By: Emma R. | Age: 13
Tribe: Gad
My name is Emma and I am a first-year camper at Camp Gilgal East. I have been to Camp Gilgal Midwest before and both have many things in common. One thing in common is that the Camp Gilgal staff have “camp names.” So, I decided to ask some of the staff why their names are what they are. One of the staff that I interviewed is named Freckle. Freckle chose her name for three main reasons. First, she has freckles, which makes sense to me. Second, she likes the sound of Freckle. And, last but not least, the sun gives you freckles, and she likes the sun. The next staff I interviewed is named Shark-bait. Some main reasons that she chose her name to be Shark-bait is that she really likes the ocean and water. She also likes swimming. One of her favorite movies is “Finding Nemo.” In the movie “Finding Nemo,” Nemo is called Shark-bait. And the last reason is that she connects water with her faith. For example, she connects floating with worship. You let the water hold you when you float, and you let God hold you when you worship. The last staff member I interviewed is named Skidoo. A skidoo is a brand of snow mobile. Skidoo is from Canada and Canada has a lot of snow. Skidoo has been on a skidoo and thought it was really fun. The last reason is that she likes the sound of Skidoo. Those are the main reasons why Freckle, Shark-bait, and Skidoo chose their names to be what they are.