY KIT! C2 Popcorn, cherry bombs, and no tea parties. (If you are confused ask Micah H.). I earned general respect and four-square respect.

Micah: How was your birthday?
Also Micah: Great.
Micah: What is your favorite part of your birthday?
Also Micah: Cookies and presents.
Micah: Anything else?
Also Micah: Cookies and presents.
Micah: Interesting
Also Micah: Do you like tacos?
Micah: Of course, why would I not?



By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
The Oylimpics is the Camp Gilgal version of the Olympics. This year for the Camp Gilgal Oylimpics we did tug of war with a wet tarp, over and under with a bucker full of water, the three-legged race and golf. My team, the Togos, won over and under. Simidan would the three-legged race. Benjudah won golf and Simidan won the first round of tug of war and Benjudah won the second round, which makes Benjudah the winner! Simidan was second place and sadly the world famous Togos lost. Gadget says, “I really enjoyed the Oylimpics, it was a lot of fun!” Every team had a cheer, the Togos cheer was “Togos, the world best sandwiches!” The Simidan’s cheer was “Simeon Simeon Dan Dan Dan Simeon Simeon Dan Dan Dan!” The winners, Benjudah, had a cheer that was the girls howling and the boys doing a roar. I think the Oylimpics is a very fun game to play because you get to compete against your friends.


By: Channah A. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
On Shabbat we get dressed up, which I really enjoy. Instead of just singing the blessings over the bread and fruit of the vine, we also light the candles to welcome in the Sabbath. Rebecca S. says, “I was super nervous when I lit the candles, but it turned out fine.” She was the one who lit the candles. We have a Torah service and read part of the Torah. During the service we sing worship songs, the Shema and the V’ahata. We also have a choir that campers can join and sing at Shabbat service. I am a part of the choir and it is so fun. Yoshi gives the camp a devotion, it is based on Psalm 46. In fact, Yoshi led the whole service and campers could help if they want. On Shabbat, we don’t scream or yell because we want shalom. Shalom means peace in Hebrew. Shalom everyone.

Cabin Buddies

By: Aviva Z. | Age: 9
Tribe of Benjamin
Hi I am Aviva and I am in the Tribe of Benjamin. I am going to be writing about everyone in my tribe. Ashlyn is 10 and is the oldest in our tribe. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She is really fun! Next, is Zoe. She is the second oldest in our tribe. Actually, she is the same age as Ashlyn, but still younger. Zoe is really good at drawing. Elyana is the oldest 9-year-old in our tribe. Her favorite color is pink, and she and Ashlyn are best friends. Last, but not least, there is Rina. Rina has really dark brown hair and multiple eye colors.

The Tribe of Reuben!

By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
My tribe is the tribe of Reuben. We are the oldest tribe on the men’s side and our cabin name is Peddler Point. In my tribe there is Eitan, Isaac, Sam, Josh, Gadget and Fajita. Gadget is the tribe leader and Fajita is the assistant tribe leader. Josh says, “I loved being in the tribe of Reuben!” Sam is all about Marvel. He has a big Marvel encyclopedia that he brings whenever he comes to camp. Joshua’s nickname is Josh. Josh collects toys from the Gilgal store where they sell a lot of toys and other things. Isaac likes to read a lot. He usually borrows my book, “How to Train your Dragon,” or Sam’s books. Eitan likes to play four square and carpet ball during free time and I like to write Gilgal Gazette articles to get points for my tribe. At breakfast lineup the tribe leaders make the joke to say to the out of cabin staff and at lunch and dinner the campers make the jokes. This is what it is like to be a camper or tribe leader of the Tribe of Reuben 2019!

Tribe of Issachar

By: Hannah W. | Age: 8
Tribe of Issachar
Olivia is my twin sister. Her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite drink is lemonade. She also likes snakes. Josie’s favorite food is ice cream and her favorite drink is root beer. Her favorite animal is a dog. Elorah loves eggs and her favorite drink is Coke. Her favorite animal is a chameleon. Eliana loves pasta and her favorite drink is chocolate milk. She also likes cheetahs. December, our assistant tribe leader, loves boneless chicken and her favorite drink is horchata. Her favorite animal is a lion. Taxi, our tribe leader, loves chicken tikka masala and mango iced tea. Her favorite animal is a dog.

