Ben R., Age 14

Each year at teen camp, all the campers and the staff go to a large lake about twenty minutes from camp. Once on the lake, there are many various activities you can do. Scattered arouDay at the lake2nd the lake are large wooden platforms that are tied down under rocks. People are allowed to take these platforms deeper into the lake, which often leads to an extremely large and fun game of king-of-the-hill. People can also ride jet skis, a banana pulled by a ski boat, wakeboards, water skis, and more. There was also a store where you could get a variety of delicious drinks, including freezes, which are any flavor of soda or fruit mixed with vanilla ice cream. They’re probably the most delicious thing on the menu. The jet skis are fun, just as long as you don’t lose the key in the middle of the lake, which happened to me personally. “Definitely not the best idea,” says Simba, the staff member who was driving the jet ski. We were stuck out there for ten minutes longer until a boat came along with a zip tie and got the engine started for us. The banana was fun, and on the first spill, I accidentally hit a friend in the face. Overall, Bass Lake was an extremely fun experience that any camper can enjoy.