Zoe A., Age 9
Tribe of Issachar

Hi! My name is Zoe, I’m nine years old and I’m in the Tribe of Issachar. I’m writing about Tabernacle. After the whistle blows, we go to Tabernacle. We start with sword check (we call our Bibles swords, because God’s Word is the Sword of the Spirit). Then we pray and do worship.

We sing songs like “Great Are You Lord” and “One Thing Remains.” Then we pray again. After the Sh’ma, we do our memory verses. If you and your tribe memorize the verse you get 2000 points towards Tribe of the Year. This year we memorized Psalm 46.

After we do the memory verses, Streetlight comes, and we learn about God and our people. We also add to our timeline. If you don’t know what the timeline is, it’s when we read the Bible and put something up to remember what we talked about. Sivan said, “My favorite part of Tabernacle is worship.” Talia’s favorite part is the memory verses and Elie’s favorite is worship also. I think it’s time to go. Bye!