Naomi W., Age 11
Tribe of Asher

Capture the Degel is one of the most fun games you can ever play at Camp Gilgal. This game is just like “Capture the Flag” but it’s a little different and a lot more fun. The way this game works is you split into two teams, then both teams hide their degel (flag in Hebrew) where the other team can’t see it. Once the degel is hidden, both teams try to find the other team’s degel. To win the game, there’s a twist: when you try to find the degel you also have to try not to get tagged by the other team.

I’ve pCapture the Degel2layed this game so many times. This year I ended up almost getting the degel, but my friend who runs really fast, Asher, tagged me before I could grab it. Me and my friend Rachel, we thought of a plan to distract the degel guards and then sneak past them in separate ways and end up getting it. But that didn’t work. The whole thing was intense and really fun. But in all the game was one of my favorites and I can’t wait for next year to play it again. This game is my favorite because it is a team sport and because I get to run around and get rid of a lot of extra energy. This game is amazing!