Facing fears2Olivia P., Age 13

When I first walked on to the rock climbing course I thought to myself, “There is no way I can do this. I am way too afraid of heights.” I was talking to other campers and they were encouraging me to face my fears and get on the rock wall. I thought about it and before I could think any longer I was strapping into a harness and put on a helmet.

After I was in the harness and had my helmet on I sat and watched my friend Lindsay, who is also afraid of heights, reach the top and ring the bell. I asked Lindsay how it was afterwards and she said, “Afterwards I felt accomplished that I faced my fear of heights, and that I tried new things to get me out of my comfort zone.” Hearing that from Lindsay really gave me confidence.

I walked up to the rock wall and stood there patiently as the instructor clipped me onto the rope. After I was clipped in I began climbing. I made it past the first set of rocks and everybody was cheering me on. Their encouragement really helped me to go further and further, and eventually I made it to the top and rang the bell. I felt so accomplished and I would’ve never been able to make it to the top without the encouragement of the other campers.