Leia B., Age 14

Bass Lake this year at teen camp was a one-of-a-kind experience. At Bass Lake we go jet skiing, riding a banana, swimming, and there is even a store to buy stuff in. After the really fun ride in Streetlight’s van we finally arrived. Once we settled in, Sonic started signing people up to go on the banana pulled by a ski boat and jet skiing. I got signed up for a banana and jet ski right away. While on the banana boat we were going pretty fast, but we didn’t even hit a wave and I still flew right off. Eliana says it looked like I did a cartwheel. After that Eliana and I went on a jet ski with Acorn. Acorn’s jet ski went super-fast and being on it was definitely the highlight of my day. Overall I had an amazing time at Bass Lake and I know all the other campers did too.