TabernacleTaliah S., Age 15

For me Tabernacle is one of my favorite parts of camp! I don’t think that there is anything about Tabernacle that I don’t like (except the memory verses). I interviewed one of my fellow campers, Bella. The first question that I asked her was, what is your favorite part of Tabernacle? She replied teaching. This is very relatable. Streetlight, who did all the teaching this year, is very, very good at teaching. I asked Bella, what are we learning about now in Tabernacle? She said, “Paul, and how he transformed into a great person after being a murderer.” Paul had an amazing life. He is such a large role model for how even the most unlikely people can change. What I have learned over the years is that many people do not find Tabernacle time to be enjoyable or even significant. I asked Bella a question about a very important part of Tabernacle, the Sh’ma. I asked her, “What do you feel the Sh’ma means to us as Jews and believers?” She replied, “Why do we even sing the Sh’ma? I don’t know.” This is something that is recurring more and more rapidly amongst young Jewish people. Bella is not alone in her confusion. We are all losing a great part of our Jewish identity. I think that Camp Gilgal and especially Tabernacle time is vital to us as young Jewish believers. In conclusion, I love Tabernacle.