Funtastically fun flume2Nathan P., Age 13

We went on something called the flume in camp. I interviewed Emmanuel about this particular topic. Emmanuel said it filled his eyes with tears from his excitement. I also interviewed myself about the flume. I said I was sooooo terrified in the beginning and almost passed out, but in the end it filled me with the most joy I ever experienced. I bet you all are wondering what a flume is? Well, the flume is just a humongous water slide that drops you into a pond. Before entering the flume you must get hosed off by a hose, then you jump on the flume and enjoy the ride. Once at the end of the flume, there’s a drop that’s about seven feet and throws you out about twelve feet. After being flung into the pond, you must swim through the algae-infested water. After you have ridden the flume you have to go back on again because you just loved it soooo much and it filled you with so much joy and excitement.