Sophia M., Age 7
Tribe of Issachar

At Camp Gilgal I am seven years old. My tribe leaders are Acorn and Magnatron. My friends are Zemeira, Zoe, and Elizabeth. I like everything except FOB. FOB is when you have to be quiet and stay on your bunk. I was on a top bunk. Acorn is on the bottom bunk. My whole tribe loves swimming, especially Zoe. Our tribe is called Issachar, which means “sun.” We always take turns praying at night before bed. I always shout out, “Me first! Me first!” My whole tribe likes Dental Inspection, which is when you brush your teeth every night and the staff inspects everyone’s teeth. You get points for clean teeth when it is FOB. Our tribe writes letters to each other. We each have a “mailbox” in the cabin and when we write letters to each other, we can put them in the mailbox. Zoe writes all kinds of things to me. When it was my birthday at camp, we all had the best time. My tribe leaders decorated our table in the dining hall and put streamers on my bunk. Lots of my friends in my tribe are very silly, and I am, too. We have fun together in the tribe of Issachar.