Amanda R., Age 14

Waffles is a huge part of Camp Gilgal. She was a camper for ten years and has been on staff for five. I have neThe sweetest Waffles2ver had Waffles as my leader but I have gotten to know her better over the years. She is really sweet and caring. Waffles’ favorite memory verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. She says she loves this verse because it talks about things she values. After talking with Waffles about camp memories she says her favorite has to be singing worship songs with her tribe while horseback riding in 2011. Waffles enjoys teen camp and her favorite activity is Bass Lake. Some of Waffles’ favorite things are Thai food, the color Sea Foam Green, the stores she enjoys are Michaels, Trader Joes and Old Navy and she loves taking pictures. Many campers appreciate Waffles’ servanthood and no one can imagine camp without her.