Our Cabin - Benjamin1Samuel C., Age 11
Tribe of Benjamin

My tribe is Benjamin. We play cards in our cabin. We go to the pool together. The people in my tribe are Taco, Ewok, Steven, Sasha (Alex), Jonathan and me. Our degel is a wolf howling to the moon on a mountain. Our cabin is at Peddler Point and has four bunk beds with mattresses. We have one rule in our cabin inspection – we always clean our bunk beds first. Sasha (Alex), Jonathan and Steven play cards but Ewok and Taco just rest. At free time everybody in our cabin goes to the pool. Taco likes to sing with Ewok. We have a Doctor Snaggletooth that checks our teeth every night. We have a verse in our cabin, Psalm 147:1-11. We do Hebrew and craft after Tabernacle. In Hebrew we made Shrinky Dinks. In craft we make our boxes. In horseback riding we do frolicking in the field. Also we ride on horses and eat our lunch there. In Columbia, we went to the gold rush area and after that we ate ice cream. Men’s Day was so much fun for me and my tribe. I hope you now know our cabin.