By: Steven M. | Age: 15
The giant swing is a thrill and fast like a roller coaster. As soon as you walk to it you can see the height and get a little bit nervous, especially when you find out you have to pull the rope yourself to swing down! You put on a body harness and a helmet and then once you’re up the ladder you get strapped in a carabiner. Then a bunch of people pull you to the top and once you’re all the way up they say, “let it rip.” Then this gutting feeling comes over you. You go flying back and forth, swaying and being thrown all over the air. It’s nerve-racking, but once you pull the level you go air borne and its awesome.

Another thing we did the same day as the giant swing, was paddle boating and the flume. Right at the pond there is a flume that you can go down into the pond. There are also paddle boats on the other side that you can take out into the water. You paddle the boats like a bike, except you’re on water. As you are peddling around, you can see the beautiful green pond exploding its beauty. The paddle boats are a great activity.