Emmalee S.
Age 13

Everyone has a cabin, and my cabin is in Fern. I have two leaders, Sprout and Bazooka. The people who are living in Fern with me for this week of teen camp are Haneen, LaTanya, Dinah, Taliah, Mekerah, Zion and me! So, we are basically like a big happy family of girls, and we all have our parts in this family of ferns.

Lady cabin life

Haneen is the generous one, Dinah is the stretcher of our family. LaTanya is the fun, crazy one, Zion is the nice one, Taliah is the wise one and Mekerah loves to read. All together we are one big happy fern led by our amazing leaders Bazooka and Sprout whom we look up to! We like to share, and overall we are probably the messiest, loving fern out in this world!