Josiah C., Age 13

Cabin Life Men1Being in a cabin with other campers and staff is a fun time. The cool part about staying in a cabin is that you get to meet new people. Some activities that we do in the cabin is play cards, eat snacks, talk and have devotions. Devotions is where the two staff members discuss what they are going to teach us out of the Bible. Devotions is a time to learn about Yeshua and His Word. Yet it brings up many interesting questions. We also played a card game called Spoons. Instead of playing with spoons, we played with Slim Jims. Spoons was very entertaining because everyone was fighting for the Slim Jims.

The names of campers in my cabin were David, Logan, Rain, Reuven, Jaden, Elliot and myself. Our two tribe leaders were Superduck and Packer. One of my least favorite things about staying in a cabin is Cabin Inspection. Each morning we go to breakfast and when we come back we clean our cabin till it’s spotless. So, when we go to Tabernacle, Moose, the cabin inspector, inspects our room for any sign of messiness. Every time he sees something out of place or not organized, he subtracts five points, which is called an infraction. Then he adds all the infractions up and subtracts it from a hundred. My favorite activity in the cabin was F.O.B. Appreciation Day, which stands for “Flat On Bunk.” This is where each member of your cabin takes a nap. This is the best cabin activity.