By: Malka M. | Age: 13
Tribe: Gad
Hi, my name is Malka and I’m going to be talking about the pool. First of all, the pool is one hour. I enjoy the pool very especially since we get FOB which stands for flat on bunk. The pool is also cold at first, but its great if it’s really hot outside. It is also very clean and it’s also a nice blue color. There is a swim test on the second day of camp, and it goes pretty well for the most part. For me, I was really scared and nervous when I took it, but I ended up getting a green band. We also have this thing called the buddy board and that when you pick a partner to be with in the pool. You can also play a lot of fun games like Marco Polo and so on. Overall, I really liked talking about pool at Camp Gilgal.