Capture the Degel1Isaac P., Age 9
Tribe of Dan

I am Isaac. I am telling you about Capture the Degel. (Degel means flag.) The rules are: Get the flag.  Hide your flag. If you are out, go to jail. Try to let someone get you out of jail.

We went to the barbed wire fence on the left of the dining room to hide the flag. Then, we sent Conner, Tyler and Yadi as bait. Then the offense went out, including me. I snuck around the girls’ cabins. It looked like almost all of my team was captured. Finally, I came close to the top of the hill. Suddenly, Yamaha spotted me. I started to run away. I kept going up and running down, and finally I got captured. That’s when I came up with the phrase, “Take risks, get messy!” When Sonic went by, he freed me, but Heimlich caught me. But he ran away. It was awesome.

Interview with Sonic:

Q: How did you get past Yamaha’s defenses?
A: I waited until Yamaha and Ewok started walking away, and then I ran out from hiding in the bushes.

Q: Did you get caught in the end?
A: After we escaped with the degel, I got caught just before the line.

Q: How?
A: There were a lot of people and Superduck escaped with the degel and I thought we had won, so I let myself get caught.