Reuven R., Age 13 

Today I interviewed Pregunta. I asked him a variety of questions. He is also one of my tribe leaders. I learned that his favorite color is turquoise because it reminds him of the ocean and new beginnings. It’s also Pregunta2Pregunta’s first year. His favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, because it’s refreshing and reminds him of family. His favorite Bible verses are Luke 15:11-32 because (and these are his words) “the parable of the prodigal son, because we all have strayed from our heavenly Father, and I believe this is the most encouraging parable in the Bible for redemption and family love.”

His hobbies are rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, traveling, community service, hanging with friends and family, and practicing his New Zealand accent. His favorite music is jazz and funk. His favorite food is Mexican food.

Pregunta is happy to be at Camp Gilgal and a person that you could just sit down and talk to. That is all I know about Pregunta and I hope to learn more about him in the near future. I’m sure that any camper that gets Pregunta will be a happy one. (Also, don’t make the same mistake I did by calling him Pretunga. It’s very embarrassing.)