Jacob B., Age 14

When I first heard Eyegore’s story about how he found God’s Son, Jesus the Messiah, I felt like it truly explained what God does for us.

Eyegore grew up in a nonbeliever household where he learned a Jewish culture. He, at the age of eleven, lost his father and from there started a hard seven years of addiction to drugs and rebellion.

When he was at a breakineyegoreg point in his life, he and his friends went to a Christian concert and he heard a man preach the gospel. After he got home he said his first prayer including Jesus in it.  From that moment on he was cured from his addiction. He described it as a miracle.

He got clean and started going to church where he met his wife, Cookie, while working for a day care for the church, because he loved kids and seeing them develop their relationship with God.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Eyegore as a tribe leader and I really enjoyed getting to know him not only as a leader but a friend I can look to for advice.