By Michelle B. age 11

Tribe of Manasseh


Here at Gilgal, we have one night/morning dedicated to camping out. This year camp out for my tribe is what I call “special,” or “interesting.” At first all was well. We went up to Sunset and found a spot to put up our tents. Since we don’t have any 8 person tents our tribe had to be separated into 2 groups. The other group was doing a swell job at setting up the tent, meanwhile my group was having a real struggle. Believe me, we all know how to set up a tent, but this tent was just weird. We asked a couple people to help us out to make sure that we weren’t the problem, but even they couldn’t help us! It was time to go make s’mores and eat dinner so we set up the tent as best as we could and went to go wait. For dinner, we had either hotdogs or burger (our choice) with carrots and for dessert we made s’mores. After playing some games and having some fun, we went back to our tents to get whatever we needed for the washrooms. We thought everything was fine until Mochi noticed that we didn’t put up or even have ANY stakes (for our tents)! Being lazy we shrugged it off and went to perform our nightly rituals. The time came for lights our and we all fell sound asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to head the sound of pouring rain. Since I was on the edge of the tent I began to notice water leaking in from the side. I (again) payed it no mind and fell back asleep. Morning arrived and I am drenched! I am 100% soaked and funny thing is, I’m the ONLY ONE who is wet in my tent. I became very cross and try to continue my day without being a total grumpus. I also find out that the stakes were under the tent and am simply upset and over it. Moral of the story: don’t sleep on the edge of tents (and make sure you set up your tents properly).

P.S. The camp out was still okay.