Madison H., Age 9
Tribe of Naphtali

The Camp Gilgal store is so fun. There are drinks, candy, toys, and more! There are sodas, AirHeads, candy burgers, teddy bears, toy dogs, wolves, fish, deer, and rocks. There is a bank that you can get your money out of. Streetlight, Moose, and Snapple run the store. Poppins runs the dry goods part of the store for some toys like kites, bows, and ribbons. I bought a bear, some candy, a water gun, and a soda. They sell Twix, Milky Way, the Three Musketeers, M&Ms, big water floaties, water balloons, water guns, bubble blowers, water noodles, water blasters, and girls’ and boys’ toy bags. The Camp Gilgal store was open on Skit Night and they made popcorn. The popcorn was delicious. They have fuzzy wuzzies and popsicles. The store has fudge, rice crispies, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and more food, so please come to Camp Gilgal.