Sarah M., Age 14
Tribe of Dan

Chickpea has really cool hair. Whether she decides to straighten it or to leave it curly it is always beautiful and luscious. It also has a whole back story to it. Even though she was born with blonde hair, it turned brown so she dyes it blonde. Whenever Chickpea’s hair gets wet and she lets it dry naturally, she can make it look like a lion’s mane, which is pretty awesome.

When I asked Chickpea her favorite color she said purple, or more specifically, royal purple. She wants to become a neurologist or a pediatrician. She decided on the name Chickpea because one day her sister Paisley and Dude took her to a restaurant called Chickpea and she really liked it there (good food). If Chickpea had a superpower she would want to be a shape shifter. Her birthstone is a sapphire. Her favorite song is something by the Beatles and her favorite band is Pink Floyd. When asked which three campers she would choose to be stuck on an island with, she answered Reptar, Jazz (with a guitar), and Cyclops. Her favorite superhero is Xavier and Wolverine. She loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and she likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Chickpea’s favorite lip balm is Blistex Silk & Shine. Her favorite book of the Bible is James. She is serious, fun, hilarious, and amazing. To sum this up Chickpea is a great tribe leader.