The Life of Naphtali2What do our five campers + two tribe leaders =? Together they form … Naphtali!!! We are Simona, Naena, Alyssa, Abigail, and Liora! Simona is 11 and loves to sleep! Naena is 11 and likes being awesome. Alyssa is 12 and is very clutzy! Abigail is 12 and very artistic and has many bug bites. Liora is 13 and loves to read and hike. 

Our tribe leaders’ names are Watson and Nature Valley. Nature Valley loves…well, nature! She loves insects, animals, and plants. Watson loves sleeping (like Simona) and loves Sherlock Holmes, especially Dr. Watson. 

During tribe time we like to paint each other’s nails and play games, such as Apples to Apples. We especially liked the team building exercises when we did the low ropes course.  Over the course of camp we have developed new friendships with our cabin mates and we hope to stay in touch over the course of the year.