Sarah M., Age 12
Tribe of Zebulun

Cabin Decoration Day is one of the most exciting parts of camp. Throughout the two weeks of camp, every tribe has to decorate their cabin with a Bible verse theme. This year, I am in the Tribe of Zebulun.

My tribe came up with the theme of Moses parting the Red Sea. We began by making Mount Sinai. We created Mount Sinai with brown and white construction paper and stuck it onto one of our bunks. To finish that, we made lightning bolts and thunder clouds and put them around the top of the Mount. After that, we built pyramids out of construction paper and put it on another bunk. Following the pyramids, our tribe made blue pebbles around brown butcher paper which represented the dry land that the Israelites walked on when Moses parted the sea.

Two verses we used in our cabin were Exodus 12:21 and 14:21. Next, we used table clothes and streamers to represent the Red Sea. We stuck table cloths on the sides of the air conditioner to part the sea when it turned on. My cabin mate Elie said, “It was stressful but worth it in the end.” In all, Cabin Decoration Day was a smashing success, and we nailed it.