Alyssa C., Age 10
Tribe of Zebulun

Are you tired of being bored? Well, then try the activity “Just Fun!” Just Fun is located in the field! You can play board games and whatever you want. For example, you ask whoever is directing the activity. For example, if you ask, “Can you get out the paper and pencils?” you’ll get them right away. Do whatever you want! It’s Just Fun! Some of the games are Apples to Apples, card games, Nuke ‘Em football, Frisbee, and do whatever you want! The girls who are in it are Rebekah, Ana, Sierra, Lauren, Shoshi, and Kayla. Rebekah and Sierra both like Just Fun because they think that you can do whatever you want. And it’s not the same thing every day. They both like Just Fun! Ana’s favorite thing to do in Just Fun is play Nuke ‘Em! Lauren likes to hang out, Shoshi says she likes to play games and Kayla likes to play Frisbee and run around a lot! Everyone likes it!