M.I.1Halye G. and Aylo L., Ages 8
Tribe of Simeon

M.I stands for Mission Impossible! It is probably the most fun game I’ve ever played in my life! It started like this: we were doing devotions after campfire and getting ready for bed. All of a sudden, we heard spooky music outside the door. I thought it was a bad guy alert, but really it was the M.I. theme song! Before we left the cabins, we had to dress in all black clothes. I was so excited that I fell over! We ran to the Mishkan and I heard spooky music again. I was even more scared and excited now! RedSox and the staff said, “Welcome to Mission Impossible!” My friends and I were tired because we played at 9:00 pm, but when we were playing it felt like 12:00 am! The best part of M.I. was when my tribe won (not to remind you we are the youngest tribe in all of camp)! It is all of our campers first time at camp and we still won. Our mission was to find Taylor Swift. We had to find songs that Taylor Swift sang. The songs were clues to find her. For example, when the song on the clue was “Bad Blood” we had to go to the infirmary to pick up our next clue. But, it wasn’t as easy as that because we had to get to the clues without getting caught by the ATLs and out of cabin staff who were the spotters. Spotters are people who hold flashlights and try to find you, and when they catch you your tribe has to run back to your cabin and start that clue again. My tribe only got spotted once. When we were at the campfire we saw Taylor Swift. This was our final destination before going back to the Mishkan! She looked so funny, but we had a job we still needed to do. We needed to collect all of our clues and flip them around to make a sentence. We were missing a clue, but we guessed the word! Taylor Swift (it was really Sitruce!) ran back with us and we finally found ourselves in the Mishkan eating popsicles. We had saved Taylor Swift! It was awesome and we can’t wait to play again next year!