LaTanya H., Age 15

At teen camp, our schedule is definitely very packed, but we get Free Time1a long session of free time every day. During free time, campers have many different options on how to spend their time. For example, there is a coffee shop on campus that everyone loves. They have everything from simple lattes to complicated americanos. The only downside to the coffee shop is that it takes forever. However, you can get to know your fellow campmates in line. There is also a volleyball and basketball court. Campers don’t even need to know how to play the specific sport because everyone is welcome. The guys (and Sauté) occupied the huge grass field and started a game of Ultimate Frisbee this year. I personally like to get a drink at the coffee shop after playing some volleyball, and sit and talk with friends. Free time is a great time to just do whatever you want instead of playing a planned game. It also provides you time to get away from the chaos and relax. Free time is my favorite part of camp and I know other campers and staff enjoy it as well.