Gregory V., Age 12
Tribe of Dan

Tribe time is a time when you can go and do activities with your tribe. You can go play soccer, volleyball or ultimate frisbee. Sometimes, you go into the woods and compete in different events. You can go to the zipline and do activities
that you need teamwork to complete. For example, there is a wall you have to go over, but your tribe members have to pick you up and help you over as a team. Next there is an activity where you go on a little log and then if you fall, your tribe members catch you. We also play kickball sometimes. My favorite activity at tribe time is hiking though. It’s my favorite because I get to see lots of new things and sometimes we get to see little animals like frogs, chipmunks, and turtles. And it’s also a good experience for us to learn new things about life. It’s also good exercise for us.