Ahavah M., Age 11
Tribe of Benjamin

At Camp Gilgal, we always have fun things to do. One of those things—my favorite activity—was the water slide. It was a normal day at camp. I woke up and waited for breakfast. Next, we had cabin clean up. We got an okay score. Finally, it was lunch time. Yay! Sadly, we had FOB soon after that. We wrote postcards and then we were told to put our bathing suits on and go to the basketball court.

Then we walked to the water slide. We were all so happy. I was the fourth person to go down the water slide. I walked up the sidewalk holding on to the rail and then it was my turn. It was my fifth year going to the water slide. Then Snapple said, “Lay on your mat and be a taco.” After that I went down really fast. I almost made it past the second bump. If you can make it past the second bump, you get to carve your name in the minter shack. I asked Macaroni if she has ever made it but she said, “No I haven’t, but I wish I could.”

After that, I played volleyball with Superduck, Macaroni, and Rebecca. Next, almost all the campers played GaGa Ball over by the field. Lots of campers got hurt by hitting the ground, but everyone still had a