Isaac P., Age 9
Tribe of Dan

I am Isaac. I’m going to tell you about Men’s Day at my camp. First, we built two forts out of chairs and blankets. We were in two teams. Then we went outside and played Pop the Balloon. We ate pop rocks and drank soda. I did not like it. Vultures came when Moose put out raw chicken for them to eat. Then we went to the pool. I had a donut floatie and a small surf rider. I created a tank out of them both. Then we made cones out of different candies and chocolate chips and marshmallows and the others put it on the fire. I made threeMen's Day1 cones. Then we made bombs to scare away the vultures.

Interview with Yamaha:

Q: What did you use to make the bombs?
A: We used dry ice, water bottles and hot water.
Q: How do you get dry ice?
A: You buy it.

And that is what Men’s Day was all about.