A Day in the Life of a Dan FOB

By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
You may be wondering what FOB is. It stands for Flat on Bunk. This comes after lunch when we are tired from the morning. We can take a nap, read, or write Gilgal Gazette articles. For a normal tribe, FOB is more of a time to eat candy, send notes, annoy others and play games on their bunks. In our tribe, however, it goes to the extreme! During one of our FOBs, Rebekah P. was bored and decided to be the cabin clown. She came to the middle of our cabin and decided to make her hair into a ponytail; failing miserably. This is when the funny began. Seeing how she failed, we all laughed asking her to do more. So, Rebekah decided to act like of those popular girls from a school, flipping her hair all the time, talking in a high voice. After this hilarious time, she “started a YouTube channel” showcasing her newly created make-up palettes, doing the cat-walk, and having fake disputes over the start of the video with Channah, another tribe member in our cabin.

The Tribe of Dan

By: Eliana R. | Age: 11
Tribe of Dan
We are the Tribe of Dan. Dan’s symbol is a snake. In our tribe we have Pippin and Kombucha as our tribe leaders. We have Rebecca S., Rebekah P., Channah A., Raina W., Ahavah M., and me in our tribe. We are in the oldest tribe on the ladies side and our cabin name is, Grizzly Flat. Rebekah P. (Fred Weasley) and Ellie R. (George Weasley) are best friends. Next year Rebecca S., Channah, and Ahavah are going to teen camp, but Rebekah P., Raina and I still have one more year of junior camp before we go to teen camp.

No Saying No!

By: Lev R. | Age: 9
Tribe of Judah
During No, No Night I was thinking I would be the first person to say “no”, but apparently, I was the last. So, when S’mores said the theme I freaked out. Hawkeye said his technique was just not talking at all. Doodles used that too. My tribe gave me the clothesline clips and I was the bank, everyone was waiting for me to crack, but I didn’t. Eventually I won, with 16 clips. A direct quote from Mufasa, “It teaches people manners.”

Decorating with the Boys

By: Nehemiah F. | Age: 8
Tribe of Simeon
On Cabin Decoration Day the Tribe of Simeon decorated our cabin like a board game. The board games were Candyland, Chess, and cards. The Tribe of Reuben decorated theirs like Moses splitting the Red Sea. The Tribe of Judah decorated theirs like the Garden of Eden. I think the Tribe of Judah worked hard, but it did not work out well. The Tribe of Simeon liked their idea anyway.

The Whistle Blowing Madness

By: Rebecca S.| Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
Stop and Go Night is at dinner where we stop and go, sort of randomly. Waldo blows the whistle every minute or so. When he blows it for the first time, we have to freeze where we are, whether we are drinking water, or putting food in our mouth. When he blows it the second time, we can continue with our lives. If we move when he blows it the first time, we get one of our utensils taken away. We only get three utensils. Stop and Go Night is my favorite night!


By: Elyana G. | Age: 9
Tribe of Benjamin
So I am going to be talking to a tribe leader today and writing about Taxi. So far, I have a really good friend in Taxi. Her favorite colors are blue and red. Her favorite animal is a dog. She is a nice tribe leader and her favorite dog is a Saint Bernard.

The King of Sight

By: Isaac H. | Age: 10
Tribe of Judah
Today I will be talking about Hawkeye. His favorite activity at camp is Capture the Degel. He even says, “It is the best game in Camp Gilgal history.” He loves margherita pizza. He says, “It is the most delicious food he has ever had.” The thing I like about Hawkeye is that he is very playful. We have a lot of fun with him. This is why I chose to write about Hawkeye.



By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
I interviewed Fajita. He is a cabin staff of the tribe of Reuben. This is how he answered when I asked him how it is being an assistant tribe leader for the first time, “It’s exciting and fun, but a little challenging sometimes.” His favorite night game is Capture the Degel. I asked him what his favorite theme night is and he responded saying, “Stop and Go Night.” He likes to hang out and have fun with the campers during free time. Judah is his favorite tribe name. He was named Fajita because, “that is what my parents named me.” He loves Mexican food, Dr. Pepper, and Coca Cola. While answering my questions he was a little indecisive. His favorite marvel superhero is Thor.


