Haneen R., Age 12The Tribe of Reuben2
Tribe of Reuben

We are the tribe of Reuben. We all get along really well. There are eight of us: Waffles, Willow, Taliah, Dinah, Rebekah, Emmalee, LaTanya and of course me, Haneen. We are the oldest tribe. This year because of our age we are acting as leaders and serving as much as we can. Today is only the fourth day. We have had a lot of fun so far. Yesterday we won the championship game of water balloon volleyball and it was really fun, except for poor Taliah who fell down twice and got soaked. So far we have not nailed it in the cabin inspection, but today we did better than previous days. Taliah’s favorite camp activity is campfires, LaTanya’s favorite is MI, Emmalee’s is also MI, Rebekah’s is, too. So is Dinah’s and mine. Wow, I guess everyone loves MI.

I think this year will be very fun because we love camp and everyone in it. I love my tribe and I am sure everyone else does, too. I can’t wait for the rest of camp and am already looking forward to next year.