By: Rebecca S. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
Kombucha is the ATL (Assistant Tribe Leader) of Dan, my tribe. Since I am in the oldest cabin, I still remember when she was in the oldest cabin as a camper when I was eight. She is very nice, kind, and patient. I will be interviewing her now. I asked her how it feels being a tribe leader and not a camper for the first time. She answered saying, “Being a tribe leader has a lot more responsibility than being a camper, the staff are in charge of the campers and making sure they are safe. Along with having and being there for the campers when they need someone.” Kombucha’s favorite night game is Capture the Degel, her favorite theme night is “No, No night”, and her favorite tribe name is Judah, the lion. When she was a camper, she liked to play Carpet Ball during free time. Overall, Kombucha is an awesome tribe leader and friend. She is so nice, patient, cool, and fun.