By: Cohen B. | Age: 9
Tribe of Simeon
Feedback has one brother and four sisters. He also has a favorite staff member named Gadget. His favorite camp game is Wells Fargo all the way. His favorite camper is N/A. His favorite food at camp is a cheeseburger. His favorite dessert at camp is chocolate cookie. His favorite activity is Tabernacle. His favorite part of camp is campers. His favorite sport is football. His favorite book is “The Way of Kings.”

Kombucha’s Secrets Exposed

By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
Kombucha is the ATL (Assistant Tribe Leader) of Dan, my tribe. Since I am in the oldest cabin, I still remember when she was in the oldest cabin as a camper when I was eight. She is very nice, kind, and patient. I will be interviewing her now. I asked her how it feels being a tribe leader and not a camper for the first time. She answered saying, “Being a tribe leader has a lot more responsibility than being a camper, the staff are in charge of the campers and making sure they are safe. Along with having and being there for the campers when they need someone.” Kombucha’s favorite night game is Capture the Degel, her favorite theme night is “No, No night”, and her favorite tribe name is Judah, the lion. When she was a camper, she liked to play Carpet Ball during free time. Overall, Kombucha is an awesome tribe leader and friend. She is so nice, patient, cool, and fun.

S’mores’ Interview with Eliana

By: Eliana B. | Age: 8
Tribe of Issachar
S’mores is my friend, my silly friend. I asked her some questions today and we laughed even more than we talked. About S’mores: Her favorite game is Wells Fargo. She loves dinner at camp because she knows something exciting happens. Her favorite dessert is dairy free mint chocolate chip ice cream from Nick’s grocery store in San Francisco. She likes the book “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Her favorite campfire song is “Hineh Ma Tov.” She told me her favorite verse is Habakkuk 3:18, “yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.” She loves camp and campers, which is why she is staff (and because she likes me too). As a camper, her favorite craft was belt making and her favorite cabin to live in is Grizzly Flat. S’mores’ expert technique for making s’mores: “So my alarm goes off, I get out off bed, take a shower, brush my teeth, eat breakfast and drink coffee, read my Bible, and that is how S’mores’ made every day.” My favorite part about interviewing her was how funny she is. I was so excited to write this interview. S’mores is funny and great, and I look forward to seeing her for my birthday every year because it is always during camp! 😊

Pippin Interview

By: Elorah M.| Age: 7
Tribe of Issachar
Pippin loves serving with her Camp Gilgal family and watching the campers grow up. She also that she loves small puppies when I asked her what her favorite animal was. Her favorite color is tied between red and blue. Pippin’s favorite food at camp are all things potatoes. Her favorite camp name is Oofnik because it never ceases to be funny. Her hair is 24 inches and it took her three years to grow it out! She also has a ton of fun at Camp Gilgal and says it is always a blast hanging out with campers.

Sherbet, My Favorite

By: Mateus A. | Age: 9
Tribe of Simeon
Sherbet is 29. Her favorite color is blue. She also has a favorite food, that is tacos. Her favorite taco place to eat at is Underdogs. Her favorite song to listen to is called Oceans. Sherbet’s favorite movie is Little Rascals. Her favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Swords of Simeon

By: Gabriel V. | Age: 7
Tribe of Simeon
The fun things we did included horseback riding with Moose saying “tender shoots of deliciousness,” and getting 95% in cabin inspection, playing Mission Impossible and Capture the Degel, seeing my family, making friends, having Feedback here and getting toys. In Mission Impossible we got 2nd place.

Interview with the King of the Jungle

By: Lyrit M.| Age: 9
Tribe of Judah
Mufasa said his favorite color is red and his favorite hobby is skateboarding. Mufasa’s favorite food is also chicken wings. The kinds of music Mufasa likes to listen to is any kind of music. Mufasa’s most favorite camp game is Capture the Degel. How he got involved with Camp Gilgal was by his Bubbe. He got his name Mufasa because his family likes The Lion King a lot. Mufasa’s favorite shoe brand is Vans. Mufasa likes playing basketball in his free time.

December’s Interview

By: Olivia W. | Age: 8
Tribe of Issachar
December is 17 years old and lives in Michigan. Her favorite food is almond boneless chicken and her favorite animal is a Lion. December’s favorite ice cream flavor is banana cream pie and her favorite song is Midnight City. December’s favorite names are Giselle and Gilligan. Her favorite activity at camp is FOB. Her favorite thing about December is that her birthday is in December and her favorite holidays! December is an amazing tribe leader that I really like. That’s why I chose to write about her.

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