Ava G., Age 8
Tribe of Simeon

Hiking is really fun because we play games and see a wonderful views!! We also see really cool things like flowers, mountains and trees. It is very beautiful scenery. It is also fun because we’re together with our friHiking1ends. One time, Sneezy and Sitruce took us around the boating pond on the other side of camp. We saw lots of flowers and we sang campfire songs along the way. After we finished the hike we sat in a circle and played the animal game and the vegetable game. The animal game is when you choose an animal and then an action to go with it. You call out to other animals using the action for their animal. The vegetable game is similar but you call out to other vegetables without showing your teeth! That was my favorite hike but we also did one when we went up to sunset where we have campfire. Hiking is always a great adventure and that’s why I love it!