Eliana S., Age 13

Benching. It’s something that the camp does together as a whole. The Hebrew prayer thanks the Lord for the food and substance that He provides for us. Banging on the table may be fun – well, it is fun, but benching is so much more. The words in English say, “Blessed are you, God, ruler of the world, who gives food to all with grace, kindness and compassion.” This means that God in heaven gives us food through His great goodness and He provides us with what we friends5 smneed.

Something that a lot of people take for granted is two or three meals a day. God is so good to give us such a privilege when so many people in the world don’t get that luxury.

A good thing to remember each day is to not take that for granted and to always thank God for His great goodness. That’s why we always bench after lunch. “Blessed are You, God, who nourishes all.”