Shaya J., Age 12 

I think panel is a great way to discuss questions that need to be answered in a manner of way and can be explained really well. In the panel the way you ask questions is by writing on a card, then Moose takes them from us and gives to one of the guys who answers the questions. On the panel some of the questions are really good questions, some are like really powerful. Some are meaningful. The panel is really about asking questions that are hard Friends6 smand sometimes uncomfortable, and this way I think the panel is for us so we can ask these questions. There are about 42 of us who have these questions. The location is in Vespers.

The panel is an opportunity for young people to have their questions answered about tough topics that they may not feel comfortable asking their parents or peers. Sonic said,“Yes, I enjoy the opportunity to share with young men and ladies about my experiences and what I have learned after being in their shoes.” Sonic said that he thinks all of the questions are good and it can fun and challenging to express his thoughts into short concise answers.