Bailey H. | Age: 14
Hi, I’m Bailey H. and I am in the cabin of Pippin and Mango. The people in my tribe are Talia, Carrie, Sarah, Elie, Lily, Claire, me and Shalom. (Well plus S’mores because she is always here which makes her an honorary member). I am 14 and I have been coming to camp since 2014. One of my favorite parts of camp are campfires! Now you may be thinking, “How can you even write about a campfire?” But this is a world-famous fiesta! Just kidding about the fiesta, but we as campers have such a good time roasting s’mores (not the person) and talking around a fire. We also have a time of worship. This year, Mango and Taxi led us in a few songs. Overall, campfire was fun. Don’t be jealous!