TalynLesperance1Talyn L., Age 10
Tribe of Issachar

Tabernacle is a place where you worship the Lord. In Tabernacle we sing praises to God, say the Shema, and listen to the lesson of the day. The Shema is a prayer that reminds us why we pray to God. The lessons that we’ve done are Genesis, Jeremiah, Daniel, Exodus, and Esther. We do lessons to help us know what happened in the past. We learned that the first exile was in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Then Blewish taught us that the next exile was in the time of Jeremiah. This is when the people were exiled from Israel by God. They were kicked out of the land because they were disobedient to God. They were then taken to Babylon. God told them to plant crops, have kids, and get married. What I’ve learned from this is that my temporary home is here until I can get home to heaven.