Halie F. age 10

Tribe of Manasseh


Hi! My name is Halie and I interviewed Beardo. Beardo’s favorite colors are red and blue. His favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 13:5 because it reminds him that no matter what he does God will always be with him. Beardo’s favorite Pokémon is Charmander. He likes all Indian food. Beardo and I both like oranges. Beardo’s favorite books of the Bible are Ephesians and Isaiah. Beardo decided to be a tribe leader because of his wife RedSox. Beardo was 22 when he met RedSox. Beardo likes being staff because he likes to get to know the kids. Beardo said he wants to work with Barnabus from the Bible if he had the choice. Beardo has one brother and his name is Onyx. The last question I asked Beardo was if he had pets and he said no. That’s all the information about Beardo and I think that he is a great leader and Hebrew teacher.