Kezia M., Age 15

This year of teen camp I had the privilege to interview the amazing Sauté. I had Sauté as my tribe leader in the Dancing with Saute'2huge ladies cabin. This is her second year on staff and her third year going to Camp Gilgal. She is also the camp intern this summer. Her favorite part of camp is worship and hanging around with campers. Her favorite worship songs are “To Our God” and “God, I Look to You.” Her favorite night game is Mission Impossible and Capture the Degel. Her favorite Bible passage is James 1:2-3. She likes being goofy, having fun and making people laugh with her funny faces. Sauté danced for eight years and was a really good jumper which is why she chose her name. Sauté means jump or jumping in French. She loves doing different ballet moves off the diving board and water flume. She likes to be active and being outside. Sauté also is the most amazing jet ski driver. She made us all fall off. I loved having Sauté as my tribe leader because she was so much fun and was always encouraging. I loved getting to know her better this summer.