By Isaac H. age 8

Tribe of Naphtali

This is the game of capture the Degel.

So we set our degel behind the dining hall, I was on defense, I was so close to the degel! After a while I tried to go on the ladies side. I could not get in the ladies side, because two of them named Ellie and Lily were blocking the ladies side. I tried to get in but I couldn’t, I kept on trying but then I saw that Mango had our degel. It was a good game but the ladies side won.

At the end of the game, Yamaha was with Isaac P. and Josh, Oofnick was in jail. And then Josh wasn’t with Yamaha anymore. While we were playing, Ewok was not playing. In Capture the Degel, Lyrit went on offense to capture the degel with Josh on defense. Then Yamaha went to guard the jail and Oofnick went on offense to capture the degel, Tyler got offense too.